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Amanda Is Now Pissed About New Things

Amanda, the woman who claims her husband’s mistress forced him to cheat, is back with a new blog. Calling herself a “radically honest and brave woman” for publishing “about her husband and his five-year affair with a blackmailing sexual sociopath”, she shares the brutal hardship she is enduring since her marriage busted up.

It’s amazing what I’ve learned to live without for the last two months…my car payment is due today, that Ricky Bobby is legally responsible for, and it isn’t getting paid…Will I gracefully learn how to live without…my precious convertible BMW…

She also goes on about being “surprised by myself and what I’ve learned to live without and how to hold my head high when using my EBT (electronic benefit transfer-aka food stamps) card at the grocery store” while saying the second that deadbeat Ricky Bobby sends her some spousal support, she’s going back in for a Botox touch up.

She also moans that she can no longer get expensive haircuts while pitying the broke women who cannot afford the upkeep to which Amanda was accustomed.

Although my hair is untouched and thus needs no color upkeep, I can certainly spot a fake blonde in dire need of a touch up. Would I say to her, “Is your husband screwing you over, too? I can tell by your excessive wrinkles and horrible roots. I see you’re a natural brunette. Perhaps it’s time to embrace it”.

So if you want to follow the continuing saga of Amanda feel free to head on over to her new trainwreck. Happy Monday!

  1. Urine Burglar

    Is she for real? Honestly? Wow - such a trainwreck of pride, rage, ignorance, spite and a thinly veiled blackmail attempt. I've never read her before, but I may have to dive into her thread if only to marvel at the horror.

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  2. sonotamused

    There is so much here to boggle over!

    She's a teacher? People let her spend all day with their kids? Those are expensive jeans? (I mean, if she bought them when she had all the money to spend on clothes...I thought they were left over from the 80s!). And when you are 30 days from homelessness, how about you aim for, I dunno, savings, instead of a Botox treatment when you start getting alimony payments?

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  3. FuckingZorro

    What the actual f**k?

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  4. boredbeyondbelief

    Surely this is fake. Maybe a satire blog a la My Three Angles? Maybe? Please?

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    • ativan annie

      Nope, it's legit. Dig up her two threads here at GOMI for an unparalleled train wreck.

      All aboard!


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      • Caitlin

        Anyone have links? I'm so lazy.

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    • Uvabird

      Her posts are what I assume the coda of My Three Angles will be.

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  5. Flouncing Psychopath Bleeder

    Her entry "50 Shades of Broke-Ass" is a literary masterpiece.

    "If they run into a financial hiccup, what do they do? Do they walk around with roots?" This sentence was very triggering for me tbh. Money has been tight lately so I've just been walking around with a paper bag over my head. I made little eye holes so I can see (took me a week to figure that out). Just little ones though, because I can't let anyone see that I'm starting to get crow's feet. My fiance hasn't seen me from the neck up since I got my tax refund last year and I'm just so, so scared he'll leave me if he knows the truth about my roots and wrinkles.

    Thank you, Amanda, for shedding light on these important issues. Girl power! Except for Trish, hate her.

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    • sonotamused

      I also recommend white cotton gloves. You can't let anyone see those age spots on your hands. Or the ragged cuticles. And it can be so easy to forget how quickly the hands can give away your age!

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  6. AreYouSerious

    So is that her ex-husband's real name or she just thinks he acted like a character out of Talladega Nights?

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    • ativan annie

      No, she uses pseudonyms for herself and the husband...but not the mistress, lucky gal!

      (everybody's real names are in the original thread tho, as one hamcat has a personal connection to the the people involved)

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      • AreYouSerious

        Ok so that is crazy and if I was going to make a blog complaining about my ex I would go ahead and call him shithead deluxe or douche canoe instead of a movie race car drive!

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  7. Fart in a Mitten

    She is a shade away from complaining about grocery store people.

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  8. Flouncing Psychopath Bleeder

    It's on the tip of her tongue. She already hates everyone's hair and she did mention being IN a grocery store. It's only a matter of time before she expresses her frustration with the unwashed masses.

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    • Train-Kicking Daughter

      I wonder if she has any Le Creuset?

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      • Flouncing Psychopath Bleeder

        Her Le Creuset is getting repoed unless Ricky Bobby (??) starts coughing up some spousal support.

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  9. ampersanding away

    I just read through her most recent couple of entries. From the back she does not look like she's in her 20s. Sorry, darlin', but no 20-something would wear those tacky jeans. Her hair does not look naturally blonde (unless her hair is naturally yellow with dark roots?), and the texture definitely says that she's closer to menopause than college graduation.

    I'm so glad that she's waiting on alimony to pay for her BMW and f**king botox instead of trying to move on. Much class.

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    • the french fry queen

      Yea from the back she looks like a 40 something year old and from the front she does too. Her hair cut and jeans do not give off a 20 year old vibe.

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      • Seaside Honey Fantasia

        If she's 40 something, then she's on the way back end of 40. I'm 40, these are not the clothes of my people.

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      • ham scented candle

        Not to mention that beige pleather diaperbag purse that all the hip young 20-somethings are rocking, don'tcha know!

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      • LAskygurl

        Where do you see a pic of her? I'm so curious!

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        • Flouncing Psychopath Bleeder

          They're on her site. In fact, looks like she just posted a new one! She's having vanity problems again.

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    • Poopa's Orange Knee

      Waiiiiitttt. I thought I read in her forum that there were teenage kids involved?

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    • LAskygurl

      Where is the picture you're talking about?
      I don't see any :/

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      • gofundmycat

        Click on the part above that says new trainwreck and it'll take you to her new blog and she has a picture of herself posted in her 50 shades of broke ass post

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        • LAskygurl

          For some reason in that post, no pic shows up, but in the new post, she has her pic up and oh my.....45?
          I'm sorry but if I knew nothing and she said nothing about her age, I would think she is in her late 50's to early 60's....

          Ain't nobody mistaking her for early 20's 'from the back'

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          • Balou

            There is no way she is 45. 55? Sure. 45? Nope. Try again.

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          • Flouncing Psychopath Bleeder

            I can't see either picture now. Maybe the comments here gave her the sadz so she took them down and won't post anymore until her next Botox sesh. Or my computer just isn't loading it and I'm starting rumors. Either scenario is equally likely.

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    • Purple21

      Who tries to guess someone's age by looking at them from behind? It's like trying to guess their hair color by looking at their knees.

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  10. Jar


    Grocery store people amirite??

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    • newfiegirl

      Any gif that includes this deliciousness is a win in my books!

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  11. Holden Attradies

    See the post about her Go Fund Me idea? Her friends e-mail seems to be screaming "Stop complaining and do something, you dumb b***h" but in the politest terms. But I REALLY don't think she got it.

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  12. Train-Kicking Daughter

    No convertible BMW? Poor baby.

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    • Resentment Rental

      I don't understand. She's okay with using her EBT but not okay with the thought of being seen with roots. She's okay with thinking about starting a GO FUND ME (she writes it in caps) to beg for cash but she's not okay with parting with her BMW.

      I don't understand.

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  13. maximum derpitude

    Oh, Amanda, still a batshit crazy, nasty b***h I see. Both of those shithead parents have done nothing but bring pain and misery on their kids. What utter pieces of shit.

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