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That Wife Did Not Get In That Program

Jenna Cole, that future software engineer, was apparently rejected by the lady programmer course that she felt certain would lead her to a 90k a year job.

…for me this was about facing down those inner demons I have that tell me that I’m not good enough to do this… that I need to feel ashamed because I didn’t get in to…Whether or not it was competitive, I don’t even think that matters, because I think even if it wasn’t compete- if it was the most competitive program in the world, my inner demons would still tell me that, you know, it was because of me and not because of…what the program wanted or how many people applied or who applied. I mean there are so many factors.

Jenna evidently intends to apply again, only this time she’ll try to actually learn what a software engineer actually is, and try to learn some actual code.

And so… now between, now and the next application, I can teach myself, X amount of coding. And hope that that’s enough for them to see that I really want this  and that I’m a good candidate for their program…There’s nothing stopping me from just doing the application process three times a year until I get in.

She claims to be 70% of the way there, but since she seems to think software engineering is CSS I think she has further to go before she gets to feminist lady coder tech woman status.



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The Feminist Breeder Thinks Cancer > Grad School

In a stunning moment of “wait, wut” heard round the internet, Gina, who once claimed to be a strong black woman, has decided the final weeks of graduate school are simply more suffering than any human should have to bear. In fact, she would prefer an easy way out.


I’m just so glad someone finally said this! I’m so tired of people with cancer acting like it’s so hard. I just want to be like, uh, boo hoo, try grad school sometime! /sarcasm off /me rage bear stares



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Neely Has A List Of Must-Haves For You Working Women

Neely, sophisticated, educated, successful career woman, has shared her “Daily Must Haves” for you hardworking bidness ladies. She also provides insight into the hectic workaday life of a full time blogger.

I am a full time blogger and I also own my own Social Media Company. Both of these things have me on the go a lot and working from places such as my office, living room, bedroom, any local Coffee Shop(Ascension is my favorite) and sometimes my car at stoplights.

Apparently what she must have for her busy on-the-go lifestyle of moving between her living room and bedroom is the usual Kate Spade accessory eyeglasses, $25 dollar notebooks, a “fun and silly mug”, and some lip balm from that First Aid Beauty brand all the bloggers are currently creaming over.

Of course, she never says what she actually does all day that requires all this gear beyond the usual blogger vagueness of “meetings”. I mean…why is lip balm a business essential? Are her lips dry from all that trash talking other businesses?



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Love Taza Wants You To Stop Making Assumptions About Her Fertility

Naomi, mother of 3, is once again subwhining about her silent struggles to conceive. In a post about how she has spent the past 4 years breastfeeding 3 successive babies, Naomi attempts to salve the feelings of any women suffering from infertility by implying she knows their pain.

for example, i’m not one of those lucky ladies who blinks and suddenly is pregnant…when someone starts talking about how “…and then i was pregnant with twins and we weren’t even trying!”…i try to make myself feel better by telling myself, “well naomi, you’re basically a milk maid, so at least you have that!”

When a commenter pointed out that she has, in fact, had 3 children in the past 4 years, so maybe dry crying about infertility is a bit tone deaf, Taza shut her right the buck down.

it seems you are making a lot of assumptions about how long it took us to get pregnant for each of our children and that you are assuming you have all the details about each process for our pregnancies. i’m not trying to insult anyone else who is trying to have a baby (i know firsthand how hurtful women can be to each other). on the contrary, i recognize that women all have their own difficulties and burdens to deal with. your comment is hurtful and insensitive to my own experiences and i wonder about its purpose. i’m very grateful to have been able to have these three babes close together.

This is rather baffling, since the timeline of her births and pregnancies is public record on her blog. Nobody needs to make assumptions – anyone can count out “how long it took” on one hand. But hey, infertility solidarity, sister. I’m sure all those readers who have watched you pop out three while still having none themselves are lining up to rub your back in sympathy for your reproductive struggles.



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Hey Natalie Jean Celebrates Fashion Week With Super Ethical Affiliate Links

Hey Natalie Jean, curator, announced this side of last year that she wanted her purchases to “mean something”.

over the last year or so i’ve been on a bit of a personal odyssey to really examine the way i spend my money and why…earlier last year i made the quiet decision not to shop at forever 21 anymore…for the most part i’ve stuck to it, and i’m really pretty proud of myself for it. because as much of a thrill as a good cheap forever 21 score is, for me it’s a short-lived thrill, and ethically, it’s not something i’m proud of.

So when she kicked off Fashion Week with a post called “What You Should Be Buying At Forever 21 Right Now” – filled to the brim with affiliate links for the fast fashion retailer’s wares – a few people wanted to know what happened to her big ethical stance. To which Bratalie responded:

you know, i don’t do it in good conscience. i think about it, i worry about it, every time i do one of these posts, it weighs on me. i know this is me taking the easy way out over here, but i’m hoping that these posts are fun to read, that maybe you can get style ideas from it, and that, in the end, readers will make their own call about what they will and won’t support with their money, and how you can make the biggest impact in making our world a better place for our kids. i try to showcase as many opportunities for that as i can. maybe those posts can be the ethical fashion equivalent of a carbon offset, because heavens knows NONE of us are perfect…

Bratalie went radio silence when another reader asked “If you don’t do it in good conscience, why do it?” As if she didn’t know – for pageclick$$$$ baby! I have to wonder what Ratty will do now that Pinterest is banning affiliate links? Her blog might just turn into one big bitly bait to make up for it!



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Rockstuds Replaced With Slow Stroll Boots

Evidently Rockstuds are out, and Stuart Weitzman Highland boots are in, at least for this Fashion Week. Businesslady fashion expert entrepreneurs are stomping around NYC in these comfy looking leg prisons.


Because nothing says ‘take me seriously in business! ask me about my master’s degree!’ like suede thigh high heeled boots and a muppet coat in 7 degree weather.



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Pinterest Will Be Removing Your RStyle Links

New York Fashion Week continues with some well timed news – Pinterest will be removing those precious rstyle affiliate links from pins, preventing bloggers from making click money through affiliate linking on Pinterest.

Starting today, we’ll automatically remove all affiliate links, redirects, and trackers on Pins.

We’ve been automatically removing most of these links for a few years but, until now, we made exceptions for rewardStyle…all your past Pins will show up normally and still be clickable. They just won’t include the affiliate tracker…

That sound you hear is 500 bloggers posing outside Milk Studios screaming “Noooooooooooooo”.



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We Wore What Obviously Needs To Be At Fashion Week

Danielle, the photoshop addicted fashion blogger behind We Wore What, did an interview in which she detailed why her attendance at New York Fashion Week is totally valid.

Apparently she goes in order to “have a presence there and be shot by street style photographers” and that’s about it. She also claims her attendance is “really organic” because she goes to shows “if someone wants to dress me and pay me to be there”.

Further justifying filling a seat at the shows, she says “I don’t really do runway photos on my blog”, making sure to add that she sits front row. She finally gets to her real reason for taking up space: it’s “great exposure for me and when you get put on those websites like Vogue, street style, and all that stuff”.

Meanwhile, preg as hell Pink Peonies is teetering around Manhattan in rubber leggings. Cuppy just pushed out a person the other day, so she’s evidently skipping the shows this season. Messica has seemingly given up any pretense of being relevant to fashunland (she’s about 2 baby posts away from being a mommy blogger), and doesn’t appear to be acknowledging FW at all. Amberlamps of RewardStyle was bragging about being in the WSJ as she headed off to the RewardStyle dinner to drink mescal. And good ole Sara Zucker keeps clinging to tumblr fashion week like it’s 2011.

Don’t worry, I won’t let you miss all the grams of Rockstuds and Hunters and Starbucks cups and ugly impractical handbags sitting on filthy curb snow. I’ll be bringing you Fashion Week updates live from my couch all week!



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Pharm Chemicals Are Bad Unless They Pay You To Like Them

Denise, has six kids and invites you to ‘count ‘em’, wants you to stop hating anti-vaxxers because their logic is sound. She vaccinated her first two kids, but they had issues – and she just couldn’t bring herself to shove awful things into the rest of her kids.

Things started to shift once I gave birth to my third child. As I snuggled my brand new little boy in my arms, the thought of subjecting his healthy body to an onslaught of foreign antibodies and questionable chemicals brought tears to my eyes.

Of course those questionable chemicals are more than welcome when Denise is offered a sponsored post. Trying to ride the fence between maintaining her status as earth mama and getting those dolla dolla billz, Denise says:

I’m the type of mama who likes to avoid the doctor’s office at much as possible, and we treat most of our colds and flu symptoms with home remedies — eucalyptus rubs, herbs, homeopathic meds, a vaporizer, essential oils and chicken soup. If my children are really uncomfortable, I know I can trust Tylenol® to help make them feel better.

Oh, ok. Unvaccinated children don’t get sick because Mama doesn’t put evil pharmaceutical chemicals in their bodies. But if they get sick, Mama is happy to put evil pharmaceutical chemicals in their bodies. Especially if they are compensated for doing so.




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2015 GOMI Awards – It’s Jenna’s Year!


What a glorious year it was for Jenna Cole. She posted pictures of herself in her bra. She made omgsomuchmoney. And her solo parenting finally ended. But surely her greatest moment is being crowned with a Lifetime Failchievement Award. She also mightily swept the Biggest WTF category with Vibratorgate.

Kelle Hampton of ETST won for Biggest Decline, Most Overexposed Children, and Most Insane Fangirling. I’m sure orange Poopasicle is planning a party right now.

Ghost Bev won Best Flounce, though Young House Love came in a close second. Cecily Kellogg won for Worst Photoshopping which surprises no one. Taralynn’s coffee shop fundraiser earned her an award as well.

Dooce blew up the Most Irrelevant category but she will surely continue blogging because that’s what #brave people do. Speaking of #brave, that beat to death word took home an award for Most Overused Phrase.

And finally, “Sarah Ate Two Tacos But I Only Ate One” was your favorite GOMIBLOG username. Hey, who doesn’t love tacos, right?

You can check out the voting page here, and thanks to everyone who participated! And a big congrats to the ‘winners’! Gold stars for all of you.




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Cupcakes And Cashmere Births Her Cakepop And Other News

Sources are saying Cupcakes And Cashmere has pushed out her little pageview generator. She has allegedly bestowed the Totally Right Now name of ‘Sloan’ upon Baby Cuppers.

Katie Bower, crack house saver, has announced she is pregnant with her fourth. She claims she didn’t realize it until she was a good 18+ weeks along. Yeah.

Mr. What I Wore is opening his distillery and Messica is parading around Bloomtucky like the Midwestern Lady Coolbirth.

Miss James posted a ‘look how thin I am’ bathroom selfie but otherwise continues to be a snorep**o.

And be sure to check out the 2015 Predictions thread!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a roundup of the GOMIBLOG Awards and announcing when and where the Failchievement Party will be. Hint: a bar in Brooklyn, on the 12th, and I’m paying, so make your plans now. Happy Sunday, hams!



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Hey Natalie Jean Wants You To Buy Her Book In Order To Win Her Book

Natalie Holbrook, hip and dreamy, has a book coming out March 17th. In an attempt to drum up excitement she has been doing giveaways all week, culminating in today’s big bonanza – a chance to win her ‘uniform’ of boots and Madewell jeans, and a copy of her book. Just follow her simple entry rules!

To enter, head over to one of these retailers…and preorder that sucker! Then go here and fill out the entry form. If you’ve already preordered, bless you! Lemme kiss your face! Go find that email and enter your confirmation number ASAP, you’re already in!

Yes, you read that right: Natalie wants you to prove you have purchased her book in order to enter to win a copy of her book. I’m not a lolyer…but isn’t that sort of thing frowned upon by the law?



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That Wife Will Become A Software Engineer

Jenna Cole, the ‘photographer’ who just three months ago was bragging about how successful she was, has announced she is going to pursue a different career – as a software engineer.

Jenna claims she and her husband ‘sat down as a married couple’ and ‘were able to tweak some things in a way that full-time employment outside the home feels like the right path to pursue’. She then basically blames her failure to get a real job until now on her peripatetic husband.

The biggest thing holding me back from this was that I didn’t want to start working full-time and then relocate to another state soon afterward. How can I be successful in my given career if I’m following my husband all over the planet while he does his thing?

Apparently her husband is now ‘happy where he’s at’, so Jenna feels confident she can ‘set ambitious career goals and work toward them’. First, she hopes to attend Hackbright – a ‘fellowship’ that promises to take women ‘from beginner to software engineer’ in 10 weeks – and says when she finishes the course she will ‘apply for full-time work in the Bay Area as a software engineer’.

As IT hiring managers along the west coast ready their ‘dis gon b gud‘ gifs, Jenna concluded by letting the industry  know ‘There are dozens and dozens of Bay Area companies that I would be thrilled to work for.’