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Cupcakes & Cashmere’s Book Will Educate the Masses

Emily of Cupcakes & Cashmere revealed a sneak peak of her new book today and like almost everything else about her, it appears to be a total snoozefest.

You’d think that people might not trust the advice of someone who dresses like an escort to go get coffee, but apparently her publisher thinks otherwise. While she’s almost too boring to snark, I can’t let her advice about how to open champagne and choose a playlist go unnoticed. What I find most cloying about her is not the fact that she complains about her OMG HARD LIFE all the time or that she wears hooker shoes far too often (which she does), but that she’s assumed the lowest common denominator about an audience and it’s actually paying off for her. People eat this shit up! Oh Emily, THAT’S how you uncork champagne? I’ve been doing it wrong all these years by smashing the tip of the bottle against my kitchen counter! And wearing multiple bracelets? I was lost until you instructed me on the proper etiquette of this DIFFICULT TASK!

It gives me some solace to know that most of the hundreds of commenters on her blog leave comments in a lame attempt to drive traffic to their own little vanity project, but it’s still baffling that people feel compelled to compliment her on essentially schooling them on jacking other people’s recipes and wearing platform heels with miniskirts 90% of the time.

Anyway, best of luck Emily, and hope your book does just as good as Messica’s!

*nose in air*



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Fashion Bloggers Still Want Compensation, Dammit

Women’s Wear Daily published an article today about blogger compensation and whether companies still believe the ROI is worth the “$5,000 up to $50,000″ to work with them. (Let me make this real easy for all the companies out there: $50,000 to work with a blogger is probably not worth it.)

Digital Brand Architects, a management firm that reps blogs like Atlantic-Pacific, Gala Darling, My Style Pill and Ramshackle Glam, defended blogger compensation by telling WWD:

“When you want to work with a blogger in a way that you would with any influencer — whether it’s a photographer, a stylist, a designer for your windows, a public endorser of your brand, advertising or a design collaboration — that’s where you have to compensate because you would compensate anyone for those things,” said Karen Robinovitz, co-founder and chief creative officer of Digital Brand Architects, who considers herself the pioneer of “blogger agents.”

She pointed out that if a brand sends a blogger a box of clothes with the intent of having them create four dedicated full looks that they need shot for posts, the talent has to location scout — and is responsible for styling, hair, makeup, photography, art direction, retouching, copywriting and posting.

“That takes a magazine sometimes 20 people to pull off,” Robinovitz said.

Location scout? Are you kidding me?

Let’s take a step back for a moment. Is there value in a company working in collaboration with a highly visible blogger who can drive traffic and/or sales to specific brands or products? Of course. In some cases, working with a blogger is probably more effective than developing an ad for a magazine or sending a product to Glamour to review. But when is the last time anyone bought something on Jordan Reid’s recommendation?

Late last month, Dove Hair revealed it inked a one-year deal with Ramshackle Glam’s Reid, the brand’s first ambassador. In her role, Reid will cross promote and interact with fans on her blog and on Dove’s Facebook page, as well as test new products, attend events on behalf of the brand and even host reader giveaways. According to her blog, she will serve as a “real world” counterpoint to the celebrity stylist who works with the brand, Mark Townsend.

Does anyone care that Jordan is using Dove shampoo? I sure as hell don’t.

Like WWD points out, the measurable ROI is key in this blogger compensation debate. If Atlantic-Pacific wears a c/o’d pair of jeans in an outfit post, that’ll probably drive a lot of traffic to a retailer and, yeah, they’ll sell some jeans. But Jordan Reid plugging Dove hair care products is a shot in the dark orchestrated by her management agency. Let’s assume she drives several thousand pageviews over to Dove from her blog.  How much is that exposure worth to the company? Not very much. And, how much is it worth having a “real world” counterpoint that no one recognizes outside of a very small community of Ramshackle Glam fans?

The entitled fashion blogger is one thing, but the entitled fashion blogger with a management agency making unrealistic promises is just desperate.



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Fashion Bloggers Make Bad Posing Decisions

Is there anything more enjoyable than fashion bloggers in ridiculous poses? Non, bien sur. It’s a gift that keeps on giving and I can’t get enough. Low level offenders regularly pull the Distance Gazing, Hair Touching and The Flamingo pose, but it only gets more hilarious from there.

First, a tutorial:

The straight male take on The Tilt

On to the TL;DR…



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Jessica Quirk Posts Sneak Peek of That’s Quirky House

Jessica Quirk’s attempt at yet another reinvention, That’s Quirky, is set to launch in June. To help boost future traffic to the as-yet shuttered site, she graced the public with a sneak peek of the 92-year-old hizzouse on the That’s Quirky Facebook page. Can she go from fashion has-been to lifestyle blogger extraordinaire?

Yawny yawn. I’m smelling a ripped-off combination of Rockstar Diaries (minus the spawnlets) & Young House Love on our way. From the lack of effort happening over on What I Wore, one can’t help but think that she’s going to merge the two blogs. AND, if that doesn’t work out, there’s always her witty live tweetfests of The Bachelorette to bring in the big bucks.



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Cupcakes and Cashmere Has White Girl Problems

We’ve gotten on her about this before, but Cuppy is a constant complainer. Regular offenders include her long weeks, busy weekends and her SUPER STRESSFUL JOB. (She blogs full-time, by the way.)

Here a rundown of her latest round of white girl problems:

This past weekend was spent almost entirely running errands, so I threw on a highlighter-yellow skirt to offset our rather hectic schedule. We had ordered a new mattress weeks ago that was supposed to be delivered sometime in mid-June, but it ended up arriving on Saturday, much to our surprise. Since our previous mattress was a different size, we scrambled the whole day to find new bedding. I love how it all came together though (I’ll share pictures soon!), and getting to slip into fresh sheets at the end of the weekend was the ultimate reward. (1)

It’s a constant struggle for me to shut off at the end of the day. Since I work from home, often times my office ends up overflowing onto the dining room table, where my computer is merely pushed to the side while I eat. This week I made an effort to savor the moments at the end of the day – the warm, fragrant breeze and the light that flooded our back bedroom. I unpacked the last of my trinkets from Italy (little candy tins and a striped spoon) and now feel ready to tackle the weekend. (2)

This was a good week, even though it felt absurdly long (at one point I was convinced the days were moving backwards). But it was also well balanced – with some great meetings, meals with girlfriends, beautiful weather, and a night to myself where I ate caramel out of a jar while watching TV. Sometimes it’s those classier moments that make for the perfect ending to a long day. Have a nice weekend! (3)

I lost it at OMG WE HAVE NO SHEETS FOR OUR MATTRESS. Of all the white girl problem shit she’s said before, “scrambling” to find new sheets as if it’s some kind of hectic emergency situation really pissed me off. Knowing that she just spent about a month cavorting around Italy with Sir Geoffrey The White Knight doesn’t help.

And while we’re here, let’s discuss the office overflow onto the dining table problem. She has to eat AND work at the same time? What a unique unicorn special snowflake she is! Oh, the burdens of photographing your bar cart and inappropriately short skirts! Woe be unto you should you choose this path of stress for yourself!