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A Friday News Dump

I’m kind of busy lately so here’s some little news bits I never got around to posting the past couple of weeks.

Amber Venz, RStyle queen, finally gave birth to her daughter. She and husband Baxter Box chose the name Birdie. Birdie Box. She’s enjoying her postpartum leave by taking little Birdie Box for walks in outfits like this. Ok then. And if you’re into nursery decor you’ll be thrilled to know she went with the GOMIBLOG Forums favorite color scheme of grey and white (combined with what looks like some sort of mintish color on the walls).

Young House Love is selling artwork on Society6 now in case you want some of their amazing paint skills in your life.

Snappy Casual decided it was too hard to pick up her house and also entertain a child and evidently wants internet headpats for this decision.

What I Wore is busy cementing her place as queen bee of her husband’s booze factory by putting on various events.

Socality Barbie announced her retirement and the internet crapped its pants.

And finally, a bunch of supposed internet celebs are going on Season 28 of ‘The Amazing Race’ and pretty much nobody cares.

Feel free to add any other newsie bits that I missed!

  1. BreakfastPrincess

    Urgh, that seems like the most painful to watch, chewing on the scenery season of The Amazing Race. Non-stop hamming for the camera.
    I do like Zach King's work, but I feel too old to get what these Vine people and 'Instagram models' (what, they can't work real work, so they just take selfies?) are meant to be about.

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    • Lexminster Abbey

      I love The Amazing Race, but... man, a whole season of internet celebrities? The seasons that the YouTubers were on was bad enough.

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      • Hammipeidia

        Let's be real, though, NOTHING will be as bad as that terrible "family" season. So bad.

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  2. bRN

    Spurgeon Seewald NN Quincy

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  3. Isabeau d Anjou

    What the heck is Amber wearing? I could only tell which was her front by looking at her feet?

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    • Right on Top of That Rose

      100% that was a total exorcist/the ring moment...and all of the comments about it being a gorgeous dress can't be serious. right, like she doesn't look completely batshit crazy walking a stroller down the street in that getup in real life.

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    • Shortcake

      My kid wants to know why the "weird lady is stripping nekkid next to her baby carriage." I can't disagree...

      Also, I saw there was a comment from the dress maker so I looked at their Instagram & it's all that same style tops and dresses.

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  4. T.

    I don't know who this Amber Venz person is, but why did she edit her photo to make herself look like a corpse?

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  5. gotanygrapes

    I hope baby Birdie Hershey squirts all over that gray and white.

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      What is the point of a nursery that the kid can never play/mess up/throw things?? I guess if you want a prop and not a child, the room would be perfect. :|

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      • Douche Baguette

        Never mind the colour scheme — why is there a SHEEP in the nursery???

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      • dayman

        I mean!!! I would not want my living room to look like that when I was 28 and had no kids!

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  6. robbed of a gold medal at the Oppression Olympics

    Birdie as a name is so weird to me. I have a friend Brigid, and we call her Birdie, but none of her colleagues do. Nor do her husband's friends or their wives. Just people close enough to know her as a little girl, or who know her intimately as an adult.

    And Birdie Box? Thats like a twisted corn name or something. Although I guess its not the worst last name.

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    • Right on Top of That Rose

      "the birdie box" is what a kid i grew up with called birdhouses. so she's got that going for her, which is nice.

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      • Dame Helen Chichester

        Highly recommend Bird Box by Josh Malerman. Great book and they might be making it into a movie!

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        • Patron Saint of Fine Art


          Especially if you don't want to sleep for a week. That book was super creepy.

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  7. Dr Phils Martini

    that Amber Venz IG...


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    • BabyRoc

      Her IG made me want to puke. That kid is literally a living, breathing advertisement. My skin is crawling.
      And can we PLEASE move on from those stupid Hermes blankets? They aren't exclusive they just show what a dumb ass you are to spend so much on a throw. When you put it in a child's room, that makes you a double idiot.
      And she namesd this poor child Birdie Box. I despise her.

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  8. ibgd

    My grandma's name was Birdie. That's all I've got.

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    • We Ate Just Cake Like Peasants

      I really like the name Birdie, but was your grandmother's last name Box? I have a noun last name, and could do some serious damage to a kid if I chose poorly for their first. The Box(e)s chose poorly.

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    • NOPE

      So what I'm hearing is Amber gave birth to an 80 year old. Sounds about right to me.

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      • Top Hat Fancy

        The color of the nursery fits..

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        • I can't remember my name

          I'm ashamed to admit I actually kind of think the room is pretty....for an adult. Not a child. My niece and nephew have very *decorated* rooms, but they look like kids rooms...

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  9. Lame oh

    Guys there is a BAR CART in that nursery.

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    • lokicat

      Dear god you are correct. Also I have the same pouf. My dogs need it to jump up to the bed. I still love it but just a little bit less than before seeing it in her IG.

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    • Virginia Apple

      Every time a blogger posts their nursery it makes me think they've never actually spent time around babies.

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      • Baby Human

        And how they dress their babies in the most impractical things. Cute uggs..oh wait baby's tiny thighs are probably freezing. I can't even…..

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    • Jennas Concussion Cart

      For some reason I read this as Bat Car and had to go look and find the Batmobile. Was disappointed that I couldn't find it but will forever be freaked out by that Sheep!

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      RIGHT?! Plus, things you should absolutely use to decorate your baby's room include any furniture made entirely out of sharp corners and glass, glass vases full of water and flowers, and white rugs.

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    • tired of stupid

      Okay, I did not go crazy with the baby-proofing, but that bar cart! It is full of tons of metal right angles. Does she not understand that her baby will one day try to sit and topple over, or crawl, or walk in the most uncoordinated fashion? My kid hit her head on the corner of a table in the living room when she was little, not even hard enough to break the skin, but when she smiles there is a little dent in her forehead. Birdie is going to slice her head open on that thing.

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  10. Pearl Forrester


    I know people love to say, "Why is that so expensive? I could paint that myself!" when it comes to art, and they often don't think about the effort put in to it. But looking at their, I really could have done that myself. It looks like something that came out of Watercolour and Photoshop 101.

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  11. avantgarden

    Is it bad that I'm glad Snappy Casual finally made it to the front page? Honestly the messy house isn't that big of deal to me, if you follow her IG/blog it's just one more example of how lazy Kelsey is.

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    • April Ludgate Kvorkian

      Ugh. She's SUPER lazy and has no self-awareness of how awful it makes her look. That living room wouldn't even have been that bad if she'd picked up for 10 min after the kids went to bed. (Yes, I do this. No, my house is not dirty and I somehow can still play with my kids. It's not that hard! Some weeks get crazy, but she works part-time!)

      I kind of hate that Kelsey made the front page, though. She's obnoxious and would love to think she's "made it" in the blogging world. I'd hate for her to think her attention-grabbing ways have actually worked.

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      • avantgarden

        She barely blogs anymore...I guess I was hoping that maybe making it to the front page would be the kick in the but to her quitting.

        She loves to play the "I'm a hardworking mom who's doing the best I can" but rarely acknowledges everything her husband does for her to keep her lifestyle. And when she does, like when she mentioned not only does he cook every dinner but he also serves her breakfast in bed every morning, she just looks even more lazy and selfish.

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      • dayman

        The "babies don't keep" poem means it's ok to not scrub your grout or dust your fan blades as often as you used to pre-kids, not an excuse to never pick up anything again ever.

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        • Fancy Eleganza

          Wait! You're supposed to dust fan blades? This is a revelation. I thought the dust just blew off when they revolved.

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    • flea circus

      why does she take her baby to a chiropractor?

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      • April Ludgate Kvorkian

        Offhand, I'd say it's because she's a bougie douche.

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      • Ceraminals

        Its supposed to help colic and the witching hour, if the babe has one. If it was a especially hard labor too, they say it can help.

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  12. flea circus

    Birdie Box? do they hate that baby or something?

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    • flea circus

      Also, that sheep in the nursery is super creepy.

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      • dayman

        that whole nursery is super creepy.

        also why does she have a quilt with the letter H all over it if her name is Birdie Box?

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        • Virginia Apple

          It's Hermes. $920 according to the website. For a baby blanket!!

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          • Douche Baguette

            Baby Birdie Box is only going to birdie-vomit all over that blankie!

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            • robbed of a gold medal at the Oppression Olympics

              That, or there will be an epic bird shit incident

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          • dayman

            hahahaha, omg, clearly I bought all my kids' stuff at Target.

            I mean, for the record i think it's dumb as f**k to have an Hermes blanket for a BABY who pukes and poops indiscriminately, but I have to laugh at myself for not even considering someone would be that. Well. Stupid.

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  13. Like Did Bacall

    The Amazing Race thing really chaps my ass. Dammit. I've always wanted to be on that show; all I had to do was take selfies and be obnoxious?

    Seriously, I remember when that show started, it was so fun ... just normal people doing cool stuff. Then it turned into Big Brother rejects. Now it's "internet celebrities".

    Back in my day, things weren't done this way! *shaking granny fist*

    Also, that gray nursery is super depressing, and the life-sized sheep is scary. What's with forcing kids to grow up in colorless worlds now? Oh, of course, it looks hip on social media. Who cares if it bores Little Cardinal Cardbox into wanting to sleep constantly.

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    • boombalatty

      I'm torn, I don't like it, but at least internet celebrities are slightly more likely not to be one team after another of iron man contestants.

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