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PLEASE NOTE: If you aren’t going to use the use the “Send Post To Admin” button to report forum posts you must include the “Permalink” to the exact post that violates policy. Simply saying that ‘someone in some thread said this’ and/or a link to a page number and/or ranting on twitter or instagram about contacting a lawyer is not enough information for me to help you. I do not have time to go find a thread and then hunt down whatever portion you say violates TOS and I am tired of spending days of my life explaining how to ‘right click and copy url’ on the “Permalink” button. If you fail to include that url to the specific post your request will be ignored.  

There is also a reason I ask you to use the below form. If you sit around and b***h about technical problems in forum threads, I don’t see it and the problem doesn’t get fixed. And I have an incoming mail sorting system set up to work with this form, so if you send requests via email rather than using the form below, your request will be ignored.

Your inability to read and follow these simple reporting instructions is no longer going to be my problem. I am done spending hours responding with how to report things properly. From now on requests that do not follow the above instructions will simply be deleted and be neither responded to nor addressed. Follow the above instructions, no exceptions.

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