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tumblr Already Down, No Up, No Down Again This Morning

While Rich Tong busily sends off b***hy responses to users questioning his fashion week blogger choices, tumblr has already served up enough errors this morning to prompt people to complain to me (because obviously I have total control over tumblr’s servers).

Way to start off the week, guys!



NYFW Jumpstarts Jessica Quirk’s Effort Level

After being taken down about 2099999 pegs by a bunch of teenage girls at Fashion Week, Jessica Quirk learned absolutely nothing:

Today I was really craving a comfort day – just a jeans and sweatshirt kind of outfit. And as you can see, I’m continuing my obsession with all things striped.  What can I say? I just love stripes. I also love pairing them with long, dark navy wide leg jeans (so nautical!)  The hot pink scarf was something I spied from across the street on my last trip to NYC and for only $5, I thought it would be a fun pop of color for at least one outfit. I’ve been wearing it behind the scenes (in all those unphotographed outfits) ever since.

Wow, sweatshirt and jeans! Really tearing it up in a bold new direction, aren’t we?  Messica, this is the outfit you put on AFTER you photograph your daily outfit. It’s becoming more and more obvious that “SQUEE I just wanted to feel COZY” is code for “too lazy to do my ‘job’! kiss my ass, readers!” All winter long it has been lazy ass sweater and pants after lazy ass sweatshirt and jeans after lazy ass sweater and pants. Just because you put a scarf on it doesn’t make it ‘style’. It makes it ‘ugh I don’t wanna go to class today’. If you don’t want to put in the effort anymore, fine, go down to MediTemps and get yourself a receptionist job. But ffs, pick up the ball or get off the playground already.

And finally, an aside for those of you who don’t live in New York – don’t be impressed with her shopping skills. Those scarf/hat/mittens/sunglasses tables are on every damn corner everywhere on the island, and the scarves are ALWAYS 5 dollars. That’s why every woman in New York has about 50 of them. Usually in different colours, not just a bunch of hot pink ones. (Seriously what is that, her 4th hot pink scarf?)



And Now For A Little Humpday LOL

Special thanks to that Love Life Lace chick for giving me an image for our Humpday Open Post!

Start your open post commenting engines.



Gawker Thinks You Should Switch To “Blog View”

As people continue to complain to Nick Denton about the Gawker media properties redesign, His Gawker Lordship pretty much rolls his eyes and tell his readers to figure it out:

Look, Nick. I know you know EVERYTHING EVER about running a website, but when people are still b***hing over a week later about your shitty, barely functional site, maybe instead of telling them to go back to the old view of it you should just implement THAT view of it? (I can’t even figure out what the hell “blog view” is, since there is nothing that clearly shows me how to switch to such a view, but I’m not a regular Gawker reader so maybe I’m missing something here.)

I know I ain’t no big shot new media ezeckative and all, but it just seems like you are so invested in this “cutting edge” design shit that you are forgetting why people come to Gawker media sites – namely, to read the amazing and insightful content produced by your respected and thorough journalists with excellent spelling.

Oh right. Carry on, then.



Fashion World Mourns As That Chick, Uh What’s Her Name, She’s Married, Departs NYC

After a triumphant week of fashion and putting clothes on every day, Jessica Quirk has rolled up her hucky sack and gone back to her home in Bloominonion or wherever. After the omg most breathlessly exciting week of her life (after her wedding of course!) where she had a chance to meet influential people like Rich Tong and some 17 year old blogger from Arkansas, Messica only has one thing on her mind:

All I can think of is I GET TO SEE @QUIRK TODAY!!!about 3 hours ago via web

I need a nap and a home cooked snack . And a game of Scrabble. And a Gizmo.about 1 hour ago via Twitter for Windows Phone

Yes Rich Tong’s little tumblr fashion princess just wants some scrabble and her husband. FASHION, people. You wouldn’t understand.



Jessica Quirk Brings Her Scarving Skills To Fashion Week

Jessica Schroeder Quirk, scarving expert, is showing Lincoln Center how true scarfness is achieved with this simple outfit. This season’s latest shade of Sad Salmon perfectly blends with black. But of course let’s not forget the one must have accessory for every woman:

Keep on being fashion, catladies!



David Karp Would Like To Remind You That He Is Having Sex, With A Real Live Girl

David Karp, super important celebrity, took his little tax deduction Rachel to the Standard for his Valentine’s day. How do we know this? Because Karp posted sexy pics of his sexy sex hipster accessory:

No Rachel, you TOTALLY won’t regret these pics being all over tumblr if you two break up. By the way, nice Louboutins. I thought you were going to college, but I guess students these days can afford 3,000 dollar shoes. Otherwise I hope you sent those venture capital companies a nice thank you note for giving your boyfriend all that money to spend with you!



Jordan Reid Is Now A Fashion Blogger, Because, Why Not

Because there aren’t enough mediocre women doing their best “Scarecrow from Wizard of Oz” pose blogs out there, Jordan Reid has now decided to jump on the style blog train:

The announcement I mentioned last week: Ramshackle Glam – along with several other great blogs including Keiko Lynn, Cupcakes & Cashmere, and My Style Pill – has partnered up with AOL Stylelist. So excited about all the fun collaborations coming up!

AOL will pretty much throw money at anything at this point, and that Cupcakes chick is involved with every single thing that promises some self-promotion, so pardon me if I’m not blown away by Jordan’s “collaborations” here.

Frankly, I’d rather talk about what in the HELL is going on with Kenny’s looks? Is working an office job destroying him that quickly?



In A Shocking Twist, Mary Rambin Still Doesn’t Care About Fashion Week

Mary Rambin, inventor of fashion week blogging, posted yesterday what is becoming her routine contribution to the style party:

My #NYFW weekend plans

While the fashionistas are fighting the crowd at the tents and watching regurgitated trends parade down the runway, I’ll be curled up with this guy…Thinking about renting The Education… My ensemble will include way-out-of style velour pants and an over-sized cashmere sweater.

Apologies to those of who still remember and  inquire about my livestreams.  I’m really glad you enjoyed my endless hours of commenting, mingling, and moments of shear exhaustion/b***hiness.  Honestly, my absence is not due to a complete disinterest in Fashion Week.  I couldn’t secure a sponsor or a job to take me there.  I wish at this point MTM was enough to fuel the coverage, but that’s not the case.

But!  I will be warm, my feet won’t be throbbing, and I can keep my backstage lounge bullsh!t safely stored away with my overcoats.

(BTW, this Pinot Noir really is brilliant – medium bodied, wonderful cherry flavor, and silky smooth.)

Such a disappointment for her thousands of readers who write in begging for her coverage. Readers like “donya”, who commented:

Oh dear. One of these posts again? Mary, must they come each season? Stop feeling sorry for yourself! We get it: you can’t secure sponsors anymore but you don’t care and yet you kinda do. Fine. But this is just sad. And pretending you get a ton of mail each season before the shows missing your coverage is just ridiculous. You clearly don’t–your coverage was sub-par and everyone knows it.

EXCUSE ME? I see you are tired of Mary’s posts about how she won’t be at fashion week. Maybe you should take those comments elsewhere! Mary says it better in her response:

There are websites with readers who feel the same way you do. Perhaps you’d enjoy their content and comments more than MTM.

In response to your comment – of course I’m disappointed. I’m a real person with feelings. Perhaps you don’t realize that as you sling insults into cyberspace.

Can someone explain to me what part of donya’s comment was intended as an insult? A reader is tired of hearing you complain that you aren’t going to fw, felt your coverage was not all that good anyway, and said so. I don’t see any “you’re a stupid fat ugly b***h cow watersloth with doody breath” in there.

Anyway we can all stop holding our breath – nobody will be seeing Mary at fashion week. I’m sure Anna Wintour is deeply crushed, but there just isn’t enough funding for all the blogs you see. Maybe Mary should move her blog over to tumblr!



Tumblr Fashion Week Off To A Typical Start

As day one of NYFW kicks off and people pour into seats, tumblr still hasn’t done anything with their New York Fashion Week page.

Ah well, it’s only 9:30 am. I’m sure it will be up shortly!

UPDATE: now directs to so it is basically just displaying anything tagged NYFW. Another underwhelming conclusion from tumblr.



Jessica Quirk Jumps On Website Redesign Train

Since it worked out so well for Gawker, Jessica Quirk unveiled a new design for her tumblr.

As you know, nothing says “modern” and “trend aware” like soft drop shadows and slightly rotated pics. She also decided to apply the nap inducing font of her book website, and while it is easier to read than that script font she had, it is boring and doesn’t exactly scream “I am a creative and interesting individual”.  At least she finally wrote a new blurb:

So yeah, whatever. This is obviously just a redesign centered around pushing her book, but still you would think she and @quirk would have put more than a weekend into this.



Mary Rambin Won’t Let You Forget Mary Rambin Is FIRST In Everything

Mary Rambin, first person to liveblog fashion week, has BREAKING NEWS:

This just in: AOL bought The Huffington Post for $315 million dollars.

And in case you forget that Mary does everything before everyone else, she wraps up her tumblr post with this little aside:

(Side note: I received this news FIRST from Anthony on Twitter, at least 10 minutes before Mashable posted it.)

Got that? She was THE FIRST to get the story of AOL buying HuffPo, except for all the other people who heard it before her.



Internets Unites In Hatred Of Gawker Media’s New Layouts

Months after leaking their beta site all over the internet to gag vomit wtf reviews, Gawker Media has decided it can do no wrong and launched its tragic redesign anyway.

Around the internet responses have ranged from appalled to annoyed:

“It’s not fully functional, it’s full of bugs, it’s not so attractive that it cancels out the annoyance of being buggy, and it’s time-warping. All in all, thumbs down.”

“The feedback from users was overwhelmingly negative, and there were tons of bugs so … they expanded it to the entire Gawker network.”

“I’m having nothing but problems with this redesign. Hoping that it’s all early bugs that will get straightened out but the comment features seem to be a million times worse.  I think I’ll disappear for a few days, see if things get better. But, if this is it, I guess I won’t be sticking around.”

I understand that a new site rollout can involve a few glitches, but Gawker has the resources and the time to make sure this stuff is worked out BEFORE a site launches. They had this crap in beta for months before going live. You’d think such an enormous empire would have done a little more qa on this crap before subjecting their readers to it.

Also, it is the ugly now.