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The Daybook Litters Her Cares Away

Sydney of The Daybook has done some weird things before, but this confetti throwing photo-op really raised my well-manicured French eyebrows.

My sweet sister Jillyan sent us a care package yesterday filled with our favorite candy, books for Everett and a giant bag of confetti. Attached to the confetti was a little note:

Because sometimes the best cure for anything is grabbing a handful of this stuff, throwing it in the air and yelling.

The girl knows what’s up.
And I’ll love her forever for it.

There’s something about Sydney that rubs me the wrong way and while I can’t quite put my finger on it, I do know that throwing confetti outside just to get the perfect shot for your bloggy blog is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. (And obviously we’ve seen some dumb shit around here.) I think it’s hilarious how these girls (especially the lifestyle bloggers) think the entire world is their Special Photo Studio. “Littering a shit ton of confetti outside so I can get a post up on my blog? WHY NOT?!”

Oh, and there’s been some talk about how she’s wearing more expensive c/o’d clothing since her Washingtonian column came out and that had her readers all in a tizzy. Don’t know much else about that, but thought I’d throw it out in case anyone wants to comment.




Valentine Uhovski Replaces Rich Tong as Tumblr’s “Fashion Evangelist”

Did they think that changing the title from Fashion Director to Evangelist would make us forget all about this? And especially this?

In an interview with, Uhovski tries to skate over a question about Rich Tong’s missteps at Tumblr.

Tumblr took some flack last fashion week for reportedly charging high fees for partnership deals during fashion week among other things–how will Tumblr approach fashion week this coming season in the wake of this?
That’s something I wasn’t involved with so it’s hard for me to answer in detail. But the reality is, that proposal was preliminary and never actually implemented. In September, Tumblr will be more relevant than ever during Fashion Week and we’re planning some amazing things. We’re based here in New York and we consult and meet our creators on the daily basis. You’ll really see that sense of community translated to all of our events and special projects.

I’m not sure what Uhovski’s definition of “implemented” is, but a “sponsorship proposal being shopped out to brands” with a Tumblr logo on it sure seems like an implemented partnership proposal to moi.

I’d love to see how Tumblr will end up being “more relevant than ever” during Fashion Week, since you could argue they haven’t been relevant at all over the past few seasons that they’ve tried to inject themselves into the proceedings. Having a few bloggers post blurry fashion show photos does not a relevant presence make.

When will Tumblr focus on actually improving their business and providing useful features to users instead of around in fashion? Their insistence on making Fashion + Tumblr happen looked desperate before with Rich Tong running the show.



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Jessica Quirk Will DIY On A Steep Learning Curve

So, you’re sitting around and you have an old watch laying beside you and you think to yourself, “I could totally make a chevron friendship bracelet for this watch!” But, since most people have more to do all day than concoct new and exciting friendship bracelet variations, you wonder how you might go about completing this crafty craft.

FEAR NOT! Jessica Quirk has got you covered!

Her clear instructions will surely allow you to complete this beautiful friendship bracelet chevron watchy thing in no time at all! Umm…wait. What?

This project is best for DIYers who have made friendship bracelets before. If you’d like some pointers (or pattern ideas) check out this site to get started!

So DIYer, you best be a friendship bracelet EXPERT before taking on this little project since “tie your knots using a chevron pattern” may not be very helpful.

Maybe it’s better that you can’t complete this project based on her pathetic tutorial. Why? Because that watch thing is godawful, that’s why. DIYing for the sake of DIY leads to disasters like this. Oh, and this.



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Cupcakes & Cashmere Married Her Best Friend

As you all know by now, Internet blogging sensation Cupcakes & Cashmere tied the knot over the weekend with her Man Cat, Photographer, White Knight Defender and All-Around Best Friend BFF.

This little image was tweeted by her, no doubt to tease her adoring public into pressing refresh psychotically on her blog in order to be the first commenter on her wedding post. So, what we know is:

  • Emily got married
  • She married Geoffrey (probably)
  • They are very short, perhaps fairies
  • She wore a white dress

Here are a few weddings/marriages/divorces featured on GOMI in the past to pass the time until Emily returns from her Italian honeymoon.



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Nicole Loher Will Feed Your Poor Family

Nicole Loher, privileged fashiony girl from the Upper East Side, doesn’t want to hear about how she used her privilege to get ahead. I’d link to the post, but oopsies! She deleted it. Unfortunately for her, we saved it and it’s printed in full below.

letsvomit asked: I like your blog and I don’t know you so I prefer you keep this a private conversation. It kills me that kids like you get to live in NYC and go to amazing schools and be in Teen Vogue because your family has money so you can afford to buy new clothes and dress amazing. I only get to eat once a day at most because that is all the money I have to eat. I’d kill to be a fashionista and be famous and yet I am stuck selling tin cans for a little bit of extra crash. Seems wrong to me.

It seems wrong to me that you feel you can blame your guilt and envious feelings on me. I’m doing what I do because I’ve worked to get here. My life isn’t all “glamorous” like you think.
I don’t want to hear complaints about sideliners. My boyfriend is a Sri Lankan immigrant who’s family struggled their entire life to get by in America. He worked his ass off to get a scholarship to NYU and now owns his own company on 7th. He did it all himself; no trust fund baby bs.
If you want me to write you a check so you can eat for the next two months, send me your address. And stop with the pity party.

Oh, BURN. Her life isn’t “glamorous” reader! But she’ll write you a check to feed your family, so TAKE THAT.

Do all bloggers take a course in How To Deflect Negative Feedback By Pulling The Jealous Card? Because we’ve seen this over and over again. Granted, it’s kind of a dumb question (statement? point of view?) the reader posed to the poor rich blogger girl, but Nicole could have chosen not to publish it. Or, she could have done the classy thing and responded privately and said something like, “Your ideas about my life are incorrect and I don’t like you making assumptions.” End of story. Instead she blathers on about some Sri Lankan immigrant boyfriend, attempts to make some sort of point about how she has worked to get where she is and then ends on a, “Well, I’ll just send you shut up money” note.

Becoming a popular fashion blogger is mostly about timing, connections and a lot of expendable purchasing power. So-called hard work notwithstanding, there IS privilege at work some of the time whether Nicole wants to admit it or not. Other bloggers come to mind too: Sea of Shoes (who recently got reamed for apparently being an entitled princess, whether that’s true or not is for you to decide) and Man Repeller. You could argue both shot to blog fame because they’ve got money to throw around on pretty things and have the free time to make something of it.

Anyway, Nicole shouldn’t have tried to argue that she is a super special snowflake hard worker bee and then offer to write the poor soul a check to get some food. That’s pretty b***hy. Just for fun, remember when the poors of Brooklyn made Messica angry?




Julia Allison To Appear on New Bravo TV Show “Miss Advised”

So…this is happening.

These single relationship experts can’t seem to practice what they preach as Amy Laurent in New York, Emily Morse in San Francisco, and Julia Allison in Los Angeles struggle to stay afloat in the deep end of the dating pool.

Not much more to say, except that the above is one amazing screenshot, am I right?



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Mommy Bloggers Wish You Would Keep Your Comments To Yourselves

Hey you trolls! Mommy blogger CecilyK wrote you an open letter and she’s REALLY SOCKING IT TO YOU THIS TIME.

On to the TL;DR…



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Jessica Quirk Ate Everything in Mexico

Messy decided to take a little trip to Mexico and since she didn’t post while she was there, she made up for it by offering her loyal 10 genuine readers a look at what they missed.

And, what they missed was Messica stuffing her face the entire time.

Seriously, the entire time.

I’m all for eating well on vacation, but the last time I was in Mexico, food was basically something to keep me alive between tequila shots.

P.S. If the taco street vendors saw more action than your own taco, you’re doing vacation wrong. “Playing cards.” JESUS. Unless someone suggests Strip Old Maid while I’m in my Mexican hotel room, I HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.



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Cupcakes and Cashmere’s Stilt Pants and Why I’m Over Her

And here you thought Jessica Quirk was the only one who favored this bold look.

Here’s the deal with C&C. I can appreciate the fact that she’s a pretty girl, takes nice photos and has an aesthetic that appeals to a lot of people. All these things are useful and kudos to her for making some money off her success.

HOWEVER. She’s been so boring the past few months that I can barely stand the praise that is constantly laid at her feet, as if she’s some kind of blogging goddess who emerged out of a sea of chevron stripes and cupcakes. (A materialistic Aphrodite, if you will.)

Beautiful photography and playing into popular design aesthetics are great tactics, but lots of bloggers take pretty photos and feed a shopping addiction by buying trendy items. So what makes her stand out? The fact that she was “there first” doesn’t seem like an automatic ticket to infinite popularity. (Jessica Quirk is a prime example of being “there first” not working out long-term. Then again, C&C didn’t move to Indiana. So there’s that.) It’s certainly not C&C’s writing that turns heads. She uses some version of this in every post: “The weather today was a little overcast/I’ve been really stressed/The week has been so long and arduous/My to-do list is overwhelming so I decided to brighten things up by painting my nails/redecorating my house/buying four new pink jackets/wearing completely inappropriate shoes to get coffee at a local spot/going to brunch/etc/etc/etc.” It’s like ad-libs, fashion blogger style!

Unfortunately, what sealed the deal for my ambivalence for this overpraised blogger was this lackluster WSJ interview, to be forever filed next to “why pretty people shouldn’t try and give interviews to the Wall Street Journal.” Because…no matter how many cupcakes you bake or how much cashmere you wear, a Valley Girl is a Valley Girl is a Valley Girl.



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Did You Hear? Messica Got A Haircut

Jessica Quirk got a haircut. By the way, she got a haircut. Have you heard about her new haircut?

I wouldn’t have even noticed the haircut if she hadn’t told us. (And told us and told us.) Can she get any more boring? This is the biggest news she’s had on her blog since pretending she’s above accepting free swag.

I also loved her attempt at a little IFB Conference snub the other day. (Here’s a fun look back at what she wore to the conference last year.)

This coming from a blogger who charged thousands for sponsorships two years ago. She should have led a panel on rebranding at the IFB Conference. She may not be an expert, but no one tries harder at it than she does.



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Jordan Reid Tries Non-Rooftop Poses

Over in Ramshackleland, Jordan Reid has decided that sitting on the floor is the new rooftop pose.

That’s not so bad, you say?

…Then this happened.

I guess she still thinks that these poses look RAMSHACKLEQUIRKY, but the truth is that it’s head-scratchingly weird that she can’t just stand up straight and have a simple photo snapped of what she’s wearing. Hate to say it, but Messica could teach her a few things about posing. So…yeah. That tells you something about the level of competency we’re dealing with here. (I’m not even going to touch the fact that this crazy is wearing shorts in February.)



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“Gluts” of Steel by Mary Rambin

It’s been a while since we posted a Rambinism:

Toning Up with Angles and Reps: Gluts Edition [...] Today, I’m talking about gluts because that has been the most notable change for me. [...] Here are three different exercises that target your gluts using angles and reps.


I love you, Mary! You tell those gluts who’s boss!



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Jessica Quirk Says No To C/O

In an effort to seem like a relevant, in-demand fashion blogger, Messy Quirk told Independent Fashion Bloggers that she’s moving away from wearing clothing from sponsors.

This year I’m moving away entirely from receiving freebies or “care of” items which I started phasing out in 2011. I want to draw a clear line between the editorial (my daily outfits) and the advertorial on site. I have a handful reasons for moving in this direction. Firstly, for my readers, it’s a lot more realistic to not have a closet full of free clothes.  I’m not throwing out things that were gifted to me in the past (or part of a larger sponsorship), but everything for 2012 will be purchased with my own dollar.  Secondly, I don’t believe you can build a business based on receiving free bags and shoes. They’re not scalable and I don’t think they’re equal value to the service/influence you provide by showcasing them to your readers.  The year is young, but I’ve received a positive response to this position thus far. It’s my hope that more bloggers will move in a similar direction!

What she fails to mention is that she’s only doing this because, in all likelihood, she can’t get companies to send her free shit anymore. It’s easy to refuse what you haven’t been offered, right? What’s hilarious is that she’s spent the past however many years bragging about her free swag and now she seems to think you can’t “build a business based on receiving free bags and shoes.” Does she think that we’ve forgotten about her ModCloth-filled wardrobe and her desperate tweets to Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade and J.Crew?

Right now, we’re witnessing the “try everything and see what sticks” technique in full swing over at What I Wore headquarters. From DIY blogger to fashion expert to personal style blogger to author to “I didn’t want comments anyway!” whiner to holier-than-thou swag-refuser, Jessica Quirk just can’t figure how to replicate her past monetary success.