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Travel Bloggers Want Discounted Airfare

BlondeBrunetteTravel, sisters who blog about their travels, are just dying to attend TBEX Dublin in October. As people who have a blog where they talk about travel, they apparently think airlines should give them discounted rates because don’t companies know they have a blog? To that end, they are attempting to publicly arm twist Aer Lingus into giving TBEX attendees the discount they deserve:

Hey TBEX friends. Let’s petition Are Lingus to offer good fares to us for the Dublin conference! We were going to try to start a Twitter campaign but, amazingly, they don’t use Twitter (have an unused account). They aren’t on FB either so if you’re on LinkedIn put a message on their company page if you want to help with this cause!

In case that’s not enough, they then tweeted this morning hoping to muster up more support for the campaign:

While I understand that it never hurts to ask, the blogger habit of yelling “gimme gimme” at companies is getting tired. One hotel rep has privately claimed most companies are “afraid not to comply” with such blogger demands “because they’ll get together with their travel blogger friends and give them bad reviews”. That makes this kind of public display smack of attempting to get travel perks by making companies look like they suck at customer service if they don’t indulge the demands of some random travel junkies just because they have a blog.

Registration for “travel bloggers” at the Dublin event is $77 dollars. That’s not outrageous. I think between now and October those who want to go should be able to band together to also split a hotel room in order to afford a coach seat to Dublin. If such a trip is still out of your budget then maybe you can look into attending the Canada event instead. Either way, stop acting like companies owe you something just because you figured out how to hit “Publish”, people.


Mommy Blogging

Dooce’s Life Still Very, Very Hard

Heather, breath of musty air, has found the solution to shivering in her mansion – go on another trip. After taking a moment to mock her daughter’s card, Dooce evidently boarded a plane to spend Valentine’s Day in New York City:

 …where I took some time to sleep and eat and wander around aimlessly like a proper tourist, forcing myself to release what had become some sort of death grip on the sails of life and work and the idea of my future.

In order to cope with the neverending stress of being Dooce, she did touristy things like take pictures of men standing in front of subways and hanging around the Empire State Building, which is obviously how most mothers want to spend their Valentine’s Day.

If this is “the winter where I’m doing the best I can to save money on my heating bill”, why is she spending money to jaunt off to NYC for a Valentine’s Day “sleep and eat”? I mean, she never says anymore why she takes all these trips but since she states that all she did was eat, sleep, and mosey around being a tourist contemplating the Titanic that is her life and brand, one assumes this is something she paid for herself.

Which…honestly, fine, whatever. She can spend her money on what she wants. Mostly *I* want to know why can’t she sleep in her own house? She’s constantly running off to hotels to “sleep”. Either that house is sitting on an evil burial ground and she truly is unable to get a blink of sleep for weeks at a time, or she’s not taking all these trips just to “sleep”.


Mommy Blogging

The Feminist Breeder Deleted Your Account

It seems the recently troll-proofed blog ”The Feminist Breeder” experienced something of a snag yesterday in its grand scheme to keep out anonymous haters:

Website Bidness: There was a technical error that caused the site to offer a “free for life” subscription option this morning, and y’all were registering like gangbusters before we found it.

Announcing that “if you registered for a free account in that time, the account has since been deleted” because it’s “not fair to those who’ve already shelled out their cash for the site”, Gina instructed folks to “please re-register for one of the paid options”. When users asked why she didn’t honor the oops by simply contacting the registrants with a free coupon to re-register, Gina snarled:

Because registrations were ANONYMOUS. I have no way of knowing who those people were or verifying that they registered during that time period. Because they were Anonymous.

Gina went on to repeat that  ”people registered anonymously”, and she “cannot allow that to happen” before launching into yet more self-martyring blah blah about how she doesn’t “do this to get rich” and reminding everyone for the umpteenth time that she has “given away more free memberships than I can even count anymore”.

No clarification has been put forth on whether she only deleted anonymous registrations, or everyone who registered for free during the glitch.


Healthy Living Blogging

Lindsay Wants You To Wear Deodorant

Lindsay, group fitness instructor, has “some observations and they need to be known”. In her (apparently now deleted) guest post for Carrots N Cake titled “Confessions of a Group Fitness Instructor“, Lindsay provided a list of complaints about her students.

The list included things like “If you insist on NOT wearing deodorant to class, I insist on calling you out in front of the class. Suave is cheap. Like $1. Get some. It’ll feel real nice” and saying that the blessings of teaching a class involve “days when people jump as high as I tell them to, complete the number of reps I request, and wear deodorant. So basically never.” She then goes on to offer wardrobe suggestions – “Please don’t wear white Keds to class. Blue Keds are fine”; “White scrunch socks are OUT. Blue ones – IN. Leotards – OUT. Free 5k race shirts – IN.”

Considering how many people already feel uncomfortable going to a gym because of the possibility of feeling out of place, you’d think a fitness instructor would try to instill a feeling of “it doesn’t matter how you look, as long as you show up”. It’s already daunting to many people who have issues with their appearance or fitness level, why make it public knowledge that instructors are judging you?

Mommy Blogging

Dear Kid, Dooce Enjoyed Your Valentine’s Day Card

While millions of people sat alone on February 13th wondering how to avoid the next day, Heather Armstrong, mansion buyer, sat staring at a card from her daughter. Ever the loving, accepting, uncritical mother, Dooce proceeded to post her feelings about her daughter’s effort for the internet to read:

My favorite part is that I have no neck. My head is just attached to my torso. And it’s as wide as my torso. And my skirt is so short that you can see my perfectly square lady parts. Just focus on that and you won’t freak out about the fact that I have no feet.

I get that this is her schtick – complaints or sarcasm about absolutely everything – but just once couldn’t she just say “thank you darling, it’s wonderful”, stick it on the fridge, and spare her child yet another public round of her snark? The time to mock this sort of thing is when she’s 20 and then you pull the card out and privately lol at it together. But right now she’s a little kid. Give her a damn break, lady.


Healthy Living Blogging

Caitlin HTP Will Approve Your Comment

Caitlin HTP, her husband is British you know, moderates her comments like pretty much every blog on the internet nowadays. And like most bloggers, she will sometimes use her moderation power to manufacture some drama:

Oh come on. I’m so tired of bloggers approving the random “negative” comment just so they can point and scream “Do you SEE what I have to DEAL with? DO YOU????”. The point of moderating is so you can just delete these things. Either delete them and move on like a big girl, or turn off moderation so everyone can see the horrible comments you suffer through. But you don’t get it both ways.



“Brain Pickings” Author Runs An “Ad-Free” Site, Except Not

Brain Pickings “curator” Maria Popova supposedly finances her site via donations and subscriptions, claiming to refuse advertising because she doesn’t “believe in this model of making people into currency”.

Evidently nobody told Maria that littering your posts with affiliate links is virtually the same thing as plastering ads all over your site. She supposedly doesn’t disclose that she uses affiliate links because she doesn’t consider them “advertising”, even though as On Advertising points out, “[I]n every description of the service, Amazon calls the revenue made by partner websites ‘advertising fees’”.

It seems rather hypocritical of Maria to repeatedly shame people for not having stricter ethics regarding their revenue generating tactics when, in the words of my source, she herself is “making bank from Amazon affiliate links while 1) not disclosing that she has them, 2) claiming the site is ad-free, and 3) asking for donations from readers because the site is ad-free”.

I understand we all gotta make a buck. But if you’re going to promote yourself as some holier-than-thou, so-above-all-that intellectual antidote to an SEO and advertising obsessed world you might want to make sure your own disclosure ethics are above reproach.


Mommy Blogging

Momastery Announces Separation

Glennon, runs some mommy blog, announced today that she and her husband have separated:

Craig and I are separated now.

We are still a family…

She explains she has “to be very careful” because “half of this separation story” is her husband’s, and saying, in a nutshell, that her kids are getting too old to have their privacy violated by mom writing about them on the internet. She then went on to ramble about raising a “new dream sail” and some other metaphorical mumbo jumbo.

The separation revelation comes on the heels of  a post begging readers to show up for her book tour appearances.


Fashion Blogging

Gala Darling No Longer At XOJane?

It was just 5 months ago that Gala Darling, her mood is a choice, was gushing about being able to “fluff around in xoJane’s hot pink offices” as the site’s Beauty Editor. Well it seems her fluffing days might be over:

Gala is also no longer listed on the site’s staff roster. Since there doesn’t seem to be any statement given by either party about why Gala is no longer part of the fast paced world of internet lady mags, we assume she has simply become so busy with her Blahcadamy that she can no longer find the time to share her eyeliner tricks or give advice about how to cure your eating disorder overnight.

I for one can’t wait to see what new trainwrecky lol farmer Jane Pratt  selects to replace her.


Lifestyle Blogging

That Wife Begins Labor

After 9 months of putting minimal effort into her child’s gestation, That Wife has finally started the journey she no doubt prays will end in a daughter.

Yes T2 has begun his or her descent towards Jenna’s well prepared perineum. T2 joins former bathroom resident T1 and his hate monetizing mommy in their new home full of e-books and high-educated people. Best of luck for a safe delivery and a healthy outcome. But please no twitter pics of a bloody birthing pool.


Fashion Blogging

J’s Everyday Fashion Will Post Her Blog Entries On Your Blog

J. of J’s Everyday Fashion, end of post bold type question asker, has a personal style blog. Like many people with blogs, J. wants to promote her site and her content – but some are saying her latest attempt to self-promote might be taking it too far.

It seems Kendi at Kendi Everyday put up a post about inspiration vs. copying in the outfit world.  J. then commented on this post…by copypasting an old blog entry of her own into the comments section:

When another commenter asked her why she felt the need to use someone else’s comment section to republish her blog posts, a storm of “snide” responses from J. came forth, which were apparently then edited to remove the snide. Kendi herself finally stepped in, thanking the commenter TinaMarie for calling out J. for her comment hijack and for her “feedback and comment on the post. I appreciate that you would back me up! That really does mean the world to me” before essentially telling them all to knock it off:

I don’t believe that J was trying to do anything other than post her opinion on my blog. But if she was and had different motives, at the end of the day it didn’t hurt me or my blog in any way…I SO appreciate your sticking up for me, it’s nice to have a friend on the internet. At this point though we should move on from the back and forth. I’m afraid nothing good will come of it if it keeps going down that road.

The drama continued, however, when J. responded to Kendi with some pouting about how Kendi’s response “feels like applause for some seriously inappropriate comments”, before finally dying out.

Seriously, wtf is this? Is this how bloggers are going to promote themselves now? Comment sections on most blogs are already full of one sentence fawning posted only so the commenter can put in a plug for their own site. Are bloggers now going to just post their own content all over other blogs?

Almost every comment system available has a way for people to have their username link back to their own url. If you are an actual participant in a community and leave thoughtful, interesting, funny comments, people will eventually click on your name and check you out. There’s just no reason for such blatant self-promotion, people. Have some dignity already.