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The Daybook Litters Her Cares Away

Sydney of The Daybook has done some weird things before, but this confetti throwing photo-op really raised my well-manicured French eyebrows.

My sweet sister Jillyan sent us a care package yesterday filled with our favorite candy, books for Everett and a giant bag of confetti. Attached to the confetti was a little note:

Because sometimes the best cure for anything is grabbing a handful of this stuff, throwing it in the air and yelling.

The girl knows what’s up.
And I’ll love her forever for it.

There’s something about Sydney that rubs me the wrong way and while I can’t quite put my finger on it, I do know that throwing confetti outside just to get the perfect shot for your bloggy blog is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. (And obviously we’ve seen some dumb shit around here.) I think it’s hilarious how these girls (especially the lifestyle bloggers) think the entire world is their Special Photo Studio. “Littering a shit ton of confetti outside so I can get a post up on my blog? WHY NOT?!”

Oh, and there’s been some talk about how she’s wearing more expensive c/o’d clothing since her Washingtonian column came out and that had her readers all in a tizzy. Don’t know much else about that, but thought I’d throw it out in case anyone wants to comment.



The Daybook Helps Bolster “Mormons Are Racist” Stereotype

In the realm of the Mormon Mommy (To Be) Bloggers, apparently The Daybook (or Sydney) is pretty hot stuff. So hot, in fact, that she likes to remind her readers about it. (Thanks to a GOMI reader bringing this recent post to our attention.) In it, Sydney writes that the following is “awesome”:

The whistle I got from behind the other day. And the silence I got when I turned sideways. That’s right Chacho … get your own baby mama.

This is cringe-worthy on several levels, but the vaguely racist-sounding use of “Chaco” by a Caucasian Mormon Mommy Blogger is really disturbing. Sydney, honey. I know you were just trying to get more ego stroking comments from your readers, but hinting at the race of the cat call originator isn’t a classy move and left a bad Mormon-like taste in my mouth. Maybe you weren’t trying to be overtly racist, but that comment isn’t innocuous either. PRO TIP: Next time, just leave the story at the end of the second sentence.



How Much Do Bloggers Really Earn?

The big buzzword among fashion bloggers is “monetize.” They’re always looking for a way to monetize their blog, their outfit posts, their shopping suggestions. They’d love someone to subsidize their vacations. Hell, why not subsidize their entire life? Their blog sidebars are riddled with ads. Some of the retailers are recognizable, others are small boutiques suckered into the big league world of Blog Marketing 101. Affiliate links are everywhere. Their entire outfit might be c/o’d. Is that the big American Blogger Dream?

No one can deny that a few bloggers have basically lucked into a viewership that affords them a decent income per month, but what about the little guys? If you’re in it for the money, does your hard work pay off? If it doesn’t now, WILL IT EVER?

Let’s start with a few case studies:

On to the TL;DR…


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Fashion Roadkill: The Topknot

Cuppy is so much better than this. Just look at that pincushion protrusion on top of her head. I have yet to see a girl improved by this obnoxious hairstyle. What happened to a simple ponytail? To hell with it, I’d rather see a million hipster braids or stupid feather extensions parading around Refinery 29 than be subjected to one more stupid topNOT.

Congrats Cuppy, you just joined the ranks of Miss Pursed Lips over in Mormonbloggerland:

Got a spectacularly terrible topNOT offender? Email us. These buns are getting outed for the ugly shame puffs that they are.


Fashion Blogging

So, “Modesty” Fashion Blogging Is A Thing


You’ve heard of the most popular/mainstream Mormon bloggers; the most well-known of these bloggers seems to be Clothed Much.

The rules for what are and are not modest are confusing if you start going through various blogs, but from what I can tell, it generally means no skirts above the knee, no cleavage and no spaghetti strap tops. Oh, and no bikinis. And sometimes no makeup or heels over 2-3 inches. As you’d expect from fashion bloggers, they can’t seem to really define modesty (“That latest ModCloth dress is sooo cute, but one inch above the knee! Oh well!”) and tend to pick and chose from a few general guidelines. Since I’m not Mormon, I can’t tell you whether the church at-large dictates these guidelines or if this is a movement derived from a more orthodox sector. Either way, these bloggers are all over the Internet and love congratulating each other on finding the perfect shroud from their local thrift store.

Here’s how one blogger put it:

While the particulars of my modesty are dictated by my religion, the principle of modesty is more than what I do or don’t wear. Modesty is how I show reverence, respect and gratitude for the most precious gift God gave me: my body.

Another blogger was recently attacked for not being modest enough. She (GASPY GASP) wore a brooch.

So, when I got several emails and anonymous comments from ladies (I’m assuming) who questioned why I was wearing a brooch, and stated why a modest dress of the day wasn’t really modest, and why was I wearing heels greater than 2 inches, and why did I wear so much color, and who did I think I was to feature people with jewelry as modest beauties, I knew I had to decide if I really wanted to be a “modest fashion blogger”.

Well, to each his own, I guess, but this stuff weirds me out a bit. No one is giving them any kudos from the heathen side over here because they didn’t show us their sexy knees or armpits. Ah well, lucky for them that their style doesn’t appear obviously “modest” to the heathen fashion blog reader (like myself) since 99.9% of fashion bloggers love playing a game I like to call “Wear Your Closet All At Once” and that doesn’t really scream SEXY or EXPOSED in your face.

Does anyone know the deal here? Are they allowed to wear makeup or not? And what’s with the brooch hating? Can you wear a brooch if it’s c/o’d?