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Wait…Meaghan O'Connell Has A Boyfriend???

Poundcake O’Jobless, writer in Brooklyn, now has a man and you don’t. In some rambling post about leaves and some lady who wrote or painted about leaves or zzzzzz sorry what? is this weird little nugget:

As someone who just yesterday asked her boyfriend, “Did you like your ex-girlfriend more than me at this stage of your relationship?” I would like to say, KUDOS, LEANNE SHAPTON.

So do we change her name to Twinkie now? GET IT? Ok, I’m disgusting. But seriously, does she have a boyfriend now? Because…I mean, good for her, but…just, weird. I guess guys like annoying girls with no useful skills? What am I saying, of course they do, or Kendra would not have a reality show. Carry on.



Jessica Quirk Is Looking Thin And Beautiful, Loves Her Cat

Jessica Quirk, who wore that, wore that today. As usual the kind and generous entruhpruhnur (who is also married) looked thin and healthy and happy! Maybe because she is finally trying to get on our good side by claiming “cat lady” status:

One year ago Adam and I rescued this little Gizmo. At the risk of being a complete cat lady, let me entertain you with some of his most photogenic snaps.

It’s really amazing how LIKABLE she is with a cat and a poncho, isn’t it? I really had to drop everything and let you guys know that by becoming a cat lady Jessica Quirk is now totally loved by GOMIBLOG, and we will never post about her in a negative way again.*

*Today is opposite day on GOMIBLOG.

In other news, Messica is coming to New York yet again:

December NYC trip booked!! Dec 9-12!42 minutes ago via web

We are so so happy that her income still allows her to zip about aimlessly to a city she really has no reason to visit every 3 weeks. For the GOMIBLOG staff member who bought her Christmas plane ticket home (for three whole days WOOHOO) this past weekend, putting her 300 under for rent, we send out positive vibes because that is how you get what you want from the universe. Just like Messica! Of whom we are SO JEALOUS!



Mary Rambin Thinks Men Are Confused By Your Fashion

Mary Rambin, not a part of fashion week, has imparted another sweeping generalization about men – they do not understand booties with dresses:

Simple styling tip: For your evening ensembles over the holidays, choose booties instead of stilhettos.

You can revive your old LBD from last year or take your sequinned cocktail dress from pretty to femme fatal.

I’ll be honest, men are still a little confused by the combo, so if you’re going on a date, opt for the sexy pump.  Go the booty route if you’re dressing to impress the scenesters.

Take your look from “pretty” to “fatal”, just slip on some “booty”! Unless you are on a date, because men will judge you if you aren’t sexed up!

Ok, let’s just ignore the misspellings, because I just don’t have the give a shit to go into that right now. What I want to know is, is this all these women have time to worry about? What shoes some guy will prefer with your dress? Why don’t you wear what YOU want? Because I don’t know about you women, but if a guy is judging my shoes he will likely be feeling one on his ass by the end of the night. Who even notices that? What kind of date are you on that you have time to contemplate the other person’s footwear? Sure there might be men like that out there, but they can’t ALL be like that.

I don’t get why she insists on posting these moronic observations. First of all they just make it sound like she’s reading a Ladies’ Home Journal from 1957 full of “girls men are slobs so don’t nag!” and other trite male stereotypes. Second, in this case at least, the little nugget adds nothing to the overall post. It’s just some obvious attempt at wit.

Honey how about you keep these little gems to yourself. All those 45 year old men you hang out with might think your Donna Reed attitude towards men is cute, but for those of us not trying to bang you, it’s not that adorable.  Just stick to drinking and sunbathing.



Jessica Quirk Moves To Phase Two Of Getting Free House Crap

Jessica Schroeder Quirk, waving her arms at sponsors is her full time job, is now yelling  YOOHOO again at people who can get her free house stuff:

Be still my beating heart! @RueMagazine is a dream come true!!about 19 hours ago via web

@designlovefest it is the best best best! when we FINALLY buy a house, I just hope I can get @_FromMeToYou out to shoot it for @RueMagazineabout 18 hours ago via web in reply to designlovefest

@ScotMeachamWood Love your feature in @ruemagazine!about 18 hours ago via web in reply to ScotMeachamWood

Ok. Ok. SIT DOWN, Jessica. The only time it is ok to go to such lengths for twitter attention is for Leonard Nimoy or maybe Moby if you’re really drunk (one time, people – one time and I can’t live it down).

And really, considering you have maybe 8 posts on your That’s SHILLY! blog, maybe wait until you have some content before you start asking people to have any interest in featuring your house (that you don’t have) just because you’re you.



Poundcake Supposedly Still Being Paid

Meaghan O’Connell, the incompetent nincompoop formerly of tumblr, isn’t really hurting. She’s obviously keeping herself super busy getting that next edition of “Coming & Crying” ready, doing editrix things:

I am editing a teenager’s memoir.

While the rumors of her being fired from tumblr are officially being kept quiet, insiders say the story of what went down is “messy and unclear” and that they assume she was let go because “she hadn’t really been doing her job for months she was mainly working on her book”.

Sources also reveal that Poundcake is evidently still drawing her salary. So I guess that means she’s still getting paid by tumblr to do nothing? Not sure how that is any different than her relationship with tumblr before, but ok.



Jordan Reid Came To New York To Be A Journalist

Jordan Reid, expert, is not only an expert at life, cooking, shopping, and attending events. She’s also proving herself quite the publicity expert. In an interview full of more spin than a tilt-a-whirl, Jordan informs us that she considers herself a journalist, and repeatedly calls her 300-hits-a-month blog a “business”. Here, in all it’s hilarious glory, is the interview:

Meet Jordan, founder of the blog Ramshackle Glam. Check out her blog for everything from tips on cooking, to how to spruce up a guest bedroom – perfect for any fabulous woman.

What was the best compliment you have ever received about your business or your business efforts?

My best compliments have been from readers who have written in to tell me that something I wrote changed their lives in a tangible way. One reader, for example, wrote me that she was frustrated with her career path: things were going fine, and she didn’t hate her life, exactly…but it also didn’t excite her. She said that her true passions were in the lifestyle sphere (cooking, entertaining, etc). I advised her to write guest posts for some blogs that she enjoyed, and offered to let her write the very first post for the Ramshackle Glam Community. She came up with two fantastic posts, and a few weeks ago she wrote me again to tell me that she’s decided to start her own dessert catering business. No better compliment than that.

I was also psyched that the Daily Beast recently called Ramshackle Glam “a single girl’s survival guide for those who don’t have a clue how to be domestic”. When I first moved back to New York to get a job in journalism I couldn’t have gotten myself hired by the Daily Beast if my life had depended on it, so to get such a positive review from them was pretty exciting.

What is the best lesson you could give a young woman who wants to start her own business?

If you’re looking to start your own business, you need two things: 1) passion, and 2) the ability, or at least the potential, to excel. I think that it’s vital that you pursue something that you love with all your heart – for me, that’s writing and hosting – but there also has to be an element of realism involved. Lots of people want to act: if you’re going to become an actress, you better love it…but you also better be pretty damn good at it. A great way to see whether you’ll truly be able to succeed in your chosen career field is to test the waters a bit: if you want to start your own catering business, try catering a few friends’ parties first and get some feedback. If you want to be a blogger, try writing guest posts for some sites that you admire. Imagine doing that every day for years: does the idea make you happy? Think about the businesses that already exist in your chosen field: what would you do differently, and what would you do better than anyone else?

What do you wish you had known when you started your own business?

I think that one mistake I made when I started was relying a lot on my faith that things would work out. I’ve been extremely lucky in that regard, and have been presented with amazing opportunities, but I think that I could have benefited from seeking out some more concrete advice from established colleagues. I also wish that I had been more savvy about my business practices: I have a habit of trusting people without getting to know them first, and while I think that openness and congeniality is important, you also have to take care to protect yourself. If you’re starting your own business, go over your plans with a lawyer and an accountant, and get everything – everything – in writing. Keep careful records (especially when it comes to your finances; receipts for everything!), including hard copies of important documents.

Describe a moment when you might have said, “I can’t believe I am getting paid for this?”

I recently flew to Charleston, South Carolina, to cover the Family Circle Cup tennis tournament for BetterTV. I woke up early on the morning of our first shoot and went to a nearby café, where I wrote out the day’s scripts while eating some fantastic grits, and then strolled around town for an hour or so while I went over my lines in my head. Later that day, I got to interview locals on their thoughts about the weekend’s activities while checking out some of the world’s best tennis players. So that was pretty amazing.

But really, every single day I feel lucky beyond words to be doing something that I love so much. Every day brings something completely different – and, more often than not, completely wonderful.

How do you think the current economy affected your entrepreneurial choices?

In some ways, I think the economy made me feel freer to pursue what I really wanted to do. A few years ago, when my friends and I graduated from college, most of them catapulted into (extremely high-paying) careers in finance, and I’ve definitely had my moments where I’ve felt “behind the curve,” or have questioned my decision to take a less conventional path. Today, though, high-paid jobs are no longer as secure or as available, and I think that’s made a lot of people reconsider their values, perhaps realizing that an enormous paycheck doesn’t necessarily equal stability – or happiness.

I would write a snark summation but I’m laughing too hard. It’s really getting ridiculous out there, folks.



Sarah Lacy's Suffering Is The Greatest Pain Mankind Has Known

Sarah Lacy, Director of Whining and Complaining, is still employed during this non-recession. And how does she go about showing her gratitude for having a job? By complaining about it, natch!

so tired. still have to write two posts. this full time job thing….my idea?about 10 hours ago via web

It must be so hard to be Sarah Lacy. Just the knowledge that you are Sarah Lacy, and will have to spend time around yourself for the rest of your life is probably enough to exhaust her. But to have to wake up and shift your caboose to a chair, where you will sit, and have to produce not one, but two displays of your insufferable prose? In one day? How she manages to carry on in the face of such tyrannical work conditions boggles the mind. Soldier on, sister!



Breaking: Meaghan O'Connell Fired From Tumblr?

We have now had three emails informing us that our beloved Poundcake was terminated from her position at tumblr at some point in the last two weeks. Updates as we discover more. (Seriously, I would ask David Karp, founder of tumblr, but the ask link on his blog doesn’t seem to work.)

Edit: as meanguy pointed out, Meaghan’s bio now says she “worked” at tumblr. “I work at tumblr” is also removed from her tumblr header. Still waiting for some other kind of confirmation.

Update: As expected getting a “no comment” from tumblr.

Update: tepid confirmation from a source not ready to be named. (edit: confirmation that she no longer works there, not that she was fired. awaiting details)



Jessica Quirk Does Not Need Your Approval

Jessica Schoeder Quirk, only say nice things about her please, is gettin’ her creative on with a little help from a book everyone else has already read. Ever on the pulse of now, Messica recently picked up Hugh MacLeod’s book “Ignore Everybody” – because she just has to start tuning out all your negativity do you hear?

Last week I got an e-mail from a friend of mine urging me to pick upIgnore Everybody: And 39 Other Keys to Creativity by Hugh MacLeod, so I did.

For anyone who’s considering getting into the whole blog-as-career game, it’s a must read.  My favorite chapters include:

  • The best way to get approval is not to need it.
  • Beware of turning hobbies into jobs.
  • Remain frugal.
  • Power is never given. Power is taken.

You can read more about Mr. MacLeod on his blog -

The GOMIBLOG hero Kendi, Messica’s uplifting pep talk bff, must be so proud at all Jessica is learning from this book! And I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that number one on the list is how to get approval. Even her commenters notice how gracious she is in the face of unkind remarks:

That seems like a great read! I had noticed that some people had left rude comments on your blog in the past, and I always wondered how you dealt with it. Judging by the title of this book, I’m sure it provides the answer! I am inspired by anyone who has tough skin and is able to not let things get them down…You go, girl!


Indeed! You GO girl! Keep on not caring what anyone says about you. You just block out all that negative feedback you keep seeing on your blog! You know what might help? Moderating your comments and just not approving the nega….oh. Well, at least 90% of your life is free shit, so you’ve got “frugal” covered!



Meaghan O'Connell Wants You To Murder Her For The Wrong Reason

Meaghan O’Connell, poundcake, is entreating her twitter followers to make her write today:

I need one of you to murder me if I do not write today.11 minutes ago via web

Or how about you spend time today doing your job at tumblr?

Why is she attempting to produce yet another useless pile of words? Didn’t they basically have to resort to giving the last one away, just to get them off the living room floor? I really don’t understand why every dillweed with a tumblr or a gawker credit fancies themselves the new Joan Didion or Robert Benchley.  Just knock this crap off already, you’re wasting our trees and our time.



Just Give Jessica Quirk Some Free Stuff Already

Jessica Schroeder Quirk, gimme gimme, is getting more direct than ever in her demands for freebies:

Sing it with me! @jcrew.. there’s lots of things I want from you!!  2:07 PM Nov 12th via web

So how’d this tactic work out with Oscar de la Renta? With Starbucks? Could she be any more tacky? I get that she wants free stuff. I want free stuff. We all want free stuff. But it’s just crass to beg for free gift cards for Sonic or Franzia sponsorships by name dropping them on your site.  Every time she does this it makes me so angry that I have to get in my Toyota Prius and drive to Ikea to buy some pillows to lean on while I wear my Anthropologie coat. Stop being so shilly, Messica.



Tumblr Procures Yet More Funding

David Karp, the hipster godfather, has managed to bilk yet another group of idiotic millionaires out of money to keep his empire afloat:

Tumblr has raised a “very big and competitive” round of financing from top Silicon Valley VC firm Sequoia Capital, we’ve learned.We’re trying to track down more details, such as the size of the round, and other participants.

I’m sorry but didn’t they just get like 10M dollars 15 minutes ago? How did they blow through that money so quickly? We know they didn’t hire competent staff or procure more servers to handle the increasing traffic load.

Oh yeah, I forgot someone needed new furniture, world vacations, and a new Vespa. Carry on!



What I Wore’s Jessica Schroeder Quirk Not Even Pretending To Try

Jessica Quirk, fashion!, came to New York for “meetings” and “socializing”. By meetings she means one trip to “Random house“, which could mean the publishing company or the home of someone named Random – it’s hard to tell with her selective capitalization. Now I’m not a published author with a book deal for my book of Alice Paper Dolls, but couldn’t she just have had a conference call? I’m sure there are things that require her signature or something, but that’s why they invented FedEx.

Anyway. While getting ready to spend a few days at her pad of tears and run around having coffee with other shillbloggers, ole Messica couldn’t be bothered to properly pack:

Just popping in to say hello and share a few photos I took yesterday afternoon. I’ve had a really nice trip – great catch up sessions with my friends and some pretty exciting meetings. The only negative is that my packing skills on this one were not at their best and I didn’t bring much variety with my outfits. I’ve been more or less wearing the same thing the entire trip so no new outfit photo for today.  Life just gets in the way sometimes, right?

I think we can all agree that life DOES get in the way sometimes. There are days, weeks, I cannot do laundry or pick up my dry cleaning, or get to the grocery store because I’m just too tired after work. So I totally understand that maybe after working all day Messica doesn’t have the stamina left to plan three outfits to pack for her trip to New York. What’s that? Her job IS planning outfits? Oh.

Well maybe New York has inspired her  to really take her blog to the next level of shill:

New things. New projects. New attitude. Switch, flipped.about 15 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Any great small biz with awesome holiday gifts? Wanna do a boutique breakfast together? Email me!!about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

What a productive trip. She picked up a copy of “Ignore Everybody” because she really needs to learn how to tune out advice. She got a haircut which is most likely the reason for her lack of a pic, because otherwise it just means she couldn’t even be assed to do her JOB. She made plans to attend TED.

Let’s be honest here. It sounds like she just wanted to come back to New York and fart around with her blogger friends again and get a haircut; and if she misses her New York life that much after only a month I don’t really see that whole move to Broomcloset working out. Seriously, how long is Mr. Schroeder going to put up with his jobless wife flying back and forth to New York to play grabass with her other blogger friends? You moved to Indiana, Messica. Stop trying to cling to the I LIVE IN BROOKLYN AND I AM A STYLE BLOGGER identity.

She’s leaving this morning to go back to Broomcloset, thank God. Let’s hope her OMG HUSBAND puts a stop to this idiocy.