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Maegan Provides Free Content So You Should Stop Complaining

Maegan, of the “Love, Maegan” blog, wants you losers to stop complaining about sponsored posts and ads. Squealing that “We bloggers work hard and offer free content day after day after day AFTER DAY as entertainment and enjoyment for YOU. FOR FREE”, she then goes on to say that just like she did back in her days as a world famous Burger King commercial actress she will shill products – even though she is “NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU THAT PARTICULAR PRODUCT” – because:

…I’m a product now too…and if a company thinks there’s a good ROI for them if they pay me to talk about their product on my blog, them I’M GOING TO DO IT, just as I would as an actor.

Continuing her rant against her ungrateful readers, Maegan went on to remind us again that we get to read her blog for free:

Oh dear ladies, I do apologize that I FORCED you to get out of your sweatpants that day, DRIVE to my blog and PAY TO VIEW it just to be SO LET DOWN by this sponsored post. Oh yeah… you’re probably still in your sweats, stuffing food in your face, doing nothing with your life. But really, I do apologize from the bottom of my heart that I had an enjoyable afternoon with my family drinking juice and then got paid to blog about it, truly I am. How could I EVER make it up to you? How about you can read my blog for free WHENEVER YOU WANT?!?!?!?

…do you think maybe I could come to your job and tell you what I think about what you’re doing? Because ya know what sweethearts, you don’t actually know me. And ya know what else. YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I THINK OF YOU.

Sweet put upon Maegan then wrapped up her self-righteous “Shakespeare gotta get paid” diatribe with this extremely professional closing statement:

Unless you want me to make this a subscription only space, I suggest you enjoy the free content or get in your car and go elsewhere.

Oh yeah…


I know that if I were a company looking for a blogger to sponsor my product I would be emailing Mangry right this minute. This is absolutely the kind of behavior that says “I am professional, I am mature, I can represent your company with grace and class.”  It’s not at all the internet equivalent of the Kool-Aid man busting through your wall and then screaming that this is what he gets paid to do so just put up with the hole and drink the fruit punch. So honest! So brave!



Stay On My Internets: Thug Kitchen

Tired of healthy living blogs that are self-righteous, boring repeats of kale and more kale written in snooze inducing cheerleader voices?

Then try Thug Kitchen. There’s nothing more health inspiring than being yelled at by food! Take that, HLB’s.


Mommy Blogging

“Mom -101″ Joins The Single Mom Blog Club

Liz Gumbinner, of “Mom-101″, is the latest mommy blogger to announce she has now become a single mom:

Nate hasn’t lived with us for the past month. It’s strange to fall into habits like sleeping on only two pillows when you can have all four. It’s more strange to lie in bed alone, feeling far less lonely than I did a month ago with someone in the next room over. I’ll take that as a positive sign of more beginnings than endings.

Seriously…with so many bloggers getting divorced over the last year I’m beginning to think internet reality shows suffer the same curse as tv reality shows.


Mommy Blogging

MckMama Praising God For Weirdly Convenient Fire

Supposedly just weeks before the balloon payment on her home is due and just days after being ripped a new one by the internet for claiming diet pills will help special needs kids, Jennifer is “Praising God for the beauty He promises to always bring from the ashes”:

Yes, like a phoenix rising from a smoking pile of debt MckMama has now fled her 6th home in 7 years. Claiming “it was a chimney fire that got out of the chimney behind the walls of our house because there was a gap in the part where the chimney did a 45 degree angle back there” she informs the planet that the insurance company will most likely not declare the house a total loss.  But hey, maybe the insurance will pay out enough to make that balloon payment and allow Jennifer to move yet again!



Amanda Is Pissed That You Slept With Her Husband

Meet Amanda. She’s angry at Trish. In fact she’s so angry that she’s created an entire website detailing how angry she is. Why is Amanda angry at Trish? Well according to her, Trish is a criminal who forced her husband to have an affair he didn’t want…for 5 years:

Her behavior DURING the affair constitutes, however loosely, blackmail, and more definitively, extortion and coercion.  She threatened, underhandedly but in no uncertain terms, that if he didn’t see her when in town (we live in California. A few times a year he went to Columbus, Ohio for business) she would make threats to tell me.  He would say, “I can’t.  I am very busy.” Her response, every time, “Well, I think it’s time we tell Amanda.”  So he would see her.

Claiming “it is quite uncommon for an adultery tale as vicious and disturbing as this one”, Amanda shares the cruelly taunting emails of her husband’s mistress, full of such horrible threats as “I am sorry”. She also makes it clear that she is much more attractive than Trish, because obviously that is super important in a contest of moral justice.

I can’t decide whether I hope this site is some kind of viral campaign attempt, or the beginning of the greatest internet trainwreck of the year.


Mommy Blogging

The Feminist Breeder Is A Strong Black Woman

Gina, the feminist breeder of drama, has locked down everything from her blog to her twitter. Apparently she thinks that means it’s ok to go ahead and post things like this to the internet:

I’d like to know how many “sistahs” out there “agree”. I’d also like to know how many “strong black women” love being called “my sistahs” by Gina. I’m gonna go with…not many.


Mommy Blogging

MckMama Can Sell You Pills For Your Kids

MckMama, owes a bunch of money, can no longer sell sponsorships via her blog. Instead, she is paying off her debt with a new endeavor – selling products from Xyngular. In fact, Xyngular products are apparently such miracle working compounds that MckMama even recommends them for special needs kids:

Amazing opportunity to hear a call tonight (9 Central) all about Xyngular’s supplements (that I’ve used to help me lose weight) as they relate to special needs children!!

Hear testimonies from parents thankful for how these supplements have helped their children!

The call is live. I’ll be on it. You can just call in and listen, you’ll be muted. Easy, peasy.

I cannot wait to hear it!

Later she responds to those questioning the wisdom of marketing herbal supplements as something beneficial to special needs children:

I’m so excited about others whose children struggle with special needs or even everyday illness to hear how the vitamins have had a radical impact. If you’d heard some of the testimonies I have from close personal friends, you would be wanting to share with others who are open! Shame on us if we kept this natural approach working for so many as a secret from others! That’s why I’m spreading the word!

She conveniently never responds with any studies or data showing objective results of these pills on special needs kids, and brushes aside further probing about how the supplements are regulated by saying that “The FDA only regulates foods and drugs. These supplements are neither. The FDA did approve phen phen, however. I don’t use the FDA as my measuring stick, personally.”

I guess when you have a mountain of debt to pay back you’ll pretty much do anything to get the money coming in, even if it means selling snake oil to parents desperate to try anything for their kids.


Lifestyle Blogging WTF

Adam & Eve Would Prefer You Not Disclose Their Sponsored Post

Alex, of the blog “Classy As F***”, recently posted about the weird disclosure ethics of sex toy company Adam & Eve. It seems they wanted to purchase a sponsored post from Alex – but once her post went up the company had some issues with her (legally required) disclosure:

[A]s it turns out, Adam & Eve aren’t so into having me disclose that it was a sponsored post. I was told (only after it was up) that I was only allowed to say it was a guest post or that it was done “in association with.” Basically, it sounds like they wanted to pass it off as a regular old guest post…

It appears Alex wasn’t the only blogger Adam & Eve tried to drag into their shady tactics. A GOMIBLOGer in the forum related their experience with the company, which sounds eerily similar:

They emailed me asking if they could write a guest post about their product, which was pretty relevant to my content and the types of things I write about. They said they’d offer me $100. I had never done anything like this but I figured sure, why the hell not. They wrote it, I published it, and at the bottom I included a note that said I was compensated in exchange for letting them publish the post. They said they needed me to remove that, and I explained that it was required through FTC guidelines (it is, right?) to be transparent about stuff like that. They were basically like “yea, ok, that’s cute and all but you have to take the post down now. We don’t want people to think we’re paying bloggers to publish content about our products. But we will still pay you if you just take it down.” So I got paid $100 to not publish a blog post by them.

Is this a common practice for sponsored posts now? Or is this just one company trying to get one past bloggers who may not know that if they are paid to post something, they MUST disclose it?


Healthy Living Blogging

‘Token Fat Girl’ Blogger Dies Suddenly At Age 30

Lorrie Fenn, the blogger behind “Token Fat Girl”, collapsed Friday and later died at the hospital. According to a post on “Little Loft Large Life”:

She said she felt a little weird and collapsed.  She was rushed to the hospital but didn’t make it.  She died the day after her 30th birthday.

In her final blog post Lorrie announced she would be taking a break from blogging, saying it “doesn’t feel healthy to me anymore”:

It feels degrading. I find myself  waiting for others to tell me if what I ate looks healthy enough, or if my diet plan is to their standards, if I’m eating few enough calories,  if I’m losing weight like they did, moving like they are, doing it their way…I’ve come to realize in these past six years that I’m the token fat girl because I put myself here physically and mentally. I’ve become and stayed, in many ways, what I assumed other people thought of me. Waiting for other people to tell me that I’m worthy. A habit I’ve worked on many, many times. I also believe that right now, I am everything that I need and want to be.

Lorrie’s family requests “donations in honor of Lorrie to the American Heart Association or Ronald McDonald House” rather than flowers or gifts.

Update: It has been confirmed that Lorrie died of a heart attack after finishing a workout on a treadmill.



Idiot With Stolen iPad Starts Uploading Selfies

Allen Engstrom’s iPad was stolen recently. Apparently the thief isn’t aware of how internets works, because she’s taking selfies…which are being backed up and synced to his phone:

Allen seems to have a nice solution in mind:

I’m thinking of taking a picture of myself, letting her know her nice glamour shots are all over the internet and asking her to kindly refer to my name and email ETCHED ON THE BACK OF THE IPAD and contact me about giving it back.

I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Just a tip to electronics thieves – it’s a dumb idea to actually use the items you steal!


Mommy Blogging

Love Taza Reminds You To Help Mommies With Strollers

Naomi, of the family branding machine “Love, Taza“, wants folks to remember that if you see an upper middle class white woman pushing a thousand dollar baby SUV, you should drop what you’re doing, hold the door, and let them go first. Because whatever you are doing or wherever you need to be, it’s simply not as important as being a mommy!


Mommy Blogging

“The Feminist Breeder” Has Responded To Your Lawsuit

Gina, pioneer of the “Pay-To-Stalk model of the blogging world”, has finally responded to the lawsuit filed against her by rival birth blogger Dr. Amy. Allegedly filing a day late because of a sick pet or something, she is essentially saying Dr. Amy’s suit should be dismissed because the state the complaint was filed in has no says over Gina. She then began her memo in support of her motion to dismiss with opinions that are, in her mind I guess, totally relevant to the case:

Repeating several times (for no reason I can figure out) that she has “three young children”, the memo seemingly implies that Dr. Amy filed the suit because she was upset “someone had stood up to her” by filing DMCA takedown notices. In return, Dr. Amy quickly filed a motion to strike stating Gina’s memo “contains numerous immaterial, impertinent, and scandalous allegations that are highly prejudicial and have nothing to do with this action or, more specifically, Defendant’s claim that this Court lacks jurisdiction over her”.

Obviously Gina can’t let her main point – that Dr. Amy is bullying HER – be stricken from the proceedings, and thus filed yet another wtf-who-wrote-this response:

As Gina has evidently stated herself on her own blog that she should have “kept my…mouth shut” and saying “I AM a[n]…idiot”, maybe it’s time for her to put the shovel down and stop digging herself deeper into a “highly publicized incident that people will use for years to come to paint me as the asshole”.

Seriously though, my main question is: what kind of lawyer would file motions like this? These motions read like blog posts, not legal papers. What kind of lawyer would go ‘awwww yeah these are totally going to show them! high five!” to these types of memos? I’m honeslty more confused about that than any of the actual facts involved at this point.


Healthy Living Blogging

“Fitting It All In” Is Not Like Obese People

Clare, some healthy living blogger, posted today about her struggle with emotional eating.

After being called out in the comments, Clare then edited her post to say:

As I work through my emotional eating, I’ve been steering clear of the word binge. It just seems too drastic – something that only very sick, very overweight people do. (Which is totally wrong and rude, but I think often the stigma.) Not something that I, a functioning, fit, thin person does. What I was doing was just emotional eating. Just eating too much sometimes.

She explains in her comments that her edit is “more appropriate and pc this way”. Because obviously changing the word from “obese” to merely “overweight” and stating that it’s “often the stigma” totally excuses the implication she’s making – which is, only fatties binge eat. Clare then goes on to say that even if you’re not overweight, eating just two cookies fits the definition of a binge if you eat them because you are having emotions.

So, basically, all emotional eating counts as binge eating? Thank you for the clarification, Dr. Clare!