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Mckmama Closing Her Blog

After scandals with bankruptcy court blogger Mckmama is shuttering her My Charming Kids blog for good.

Announcing that she and her husband Israel are once again living together, Mckmama says the time is “too perfect to pass up”, and gushes that they are looking forward to other things – a “new beginning” with more “love, adventures, excitement and maybe more children”.

Mckmama writes that she “could keep this blog if I wanted to, I guess”, claims she is “grateful for the years I had with this blog and unspeakably hopeful about the many years to come without it”, and reminds everyone to email her and follow her facebook page (I guess all that jazz about spending more time with God and her kids doesn’t cover social media).

Fans and anti-fans who have followed her financial troubles are privately of the opinion that this is being forced on her as part of her bankruptcy asset hand over, and are already whispering that she will have a new url and blog within months.


Internets Lifestyle Blogging

Brit Morin Will Sell You A Craft Box

Brit Morin, can totally be trusted with your information, is using that $1.25 million in free money to buy boxes and supplies for her new “Brit Kit” venture.

Claiming people never get around to doing all those DIYs they post on Pinterest because they “don’t have the time to go shopping for materials”, Brit has decided that the way to serve humanity is by charging them money for a box of crap so they can do all those “projects we’ve showcased here on Brit + Co. as well as from around the web”. For only $19.99 per month Brit will send you her used yoga mats and rolls of duct tape along with instructions for her amazing DIYs:

Our whole schtick is that people don’t have a lot of time these days, so we don’t want to take up more of it! These projects are simple enough to do in a half hour or so. In fact, they are so simple that your kids could probably even do them with you (that being said, we promise they aren’t as lame as the Arts & Crafts projects that you used to do in 1st grade).

And just in case you don’t have DIY equipment, Brit will happily sell you a hole punch, a hot glue gun, an exacto knife, and some other random crap for $29.99 in her “DIY Starter Kit”. “Quantities are limited” while they “get things off the ground”, so be sure to stampede over there and give the Morins your credit card info today!


Lifestyle Blogging

Mormon In Manhattan Will Tell You How To Get A Man

Natalie Hill, a Mormon in Manhattan, is (I suppose) both Mormon and living in Manhattan. Apparently she knows all about dating and wants to help you slobby, non-exercising, sad single ladies find a man:

Everyone knows a really incredible girl who just doesn’t date as much as she should…. or maybe you’re that girl.

Yes ladies, you “should” be dating! So why aren’t you? Well Natalie and her pal from Shabby Apple were talking about their sad pathetic non-dating friends recently and they discovered these pitiable beings were lacking three things – Fitness, Fashion, and Flirting. Your goals are to be “healthy, not skinny”, “dress to flatter your body”, and mostly listen during dates because “men love to talk about themselves”.

Basically it all seems like she regurgitated “The Rules”. Maybe these guidelines work for some women, but they aren’t exactly new information. It’s the same “stay in shape, dress nicely, and let the man do the talking” advice that has been shoved down our throats for centuries. If you want to give man-snagging advice at least bring some new insights to the table. Otherwise it’s just the same ish from a different bish.


Internets Lifestyle Blogging

In Case You Were Wondering, Mary Rambin’s Condescension Circuit Still Works

Gal about town and pioneering testicle designer Mary Rambin has dusted off her soapbox to drop some more knowledge on the unhealthy masses. This time she focuses on NYC’s recent ban on large sugar-sweetened drinks, which is, in her words, “a step in the right direction.” More specifically:

My hope is that this is the first of many acts to follow to take the over-processed crap out of our diets; people are obviously not capable of doing it themselves.  (Have you seen the lines at McDonald’s lately?!)

Again with the “oh poor unhealthy idiots, eating McDonald’s because they’re too dumb to know better” schtick. She honestly seems to believe that if soda and fast food were wiped off the face of the earth, everyone would just start going to Whole Foods and eating salads and granola all day long. She doesn’t show even an iota of understanding that health is way more complicated than just trying to force people to reach for water instead of Pepsi. I’m just tired of seeing Rambin pull this ridiculous concern-trolling routine, when it’s clear she doesn’t care about starting or joining any halfway serious conversation about health or obesity.

I will give it to Rambo, though. The woman certainly knows how to end her posts with a bang:

Although I have no scientific references to back this up, it’s my belief that the crap these big brands inject into food is a cause of cancer.

Cancer, you say?! Well I’m convinced. I’ll put down my Cinnabon and pick up the nut butter. Does anyone know of any good recipes involving quinoa?


Lifestyle Blogging

That Wife Dislikes “Investing The Time” In Prenatal Care

Jenna Cole, high educated e-book advocate, is currently pregnant with her second child. Around 5 months along, she’s apparently had pretty much zero pre-natal care until now – and doesn’t seem very excited about the idea of having any, uploading this to her instagram yesterday:

When asked by OMGMOM “Why don’t you want ultrasounds? I loved them –beyond seeing Mia, I thought the technology was fascinating and asking questions and learning about how she’s growing inside of me was truly amazing”, Jenna responded:

@omgmom I dislike investing the time, but I also have strong opinions about healthcare costs and unnecessary procedures (I think Mia was high risk right? Not judging and implying that your ultrasounds were unnecessary :) )

Ok mothers, you’ll have to enlighten me here…are two ultrasounds during a pregnancy considered “unnecessary procedures” not worth “investing” your time for? If your doctor did your first one at 5 months and said he might want to check again later, would you go off on a rant about healthcare costs? I guess I was just under the impression that most mothers would do anything, take advantage of every resource, to ensure the well-being of their baby. And most moms I know wish they’d had more ultrasounds (I guess it’s a mom thing, most of them seem to want those fetus pics as often as possible).

I just don’t understand such a flippant response from someone who seems to have gone back to college for the sole purpose of making her husband allow her to get pregnant again. You’d think she would be a bit more interested in her pre-natal care (especially since it seems she intends to have a home birth). But hey, at least Bathroom Baby is finally getting a real bedroom. I guess we can only expect so much maternal focus from Jenna at one time.



“Clients From Hell” Editors Apparently Don’t Read What They Post

Readers of the blog “Clients From Hell” are scratching their heads at a post that went up today:

I got regular complaints from a client that the DVDs I gave him were corrupted. After several irate phone calls, I went down in person to check out the situation. His machine was in working order, his disc drive was functional, and after testing all of the DVDs he claimed were corrupted, I saw he was correct.

After berating me for my idiocy, the client went into a full-on rant about how my stupidity has cost him both time and money. I apologized profusely and offered him a DVD that I triple-checked was working.

He then slapped it on the nearby filing cabinet and kept it in place with a large magnet.

Readers and commenters seem to be unable to decide whether the story submitted was fake and the CFH team simply didn’t read it, or whether someone submitted the old joke about floppy disks being stored in a drawer full of magnets and the CFH editors themselves updated it without making sure it still made sense.

Either way the submitted scenario is the second oldest customer service joke since digital media was invented and could not possibly have happened as described in the posted tale. Pay more gooder attentions to editation, CFH!


Internets Lifestyle Blogging

Brit Morin Will Pimp Her Husband’s Investments

Brit Morin, brilliant idea haver, has another brilliant idea. She’s now recommending Brit readers use TaskRabbit, in which her husband has been an investor, to hire vassals for all those menial tasks you have piling up. Gushing that “you can bet that the service will continue to expand across America and maybe even globally over the coming years”, Brit claims TaskRabbit is one of her “favorite outsourcing services”. I’m sure that’s a totally unbiased opinion.

Supposedly the reason for the spousal startup pimping is to encourage people to hire someone to stand in line for the new iPhone. That’s right, you can pay your own personal Veruca Salt  $55 to stand in line for 4 hours so you can have the  iPhone before anyone else.

One dedicated TaskRabbit will wait up to 4 hours in line for you. Once he or she gets close to the front, you’ll come swap out places so that you can complete your purchase and get your phone set up. The total out of pocket cost is $55 — that’s $13.50/hour. It sounds like a lot, but if you get paid more than that per hour, it seems more valuable to pay someone to wait for you.

First of all, people do this? It’s THAT important to throw $900 at the VERY LATEST phone the DAY it comes out? Second, is it just me or does it seem a bit nepotistic to pimp a company in which your husband – who has such a fantastic track record -  has invested without so much as a disclosure?


Lifestyle Blogging

Jo Don’t Know Shakespeare

From the Pinterest of A Cup Of Jo:



Fashion Blogging

“Stylish Petite” Will Post Outfit Fiction

Annie, a “really petite” blogger, is getting some side eye in the petite style blogging world. It seems Annie concocted a story around her outfit – a story some had heard before.

An outfit posted by “Extra Petite” blogger Jean on September 9 featured a jacket that, according to Jean, her mom bought for her “five years ago from the Banana Republic outlet”.  Well yesterday Annie posted an outfit to her Instagram, and when asked where she got the coat, claimed:


Unfortunately there was a public internet trail showing Annie actually bought the coat on ebay. When people began to call her out on her obvious lie, providing proof that she did, in fact, not receive the coat from her mother but actually purchased it online days before, the internet scrubbing began in earnest.

But not only is Annie scrubbing her own internets – she is allegedly asking others to delete their own comments and tweets in order to completely erase any evidence:

Claims that she is “copying” Jean aside, Annie’s actions are so ridiculous I don’t even know where to begin. First of all it’s stupid to make up some story about a piece of clothing, especially when your ebay history is public. Second, it’s sort of sketchy to ask people to help you kick dust over your lies when you get caught. 

Third, I don’t know why anyone is surprised at this. I’m pretty sure style bloggers aren’t all 100% up front 100% of the time about where their items come from, for various reasons ranging from not wanting other bloggers to have the item to embarrassment at purchasing something from ebay. The only difference seems to be that those bloggers are smart enough to keep their purchase histories private, and probably don’t go around asking other people to delete their tweets to help them cover their tracks.


Mommy Blogging

Katie Granju Claims PostSecret Being Used “to harass and defame me”

Katie Allison Granju, the constantly weeping eyes behind Mamapundit, is claiming a recent submission to PostSecret may be about her. On her facebook page she states:

FYI, for anyone who has seen it, the “Henry” postcard at today IS NOT FROM ME. It looks likely that some very cruel, disturbed person posted that to try to make it look like I abuse drugs myself. They even mentioned my birthday, which is indeed this week. I feel literally sick over it. Who DOES something like that?

In response to a commenter saying they “had a feeling it might have been faked”, Katie responded:

…I think PostSecret is a great thing. And if this is a real secret, then it’s good that this person has a place to spill it. But I suspect PostSecret is being used to harass and defame me, and I am not good with that.

The secret in question, posted on September 8th, is below:

While other commenters write that “Oh, hell, of course it’s mocking Katie” and Katie’s white knights rush to the PostSecret community to clear her name, others are trying to reassure KAG that not everything is about her and that this is most likely a coincidence despite KAG saying that “there are certainly people who would go to that much trouble to be cruel to other people” (meaning her).

While KAG insists she has “no intention of requesting its removal” someone who was a “virtual intern” for PostSecret told KAG to contact the owner because he could “discern by the postmark if it might be a genuine secret or someone with ulterior motives”. Personally I think this is another case of “not everything is about you, Katie”. Or as one Facebook commenter said, “Do you really think you are the only mother that has every lost a child named Henry? Do you really think you are the only mother that lost a child that was born in September?”


Lifestyle Blogging

Raven Knows What Boys Like

Raven, thinks “democrat” is a curse word, apparently has some very strong ideas about fashion.

Then, there are people like me. Who dress for men. Who dress for the opposite sex. Who knows that men despise red lipstick and they love a nude lip. Who knows that men see maxi dresses as “mumus.” Who knows that men HATE that stupid topknot thingy and yes, when they see you with one of those bubble necklaces? All they think is nasty sexual anal bead thoughts.

I dress for men.

Why? Because I am a woman.

And I don’t think it’s “beneath me” to dress to impress.

She goes on to inform us that men hate cardigans, J. Crew, and….feminists:

They do. Without trying to get all political, men are hard-wired to be the hunter/gatherer type. Hard-wired to be the protector, provider and safety-net for their women. Open doors, pay for the meal, provide a living…BE A MAN. (This really has nothing to do with fashion but still, feminist love cardigans.)

Between women deciding to be SAHM’s at 20 and this kind of weird cardigans mean you’re a ballbusting liberal lady nonsense, I feel like blogspot is turning the internet into the 1950′s. This is the kind of “have you ever seen an attractive feminist?” crap fat middle aged men say about women who don’t like to cook.

It’s fine if this chick wants to focus her life on pleasing the male gaze but it’s pretty ridiculous to post a litany of things all men hate as if she’s some sort of authority, rather than just some stay at home mom who read “The Rules” a few too many times.


Fashion Blogging

Is Cupcakes And Cashmere Joining The Mommy Club?

Rumors have been trickling in during Fashion Week that Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere is baking a little uterus cupcake. I haven’t really noticed any tummy pop, but maybe that’s because the last few outfit images of her don’t really provide a clear view of any possible fupa.

Then again, she did just get married. Maybe she’s just grown herself a little wife waist since last Fashion Week? I hope the stories aren’t true, if only because I don’t want to live in a world where Emily Cupcakes becomes even more cliche and boring by doing the usual blogger get married, start baby blog routine.


Mommy Blogging

Mr. Dooce Begins Vagueblogging Again

Those following the Doocevorce have some new Sad Jon fodder to parse and puzzle over. Shortly after Dooce instagrammed that a relaxing moment with a beer was “Missing only one ingredient for total perfection” and began posting love songs, Mr. Dooce crafted one of his trademark “14 year old girl on facebook makes you guess the meaning” posts:

I’ve learned a lot of things this year. Some good things and some not so good things. Some useful, some painful, some horrific. I’ve learned more about myself, about others, about truth, denial, hope, trust, fear and failure than I have in a long, long time.

He goes on to say  there “has been pain galore. Deep, searing, awful pain…” Apparently he’s been travelling a lot since February in order to “escape” his pain, but instead it has “only given me distance to see even more clearly how awful things are”. He concludes his vaguepost by stating “Time to act on that truth”.

Mr. Dooce’s post is sparking speculation that the separation will now move into the divorce phase, but thanks to neither of them just saying what’s going on it is impossible to draw any fact-based conclusions. It could all just be coincidence that means nothing, or Mr. Dooce could be encouraging rumors for pageview$. Either way, it’s my opinion that if you aren’t just going to say what’s going on, don’t say anything at all.