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Love Taza Will Support Breast Cancer March By Posing For An Instagram Picture

Naomi Davis, supports women, supported women this weekend by standing on a corner with her daughter to take a super hashtaggable gram pic.

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Pregnant Freckled Fox Is Off On A Honeymoon Cruise

Emily Meyers Sometimes Also Carmack, pregnant, is evidently on a boat headed towards Zika virus central.

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Raven Smith Says You Should Take Responsibility For Your Rape

Raven, of ‘Don’t Quote The Raven‘ infamy, is evidently still desperately trying to prove to men that she is a sexy non-feminist cool girl who is totally on their side.

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Internets WTF

Avitable Admits Being A Dirtbag To Unsurprised World

Adam Heath, long whispered to be a dirtbag, has admitted to being a dirtbag.

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Freckled Fox Will Sponsor Her Grief

Emily Meyers, widowed for 84 days, has shared a story of in-law gratitude that provides yet another soft-focus version of how she dealt with her first husband’s death. And of course it’s an #ad.

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Healthy Living Blogging Where Are They Now

Fat Guy Across America Is Trying Again

Eric Hites, the ‘fat guy’ who tried to ride a bike across the country a couple of years ago, has announced he is starting his journey again this week. Sort of.

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Fashion Blogging

Jessica Quirk Would Like You To Buy Her Clothes

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore is making it possible for you to wear what she wore – for a price.

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