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Jessica Quirk Is A Salty Old Something, That’s For Sure

I have a few minutes, so let’s discuss…whatever this is:

Today busy Jessica “Studio and Meetings” Quirk’s  praiseworthy, career making personal style is built on jeans, rain boots and slicker, and a sweater. Oh sorry! I forgot her super witty descriptions!

Today I’m looking very much like a salty old Fisherman.  We could trade outfits and/or I could work on a lobster boat in this look!

Please someone from “Deadliest Catch” get this woman on a boat immediately. I would love to see Messica standing around doing the pigeon toe, talking about their “cozy” sweaters, asking if they knew the Gorton’s guy while they tried to keep the boat from capsizing.


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Tatiana Draws Strength From Her Handbag

Tatiana of Love Lies Lace plows forward with her “Weekly Gratitude”. This week Tati expresses thanks for her new Kate Spade purse (which she claims she needed due to back problems):

So I’m gonna be honest… this week sucked. I really tried but something would inevitably happen to just suck the happy out. Nevertheless I can’t deny that there were some silver linings in ever day. Like the fact that I noticed something fantastic about my new purse almost a week after owning it! It feels even better to carry it around with me now! We all need an extra dose of courage sometimes for those weeks that come at you like a wild lion!

This week she posted a movie review, a recipe for chopped up vegetables, an orange skirt outfit, and this weekly gratitude crap. How about a post about WHY your week was so rough? What came at you like a “lion”? Did a bow fall off your shoe? Because honestly if this is the worst thing that happened to you this week:

Thank you to Kevin for taking such great care of my whiney self. You see I haven’t mentioned it but I had a very unfortunate incident with a can of Heinz baked beans last weekend. It inflicted pain and some damage and Kevin was the perfect nurse.

You don’t need courage, you need some perspective.



Jessica Quirk Knows Wedding Rings Are Fashion

Jessica Quirk, married, is an expert at personal style. And she knows nothing says fashion and personal style like making sure everyone sees your wedding ring in at least two posts a week:

What do you think? Are you married today?



Georgie Girl Is Incredibly In Tune With The Average Mom

“Georgie Girl”, that foreign chick who invented “lifestyle blogger turned mommy blogger” as a career move, is so relatable!

I am working from home today so I snapped a few pics of Charlotte as she headed out the door with her nanny for a playdate.  I finally found some hairclips that stay put in her hair.

I think Charlotte’s nanny did a great job of dressing her today – the perfect example of a high-low outfit with a Ralph Lauren coat combined with a Target dress!

I love how down-to-earth this post is. Just another breezy work at home day for mom, sending out her accessory baby with the actual caretaker in 300 dollars worth of clothes.

Posts like this are why people think mommy bloggers are assholes, Georgie.



Love Life Lace’s Tanya Is Russian

You may not know this, but Love Lies Lame’s Tatiana is Russian. She never mentions it, she’s pretty private about her heritage as a Russian, but she is indeed Russian. In fact, she will always be Russian:

I may speak English perfectly well and write decently in what is my second language, I may never be viewed as anything but American by most people on the street, I may have lived here for over a decade and yes, my husband may be American but no matter what my passport says (and just to clarify my Russian one is on it’s way to our house as we speak! I have dual citizenship) I’ll always be a Russian. A weird, passionate, incredibly loud (and please stop shushing me), sincere and absorbing Russian. And I’ll always feel the most at home among my people.

Her people, the pink loving, ever-smiling, easy living Russians must be very proud of her obsession with Paris and French crap.



The What I Wore Ad Rates Prove That Messica Is Way Successful, Haters

A commenter brought to our attention the advertising rates offered by What I Wore and they’re…optimistic to say the least.

I’m curious if she is actually getting 5,000 dollars a month from someone to run an ad? Because I’m sure the Tea Party is looking for some sponsorship opportunities with 1984 Republican party outfit models.



Stay On My Internets: Jaclyn Day

Most of you have heard of the Jaclyn Day Blog. While she does do personal style posts, her blog also talks about what she’s reading (books, not just for decoration!) It’s not just frivolity and fashion, either. Recent posts talk about the loss of her dog and body image and self esteem.

She also manages to be married without becoming one of the smug married style bloggers out there. Being a normal person with normal pursuits and a personal life she keeps personal may not get her the attention of Lucky magazine or Rich Tong, but it certainly keeps me reading.

I enjoy her blog. It never seems to be too twee, or too YAY I’M MARRIED! and it doesn’t seem to be the typical trying-too-hard-to-be-fashion personal style log. And she recently converted to the catlady club, so maybe I’m biased. What do you think of Jaclyn Day? Personally I think she can stay on my internets.



Jessica Quirk Is Just…I Don’t Even Know

Before Her Mediocrity locked down her old Midwest Jess blog, we had the pleasure of reading her monthly bagging on smokers. Which is fine; plenty of people hate smokers and smoke and smoking and think it should be illegal or whatever. Those people may even post statements such as Messica does on her lovepuppy blog:

I really hate fashion stuff that glamorizes smoking. nasty, dirty habit. (nothing against her outfit, Erin)

But I wonder if other people also then proceed to proudly display things like this in their home:

I would  say fine, maybe Neckbeard secretly smokes a pipe and Messica lets it slide because a pipe is retro, and ye olde tobacco tin is something of his choosing. She’s gone from raw vegan who runs 20 miles a day and would barely indulge in a glass of white wine while preaching about how much she hated conservatives, to a meat and gin inhaling soldier of the American class wars since she met the dude. I wouldn’t be surprised if she now thinks tobacco tins in no way contradict her OMG SMOKING EW stance.



Jessica Quirk Is Really Evolving Her Style

Like a personal style comet, Jessica Quirk has basically come full circle. Not only has she gone back to her original hipster bob with bangs, she is now just repeating outfits:

One of the reasons I’m a vintage lover is because when you’re neither here nor there you’re never in or out.  Let me explain- I think it’s possible to stylishly pull off a vintage dress and not look out of style, because you’re not trying to be in.  Case in point – I wore this dress in 2009 and felt like a million bucks and I feel equally awesome now in almost the exact same outfit.

It’s true – she wore pretty much the exact same cheap looking brown accessories with this dress back in the good ole days of ’09. Her hair and closet aren’t the only things that have come full circle. Seems that even back then Messica had to fight against her natural inclination to half assing:

I could easily stay in pajamas all day and put in no effort, but what’s the fun in that? Boyfriend brought over lunch so I got dolled up in this sweet 80s cream dress.  Then we went to pick out a printer and run other errands. Luckily I dodged raindrops as I forgot my umbrella. A sweet outfit for a sweet day.

I’m not sure what constitutes “effort” for Messica anymore, folks. I don’t think Messica ever knew.



Love Lies Lame Continues To Live In Neverland

Tatiana, of Love Lice Face, is well known for being the Peter Pan of the internets. This weekend she took another trip down Idiot Lane to have a totally awesome fun time:

Friday after work we headed to one of our favorite spots for happy hour - Anqi. We both had a whirlwind week and it was so nice to finally relax, unwind and talk.

I assume this means she works, but who knows. To this one, making a picnic happen is “work”. Since she claims to need vacations every weekend, I’m not sure how this would be much different than every other week she claims to need time off, but whatever.

Saturday we did something I’ve been dying to do – visit our local library! We got library cards and nestled into a quite spot with a stack of awesome books. It was so nice to be reminded of how interesting and fun kids books are! I learned innumerable facts about rabbits, elephants and koalas! Don’t worry I read “big people books” too… which reminds me I need to get back to “The Idiot.”

She nestled into a “quite” spot and also read “big people books”. Sigh.

After the library we did something else we’ve been meaning to do for a while, which is locate a great frozen custard place. And we did! We both got the strawberry flavor. It was out of this world!!

I’m not sure strawberry ice cream requires! exclamation! points! but I guess everything is super exciting when you’re 8 years old on the inside.

There’s nothing quite like a romantic dinner in a dimly lit restaurant brimming with wonderful food to make you feel all hazy with happiness.

We definitely reconnected with two of our big loves this weekend – books and food! And loved every minute of it!

I’m sorry but when are these two NOT having “romantic” dinners, picnics, tea parties, walks? Everything she does with her husband is omgromantic and omgreconnected us. Do these two ever just argue about whose turn it is to do dishes or ignore each other and watch tv in separate rooms? Do they ever spend the weekend cleaning the house and drinking wine while watching a movie?

I ask because these two are still basically newlyweds, and setting such a high standard would seem to me  to be dangerous. What happens when her husband goes “Look I just want to sit here and watch the game, can you go find SOMETHING to do?”  I know her blog is about OMG ROMANCE! LOVE! MARRIAGE! MY PERFECT LIFE! but nobody lives this way. It’s just unrealistic.

But I’m just an unmarried cat lady, so I could be wrong.



Julia Allison Will Solve Your Problems

Julia Allison, healthy person totally qualified to give you advice about things, wants to give you advice:

Ask Julia!

So – if you’ve ever read the Ask Amy advice column (or if you grew up reading Dear Abby or Ann Landers, as I did) – you get the general concept: you have a dilemma, you write in to the expert, and she uses magic to solve your problem with her sweet sweet words.  Or tells you to go to therapy.

I’m starting a series of Social Media Q&As for the Social Studies column, and I hereby invite you to hit me with your best social media shot.

Email me at with your burning social media issues!

Does anyone really have “burning social media issues”? (Insert STD joke here.) Because honestly, if you need help figuring out what is appropriate for facebook, twitter, and blogging, I really don’t think Julia Allison is the person to go to for advice.



Internet Is Pregnant, Turns Twitter Into Official Pregnancy News Source

It seems the entire internet is pregnant or giving birth the last 12 months. Since every pregnant woman who fancies herself important to the internet seems to think the planet is vastly fascinated in every pregnant thing they do, they have naturally taken to twitter to keep all of us updated.

Jordan is finally noticing that she might need to make room for her spawn, and has begun nesting in earnest (even though she has about 6 months to take care of these things):

pow-wowing with mom about how we’re going to fit an entire extra human being and the associated accoutrements into this apartment.4:02 PM Apr 9th via web

picked this up 2 use 4 kitchen/baby storage (& as bath surface?): 23 hours ago via web

Sarah Lacy continues to not blog about her baby. I suppose it’s not technically blogging if it’s on twitter…

my baby is telling me he/she wants one of the cadbury eggs in my purse, but my stomach knows it’s still full from lunch. #kidstoday5:36 PM Apr 6th via web

working on a long sunday post, but this time NOT skipping prenatal yoga so i don’t get such a twitter lashing! ;)about 6 hours ago via web

And the ever expanding Randi Zuckerberg, who somehow managed to get pregnant without Julia Allison crashing the moment, won’t let us forget that she will soon birth the spare heir to Facebook:

I’m in love with the gorgeous cake at my baby shower yesterday! Thanks @elizabeth for your adorable owl design! PM Mar 27th via Twitter for iPhone

Feeling pretty darn thrilled about my final project before maternity leave ;) PM Apr 5th via web

Just sent hubby off on a “last-hurrah-before-baby” Vegas guys wknd. Either I’m a fantastic wife, or I just have really poor judgement ;)12:32 PM Apr 9th via web

I don’t know about you but the internet is starting to turn into the reunion scene from Romy and Michelle for me. I just want to keep repeating this scene with every unnecessary update flung into cyberspace.



Julia Allison Bags A McCain

Scary Sadshaw and Mr. Cakes are finally moving in together. Engagement rumors are already swirling, with Vegas bookies saying most money is being bet on a ring going on that fat paw shortly before his deployment, and their acrimonious public breakup scheduled sometime around October.

In other fascinating news the whole internet cares about, I have enough papa points for a free pizza, and my cats are shedding their winter coats.