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Caitlin HTP Is Having A Not Free Giveaway

Caitlin Boyle, married to British guy, is releasing her second book. To celebrate, she’s having a “Bookworm Giveaway” on her blog. What’s she giving away? Not copies of HER book, no ma’am – she’s giving away some books her publisher sent her for free. All you have to do is enter:

To enter this bookworm giveaway, simply forward a copy of your Healthy Tipping Point book pre-order receipt to  I’ll pick a winner on Monday morning.  Thanks for all the support and, most of all, HAPPY READING!

You read correctly, hams – if you want to enter the “giveaway” you have to buy her new book. I’m not even going to add anything here. I’ll just let you discuss this among yourselves.

EDIT: Caitlin, not manipulative, has now deleted over half the comments left on her post, and edited the post to say anyone can enter, while blaming the previous rules (preserved above) on her publisher. Welcome to operation classy, folks.


Fashion Blogging

“What Would A Nerd Wear” Closing Her Blog

Tania, who runs the style blog “What Would A Nerd Wear”, has decided to close down her blog after two and a half years. In a post addressed to “friends, family, readers, lurkers, and others” she informs the world that she is leaving to “pursue other projects”:

After much thought and some heartache, I’ve decided it’s time for me to hang up my hat here at What Would a Nerd Wear and give myself the time and space to pursue other projects… I no longer need this blog in the way I once did–I have many creative outlets in DC, I feel more confident in front of my closet, and I am finding myself increasingly craving extra time for my intellectual passions.

I never read “What Would A Nerd Wear” but I’ve heard many people say it was a decent style site for young professional women. Since she is still putting up posts of previous outfits I’m not sure if she meant she’s closing the blog for new posts or if these are just a few “fave outfits” as a final goodbye. But it made me start thinking about the life cycle of a blog. At what point should a blogger just admit they aren’t that into it anymore and move on?

I think many bloggers – especially those making money or getting opportunities through their blog – have a lot of trouble shutting it down. After many years it could just become part of your identity (like it seems to be for Messica for example) and despite not evolving or even enjoying it that much anymore they just continue to do it – because they don’t know what else to do.

Since I have no opinion of this woman or her blog, I’ll just say I’m happy to see Tania’s honesty that her blog has run its course as a useful part of her life and admit that she wants to move on to other things that are more relevant to who she has become. I think a few other bloggers would benefit from some similar self-reflection.


Healthy Living Blogging

KERF Is A Professional

Kath Younger, hard worker, spent today crafting a post revealing her expert inspirational tips on being an awesome photographer:

While I do consider myself somewhat of a “professional” photographer due to taking thousands of photos daily for years, I am by no means as talented as a real pro photographer would be! I’ve just had 5 years of practice : ) I don’t shoot in manual or RAW. I tried them both and they just aren’t for me with the speed and frequency in which I take photos. I’ve mastered an amateur photographer’s system.

Revealing that she uses “amazing umbrella photography lights with my dinner posts” – she stores them in the hall closet and assembles them before setting her dinner table – she also informs us that in order to be “a good photographer, all you need to know is how to work AV mode. And never use your flash!”

It seems one commenter didn’t appreciate ole KERF’s attempts to school the internet on camera usage, remarking:

You consider yourself a professional photographer and yet you don’t shoot in RAW or manual mode? LOL!

When Kath tried to explain that “I think I made it pretty clear that I was using the word professional as “part of my job” and not a description of expertise” another commenter responded that perhaps ““Experienced” might be the better term, then, as considering oneself a professional anything definitely implies expertise and a mastery of skills.” Well Kath isn’t going to stand for your blatant disrespect of her skills – photography and writing is her “profession”!

Well in this sense professional means part of my profession. I am a photographer. I am a writer. Those are facts and they are my profession. But I understand what you’re saying. I would hope a professional photographer would not read this post thinking that I am devaluing their work or saying that I am as good, as I stated I clearly am not!

These are “facts”, people! Facts! She takes pictures, and posts them on the internet with words! Which in “fact” makes her profession…blogging.

My biggest question is, does she intend to continue setting up umbrella lights around her dinner table when she has a screaming infant throwing food at her? And where are those lights going to go when she has a closet full of strollers and baby Bjorns and high chairs? Facts!


Healthy Living Blogging

CaitlinHTP Finally Reveals Her Husband is British

Caitlin Boyle thinks a “fun factoid” about her marriage to a British man is…that she is married to a British man.

I can convince Kristien to try nearly anything by putting a British spin on it (he’s from the UK and moved to America when he was 16 – yes, he has an accent!).

This is a really interesting and fun fact because she’s never told us before that her husband is British, not even in a frequently asked question post. Not only is he British, but so is his family, and they all do very British things together like celebrate British holidays, go to British pubs , wear typical British fashion, and prepare traditional British food. Did I mention he has an accent?

I can’t decide if she’s trying to be helpful because she thinks her readers are too stupid to remember these basic facts about her life, or if she just has some sort of complex about her monumental achievement of marrying a foreigner and needs her adulating readers to congratulate her (again) and tell her they are (omg) so jealous of her life. I suppose it’s possible that she doesn’t want to deal with novice readers’ questions so she throws it out there every now and then to cover her bases, though I find this unlikely. It’s hard to believe that she has that many new readers who are confused about the Husband’s origins and who are e-mailing or commenting to ask from whence he came, that it’s easier for her to state that he’s British in a post every few months instead of just putting it on the about page.

Whatever her justification is for constantly including references to her British connections, it’s irritating and getting old. We get it, congratulations, now let’s move on. By repeating information that can easily be found in other posts she’s coming across as a lazy writer and like she believes most of her readers lack even the most basic reading comprehension skills. If you are a good writer your blog should read more like a narrative; the constant interjection of “have I mentioned he’s British?” when you’ve already said something similar a few weeks ago demonstrates poor self-editing. Phrases like “We especially love to watch British-themed movies in this household because the Husband is English”, and “He’s British, and I think he’ll really like the little homage to his native country”, don’t sound cute or even intelligent. Stating the obvious – especially when you’ve already given out that information – only makes you and your readers look dumb.


Lifestyle Blogging

Nicole And Her Dog Start A Business

Nicole Story, the “ex-bulimic” who thinks tofu and ketchup is a meal, has “started an LLC.!”  She evidently has moved to New York City – she calls her “initial service region” Gotham, so I’m assuming she means NYC – and will be announcing what her mystery business venture is sometime Monday.

Her “pup” is “Director of Sales” and as such was sent to the office supply store for “administrative supplies”:

A “certain Sir” (lol wut) is her Director of IT – or as she says, “the person that I call when “I can’t figure something out” since I’m quite the medieval princess in distress as it relates to internetty “things.”  :)” Yep, she sounds like a real 3l33t internet female entrepreneur there – if your idea of “woman in tech” is Princess Peach.

I don’t know about you but I am queasy with excitement. I can’t wait to find out what this brain trust has come up with in order to call herself an “entrepreneur”.  Since it’s something that requires “sales strategies”, an eCommerce interface, and “dynamic mobile application integration” (lol wut) only her dog and the Lord could make a guess about what this “business” could possibly be.  I’m sure whatever it is will get her onstage at all the omgtechlady circle jerk conferences, because those cuddle puddle INSPIRE summits just love INSPIRATIONAL bulimic girls who make their boyfriends install a PayPress plugin.

Hey, maybe she and Brit Morin can get together and have an INSPIRING lady entrepreneur camp.


Healthy Living Blogging

Waddling to the Finish

Pooping is a universal activity that most humans are lucky enough to engage in on a frequent basis. However, the vast majority of us don’t advertise our intestinal actions online for anyone to read. Apparently runners poop more than the average person, or at least seem to have the need to bond over it more with others, as evidenced by a number of posts on the subject including a recent one by Meghann on Meals and Miles. Contrary to what seems to be the popular response to such posts, I don’t think it makes you any more human or endearing to talk about your shit; I  think at that point you’re just over sharing. For example,

I wasn’t even sure my mid-run stops at random porta potties, gas stations, or even in the woods off the side of the road (don’t judge – we’ve all had those moments!) were normal… Over time, the need for mid-run stops began to fade away. As my body got used to the idea of running, so did my stomach. It was something that happened gradually and I’m not sure if I can pinpoint it to anything besides the fact that my tummy just learned to go before hand or to just hold it. However, not every run is perfect. I still have flare ups and this morning was no exception. With a mile left, my tummy wasn’t doing me any favors. I was suddenly struck with the ‘I need to go NOW!‘ feeling and had to give myself a couple of (un-timed) breaks to take a few deep breaths and to get my tummy under control. I basically ended up waddling the last 1/2 mile and couldn’t get in the door fast enough.

Thanks, Meghann. I’m so glad I know about your end of the run waddle to the toilet. It’s one thing to discuss such matters between friends in a quiet, private location where no one else is listening, and another to write a blog post describing your near miss. Everybody poops, but we don’t need to talk about it.


Mommy Blogging

Is “Project Baby” Joining The 2012 Blogsprog Outbreak?

That Kristin chick, mommy blogger who named her kid “Tinsley”, is allegedly pregnant again. Supposedly an email was sent out to friends and family, and our snarky source remarked that she’s probably hoping to drag out her neverending French gallivanting in hopes of giving birth in OMG France.

The tip also popped up in the forum on the heels of Kristin’s maudlin post about having to leave their omgquaint cottage in the French countryside for a new apartment in Paris:

We had everything we needed. More than enough room, comforts, hot water, and firewood. We had it all in this place. No obligations or worries or anywhere to be…Weeks flew by and next thing I know, it’s time to pack for Paris. In a hurry we washed dishes, folded laundry, and soaked in those last precious hours in our new “home.” I secretly wished for just one more sunny day to do absolutely nothing….I watched them drive off as I took a last look around and locked up the cottage one last time. The finality was hard….And, Lord….help us get through this next week in Paris…

Pardon my asking, but were they on a baby making vacation? Because that’s what it sounds like. Supposedly her husband is answering work emails or something, but isn’t it basically a vacation if you have no “obligations or worries or anywhere to be”? I mean gee, sorry leaving your French country cottage for Paris is so emotionally devastating, but considering you’ve done nothing with your time beyond go to tourist traps, play grabass at some cafes, and go shopping, I’m having trouble mustering some sympathy for your dramatic emotional distress.

I kid, I’m sure it was super draining to throw your crap in a truck after three months in the lavender breezes and cobblestone streets of Where Ze Feckevair France. And then the grueling car trip, only to “find” yourself “parked in front of our Parisian apartment on the Ile St.-Louis” next door to “restaurants, candy shops, toy stores, clothing and jewelry boutiques”. But the worst was yet to come:

The only thumbs down was…the five stories we had to climb up to our place. These legs of mine are not used to climbing five flights several times a day. Poor Matt had to unload our car and all 250+ lbs. of luggage. UP THE STAIRS.

Stairs???? I don’t get it. Where are the posts about how all she did was leave her building with Tinsley and she was mauled by people adoring her gorgeous little blonde crotch cricket, like they did in the country cottage town?  And blah blah your husband’s parents??? Who cares about the Eiffel Tower or where you ate lunch? Get to the part where you announce you are pregnant, lady!

Anyway, here’s hoping Kristin confirms or denies the rumors soon because I would love to update the 2012 Blogsprog roster.


Fashion Blogging

Jessica Quirk Not Even Pretending To Be Original Anymore

It was this side of 3 years ago that Jessica Quick, of the blog “Why Doesn’t Anyone Care About What I’m Wearing Anymore”, had her picture in Lucky Magazine and a style book on the presses. Now, Messica can barely muster enough fks to come up with her own DIY projects.

Take today’s post for example. First of all, at least she FINALLY cut that sad limp hair back to something almost cute. Now if she would just stop parting it in the middle forever and add back the bangs, she might be getting somewhere. Second, neon was a ‘thing’ in Brooklyn LAST YEAR, Messica. I know she lives in Bloomtucky Squarestate now, but surely trends can’t be that backed up. Third, nice DIY necklace:

But it reminds us of something…oh right, Jen Lula – that girl you regularly butt smooch on twitter – already did it:

Look. If you’re going to throw in the towel and not even try to be creative any longer, fine. But at least mention that you got the idea from someone else. Hopefully she will credit Jen in her “DIY” post now that she’s getting called out, but who knows with Messica. After all, she invented stripes and colorblocking!


Internets WTF

“The College Conservative” Crashes Internet Due To Flood Of WTF

In case you missed it, “The College Conservative” launched 4 months ago. Claiming ‘Our staff is subjected to academic discrimination, blasted by anti-American sentiment, and ridiculed for being “young and naive”‘, the site aims to end discrimination against white middle class college students by assuring them that people just don’t “get” conservatives.  Not because they are mostly bigoted privileged jerks – no no, people don’t “get” conservatives because “It’s not that the message is flawed; it just needs the proper packaging.” They just need a snazzy website is all!

Like an army of undergrad G. Gordon Liddys, the staff claims they “love America, we speak the truth, and we make no apologies for it.” Of course by “America” they mean a land where politicians are good Christian folks and people don’t date until they are out of high school unless they want to wind up pregnant and divorced. An America where women who are refused birth control coverage by their employers just roll over and take it, while shaming women with more feminist views. An America where guys who look like Rush Limbaugh defend Rush Limbaugh’s choice to call a woman a “slut” for daring to have sex outside of marriage. An America where the only green you should care about is the kind generated by businesses because caring too much about the environment makes you a tree hugger.

Hey, more power to them. I honestly thought the site was some offshoot of “The Onion” – I had no idea there was an entire generation of college aged kids who were so eager to go back to 1952 America. Anyway, for all you right wingers that read GOMIBLOG you now have another site to add to your reading list. Let me know what other gems you find, because I couldn’t make it past page 3.


Lifestyle Blogging

Gala Darling Says Your Mood Is Your Own Fault

Gala Darling, professional attention whore, just loves peddling her “love yourself! be positive!” treacle to a generation of women  who are evidently not finding “The Secret” quite pink and glam enough.

In keeping with her image as someone who tells women pretty much what they want to hear and believe, Gala Darling has another “girl power!” post up about owning your emotional state:

I have to admit that for the last few days, I’ve felt like I was walking around with a little dark storm cloud over my head…I would like to blame it all on hormones, on Mercury retrograde, or on the dark moon coming up this weekend… but ultimately, we have to take responsibility for our own moods. Your mood is a choice, & you own your attitude. Some people say, “She totally ruined my mood!” or “My day is totally wrecked now”, but no…We are in charge of our lives & our moods, even — especially — when we think we aren’t.

Maybe I’m taking that last sentence the wrong way – after all, we are talking about a woman who thinks you can talk yourself out of having an eating disorder with “feedback” therapy – but this just smacks of the kind of “turn that frown upside down!” crap that people dismiss mental illnesses with. I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think “it’s all in your head, just put on some lipstick and be more thankful” is really an option when there are hormonal or biochemical things at work.

At least now when people complain about how GOMIBLOG is nothing but cyberbullies who are upsetting REAL PEOPLE, I can direct them to her post and tell them their feelings are their own fault.


Healthy Living Blogging

Pregnant Kath Morphing Into “Art Of Making A BERF”

Kath Younger, “empowering” and “inspiring”  pregnant woman with a blog, continues to keep us all updated about the world’s first  baby loaf. With all the suprising insights you usually expect from Caitlin HTP, Kath is documenting the still mysterious reproductive event known as human gestation week by week.

Today she bravely shares the secrets of going through her 15th week being a human oven:

I’m definitely feeling a bit of a shift in my physical state this week. Starting with a more rounded bump of course! But also some lower back pain that flared after my 3.5 hour car ride to Baltimore. It’s on my right side, just above my hip bone. Could this be relaxin making its first appearance? Matt was sweet to get me a pre-natal massage last week and it was everything I needed from head to do. But it got me thinking about how with such extreme physical changes going on in a relatively short period of time I probably should make massages a regular occurrence…I want to see an acupuncturist too, but I’m not sure where to start with that one! There are so many physical and chemical changes going on that I feel like some alternative medicine would be beneficial.

She’s not even out of her first barely in her second trimester and she’s already acting like she’s 7 months along. Between wearing a belly band and maternity clothes, and complaining about back pain, it seems like she’s either trying to rush the process of getting to the “omg I am SO PREGNANT” phase of baby cooking, or she’s the world’s biggest attention queen.

And let’s discuss her need for regular massage and acupuncture. The woman is 15 weeks along. Most women are barely even showing at this point. Many are working real full time jobs, doing house and yard work, commuting, shopping, cooking, and properly folding laundry. Unless she is turning into Elena there is no need to be sitting around  dreaming up ways to complicate what is essentially a biological process. If you have that much free time that all you have going on is obsessing over the human forming fingernails in your uterus and dramatizing some perceived discomforts maybe you need to find a way to fill your days.


Healthy Living Blogging

Placentophagy for Vegetarians

The 27th edition of Healthy Tipping Point’s weekly pregnancy updates dives into the sticky issue of placentophagy. Caitlin, a vegetarian for the past 3 years, insists that she will consume her spent placenta despite its meaty status and seems less disturbed by the idea of eating part of herself than having to ingest flesh once again.

First of all, I definitely ‘get’ the ick factor… but not because it’s my placenta. I’m more grossed out by the fact that technically meat, and I’m a vegetarian.  Even if it’s MY meat (well, an organ) – it’s still meat.  I do find it really funny that the people in my life who are the most FREAKED OUT at the thought of me eating my placenta are omnivores who eat animal flesh on a daily basis – there isn’t a huge difference!

Fortunately for Caitlin it’s possible to encapsulate your dried and ground up placenta into convenient, and perhaps less fleshy, supplements. Of course Caitlin is intimidated by the idea of do it yourself placenta pills, describing it as both stressful and frightening, and has elected to hire someone known as a “placenta encapsulation specialist.” No need to grill her placenta like a delicious steak for this new mommy! All Caitlin and the Husband have to do is stash their used placenta on ice in a cooler (“new and never to be used again”) and bring it home with their baby.

Here’s hoping that Caitlin doesn’t experience the side effect noted by helpful commenter, Jen.

I had my placenta encapsulated and I tried taking the pills for a while. I think they helped with my mood and my recovery but I think they also made me constipated.


Mommy Blogging

Dooce Corp Fails To Renew LLC

Armstrong Media LLC, the parent company of, has apparently failed to file a renewal with the state of Utah.

The company was registered in February of 2006 and was renewed in January of 2011. However this year their registration lapsed and has not yet been renewed. In response to emails asking what this could mean our lolyer sources’ theories imply the non-renewal indicates that a divorce filing is probably imminent, as dismantling the company they built together would be the first step in making their split a more formal permanent state.

Since rumors of separation were revealed in January and Mr. Dooce moved out the same month, could this just be something overlooked in the midst of the turmoil surrounding their separation? Or does it mean the end of Armstrong Media for good?