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Mr. Taza Posts Eardanger Pic, Internets Has Discussion

Josh, man half of the sponsored family known as “Love Taza“, posted a picture of his daughter to instagram yesterday that caused a few people to ask “wtf”?

Apparently the image features his toddler daughter running about with Q-Tips sticking out of her ears:

The image obviously wound up sparking comments about the danger of “punctured little ear drums” because the entire point of the internet is to point out to people when they are basically celebrating their idiocy.

And also because who lets their toddler run around with crap stuck into their ears? I mean, really Josh. Come on.


DIY Blogging

Young House Love Buys Another House

Young House Love, house lovers, announced this morning that they are moving to a new spray paint project container:

Yes, this is a seven-years-in-the-making house coup of ours. We would have loved to take you guys on the house hunting adventure with us like last time, but it all happened so fast and before we knew it we were closing on it.

They also made the point – yet again – that their book deal has not made them rich:

This is not “the house the book bought” (we still haven’t hit our royalty point), it’s the house that seven years of saving up and living within our means bought.

What’s this “living within our means” crap? You mean some people don’t fundraise their life choices on the internet, and instead save up and buy what they can afford? That is crazy talk.

In any case, it’s a good move for their blog since a new house means a lot more new content. And maybe I’m feeling a little soft today, but it is nice to see a decent young family achieving their dream. As long as that dream no longer includes wtf paint choices, that is.


Mommy Blogging

Sami Would Like You To Buy Her A New Baby

Sami Rigelsky, “powerful prayer warrior“, is a mother of six and the alleged “bff” of the morally upright MckMama. Determined to adopt a Down Syndrome child, she was delighted when her husband saw a child in his Facebook feed – “As soon as I saw her I knew. I cried. I knew.”

The question that instantly rose to the surface was “How on EARTH will we afford this?” An adoption from her country is upwards into 31 THOUSAND dollars. We don’t have that in the bank. :) That’s when we know God spoke to our hearts that it will have to be of and from HIM. We had to step out, in faith, and let Him do His thing. So, we sent in an application to her government for pre-approval. We heard back on the 4th day that it was a YES!!!

Yes, without any funds prepared the couple applied for the child anyway – because why do any financial planning whatsoever when you can beg your facebook pals for the money?

I have 1473 Facebook friends. If every one of them gave $21.20 to our adoption fund, we’d be at our goal…when we first felt called to Ava I said that I wasn’t even concerned with the money.

Sami’s statements that “Countless times I have seen Him provide the way where there is NO other way” and that “He has said that He WILL meet our needs according to HIS riches” come on the heels of a post begging people to buy t-shirts or alternately to “please feel free to donate through the ADOPTION FUND button also located to the right”.

I’m aware that adoption is an expensive prospect and that nowadays it’s common practice to ask the internet to fund your life choices. But maybe you should save up a bit on your own before asking strangers to pay for a seventh child from a foreign country?


Mommy Blogging

Dadcentric Separates From Wife

The trend of Blogger Breakups continues with Jason Avant, daddy blogger, announcing on his blog Friday that he and his wife of 12 years had separated:

I had only just started telling people about my separation, a few close friends, my parents. Instead, I just held up my throbbing left hand. He saw what wasn’t on it. “Oh, shit, mate. Yeah?” I nodded. “Yeah.”

Jason and Beth join the ranks of several bloggers, including Dooce and Mom-101, whose relationships are ending this year.


Lifestyle Blogging

“All Things Thrifty” Will Just Wait And See About Her Dog

Brooke, has a dog named Sugar, has apparently been crying over her dog. Why, you ask? Because her son – who is “a rambunctious two years old, and he doesn’t know any better” – injured the poor thing:

The other day, my son…hurt Sugar. He jumped off the stairs directly onto her back. She is a Shih-Tzu and a small dog…After he jumped on her, she crawled slowly until she found me in the laundry room. Her back hind leg was hurt bad, I could tell. She whimpered a little, but she didn’t whine loudly. Even though she didn’t cry out, I knew it was bad. I could tell by the hurt look in her eyes.

Obviously Brooke did what any responsible pet owner would do when faced with a whimpering, limping dog – she “immediately called the vet”:

We did as the vet instructed and did tests from home to see if her leg may have been broken, dislocated…etc. Since the tests all seemed negative,  the vet advised us to  ”wait a day or two” to see if it started to get better on its own.

Evidently the brilliant advice to sit around doing nothing while her dog limped around the house didn’t result in a cure, because:

A few days after the incident, we took her to the vet. She most likely has a cranial crucial ligament tear {which is the equivalent to a human tearing his/her ACL}. The vet said that most likely she will not heal on her own, but we will wait for a bit to find out if she needs surgery for sure.

I don’t understand – why does her vet’s advice constantly seem to be “let’s wait”? Maybe I’m just a crazy pet owner, but if my animal was depending on pain pills in order to not be in limping misery and my vet kept telling me to “wait”, I’d find another vet. I sure as hell wouldn’t have waited “a few days” to take my clearly injured pet in for an exam, no matter what a vet said.

Ok, am I just overreacting to someone letting their injured dog sit around in obvious discomfort for “a few days”? Is this standard pet owner practice to “wait” when you can “tell” that your pet’s “back hind leg was hurt bad”?


DIY Blogging

Young House Love Launches Their Own Forum

Young House Love, slowly dying home improvement diary blog thing site, has decided to try and reinvigorate their readers’ interest by launching a forum for their site. Users are informed that:

Our aim is to make Young House Love Forums a helpful, fun, and happy place. There are plenty of sites to get your snark on, but this little slice of the internet is meant to be a positive, encouraging spot to share tips and advice, ask questions, and lift each other up.

With community goals like that perhaps they should partner with Bloggers Anonymous. Anyway, since its launch the YHL forum has rapidly filled up with gripping topics such as “How did you find YHL? How long have you been reading?” and “How do you grow readership for your blog?” as well as half a dozen threads asking how to paint Ikea cabinets.

Yes, the YHLF will finally fill the internet void created by the lack of home improvement forums…oh wait. Well, if nothing else readers always appreciate it when you provide them a new place to spam their own blog url, right?


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“Bloggers Anonymous” Is The Latest Blogger Circle Jerk

Bloggers Anonymous“, eyerolls ahoy, is “a new site dedicated to building up other people”. Basically you anonymously submit other bloggers along with a blurb about how omgamazeballs they are.

With so much negativity online and offline, why not have a space to celebrate each other? “Bloggers Anonymous” is meant for exactly that. A place to build each other up against the critics that want to bring us down.

You know what, this is great! What the blog world really needs is more opportunities for bloggers to rub each others’ tummies. They just do not get enough rainbow enemas in their insular, positivity only, tyrannically moderated world.

Seriously, is this site necessary? I’m pretty sure 97% of the internet is dedicated to happy unicorn blogger hugcircling crap. (The other 3% is reddit.) They already have almost everything other than fawning commentary and I-got-ya-backness blocked from comment sections. They have glitter farting, hooray-for-us conferences. They hashtag twitter with positive ‘movements’ until it looks like Stuart Smalley on ecstasy. Do we really need an entire site to provide yet more validation for these people? Because if so, that’s a really depressing statement about bloggers.


Mommy Blogging

Dooce Posts About A Man, Internets Goes “Who?”

Four months after announcing her impending divorce and a few weeks after moving to a new home, Dooce has begun to tease the internets into guessing who her new male friend is. As she was leaving NYC after a trip for work, she posted a pic of four boots stating:

At the airport, headed home, missing @matttuff already

The post sparked instant chatter about whether the pair are dating. Since the rumors about this man’s connection to Dooce started back in February, it’s hard to know whether this is a vague confirmation or merely an attempt to stir up speculation and publicity.

Either way it certainly has both fans and detractors wondering: “Who is Matt Tuff?”


Mommy Blogging

Mighty Girl Will Hashtag Tragedy

Maggie Mason, apparently mighty, has declared that the “Go Mighty team” will donate money to the Red Cross in the wake of the Boston Marthon bombings…but only if you use their hashtag:

The team at Go Mighty talked yesterday and decided that we’d like to ask our community to do 500 small good things. We hope you’ll join us in making time to do something simple and generous. When you do, please let us know by tagging your posts on Go Mighty, Instagram, or Twitter with #MightyKind. When we get to 500 acts, we’ll donate $500 to the American Red Cross in honor of the victims of the Boston bombings.

You know, donating $500 is very nice of them. And going on twitter, saying “I donated, I encourage you to help as well”, and posting a link to the Red Cross would have been a wonderful way to use their wide reach to drum up donations. But something about saying hey, IF you promote one of our #MightyWhatever hashtags THEN we will donate just seems a bit…crass.

Seriously, is it just impossible for bloggers to do anything anymore without pimping their brand?



“I Don’t Want To Be A Lame Person” – An Interview With STFU, Parents’ Blair Koenig

By now most of the internet world has heard of Blair Koenig, creator of the blog “STFU, Parents“. And most of those people also know by now that she recently released a book of the same name, resulting in a flurry of interviews and tv appearances full of the usual “tell me about your blog” and “but you don’t have kids” questions.

This week Blair took the time to participate in a different sort of interview with GOMIBLOG. Read on to find out why she remained anonymous for so long, why she feels “like an outcast sometimes”, and what has (and hasn’t) changed since her success.

On to the TL;DR…


Fashion Blogging

Unabashedly Prep Will Distort the Definition of “Signature”

Go-to-hell jumpingF.E. Castleberry, a man who expresses his nonconformity by flashing his ankles every chance he gets, is holding a giveaway on his site this week–enter and win one of these ties. F.E.C. describes the ties as thus:

K. Cooper Ray is doing it again. He is putting his signature twist on traditional neck-wear. First, it was his reversible bow ties with Brooks Brothers. And now? Now it is long ties with contrasting knots and blades under the Social Primer (a word play on the dual meaning of the word, yet takes the long pronunciation of the “i”) label.

A commenter objected to the “signature twist” part, and had the following conversation with Castleberry:

Harry left a comment on 4/9/2013 at 6:12 PM:

Everyone knows that Tommy Hilfiger made (perhaps still makes) contrasting ties just like this for years, yes? How can this be his “signature twist” when it’s already been done/is being done by another, similar designer working in, essentialy [sic], the same space?

F.E. Castleberry left a comment on 4/9/2013 at 6:18 PM:

@Harry—While several companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, have played with contrastivg [sic] blades, I don’t believe any of them did a contrasting knot.

Harry left a comment on 4/9/2013 at 8:37 PM:

Fred – isn’t it the contrasting tail that creates the contrasting knot?

F.E.C. stops replying after this, but the weird thing is that the tie designer’s own website says that the tie is “…so old it’s new.  Inspired by his grandfather’s fraternity tie…” I’m not sure you can call something a “signature twist” if it’s just an updated version of something that has been around for decades. Also, since Castleberry is such a fan of history and passing things down from one generation to another, it seems like he would be playing up the “fraternity tie” angle, not ignoring it. Maybe I should just be happy he didn’t call them “go-to-hell ties.”



Entire World Is Shaming Overweight Woman

Haley, a photographer because since 2008 everyone is a photographer, is overweight. She has been using her weight as the basis of a photography series:

…I photograph myself in socially engaged spaces to examine how my body fits into society. I choose compositions within social sites: restaurants, stores, pools and other places of leisure. I attempt to juxtapose my place in the scene with issues that contribute to my weight gain.

Basically she takes pictures of herself posing like sad Vader, because that will obviously help her “determine” her “place in society”. Apparently that’s no longer enough for Haley, because it seems she’s found a new hook – posting pictures of people she claims are size judging her:

I have always been aware of people making faces, commenting and laughing at me about my size. I now reverse the gaze and record their reactions to me while I perform mundane tasks in public spaces.

And who are these fat shaming jerks in her “Wait Watchers” series? Apparently…everyone in the vicinity of her body and camera. From people waiting at crosswalks to a woman trying to hustle a kid through NYC, it seems everyone is out to judge poor Haley just for existing.

Correct me if I’m just not seeing the size outrage, but she’s in New York City, setting up a tripod all over the place. People are going to look at you no matter what you weigh when you do that. I know when you feel insecure about something it can feel like the entire world is also focusing on it, but I can assure you – in NYC at least – 99% of the people are more concerned with their own crap and just want you to stop blocking foot traffic. Chill out, lady.



Tumblr Gets Rid Of Editorial Staff

Tumblr, yeah I guess people still use it, announced yesterday that after a year of posting stuff their “editorial team” is being disbanded:

A year ago, Tumblr did something unprecedented — we created an editorial team of experienced journalists and editors assigned to cover Tumblr as a living, breathing community. The team’s mandate was to tell the stories of Tumblr creators in a truly thoughtful way — focusing on the people, their work, and their stories. The result of this ambitious experiment was Storyboard.

After hundreds of stories and videos, features by publishers ranging from Time to MTV to WNYC — not to mention a nomination for a James Beard Award and entries into this year’s NY Press Club Awards — we couldn’t be happier with our team’s effort. And as Tumblr continues to evolve, we’ll always be experimenting with new ways to shine light on our creators.

What we’ve accomplished with Storyboard has run its course for now, and our editorial team will be closing up shop and moving on. I want to personally thank them for their great work. And please join us in wishing them well.

So basically, “Great job guys, now get lost!” But really I don’t see why tumblr keeps trying to be some world tastemaker about everything from fashion to content to gifs. Why can’t they just stick to running a blogging platform and be done with it? Maybe spend those resources giving users the features they’ve been wanting for years now?