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Barefoot Blonde Found A Way To Deal With Shirtgate

Amber Fillerup, the barefoot and pregnant blonde, put up a sponsored laundry detergent post yesterday that caused quite the drama. It seems her baby was wearing a shirt that resembled the concentration camp uniform Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

After being alerted to the issue Amber responded in a (now apparently deleted) comment that if the “photos are invoking horrific feelings upon you then I am sorry and I will not be offended if you do not come back to my website”. Meanwhile her fangirls defended her with remarks like “the real truth is the holocaust was entirely blown out of proportion” and “A stripey baby outfit with a star! Someone call the wahmbulance!”

Amber finally dealt with Shirtgate by pulling out the clone stamp tool.


Amber clarified her comment by later tossing out the classic sorry-you-feel-that-way comeback.

I am really sorry if it offends you!…I am sorry though if it resembling a Star of David offends you, that is obviously not my intention.

She then went on to say she “will look into it” when a commenter brought up last week’s WGN-TV scandal.

  1. KitchenAid Mixer

    I swear to the Flying Spaghetti Monster, if someone actually said that the Holocaust was blown out of proportion I am going to stop the Earth and get off. I can't. I really really just can't.

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      • trashbreakfast

        omg, who are these people?!

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        • Classic RFGs.

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        • Unblogger

          They are dumb as f**k. That's who they are. My favorite was the one from "Jenny" who called an articulate, fair commenter a bunch of names and then accused of her of having to "have the last word" for responding. Guess she's just supposed to take abuse??
          I think so many of the lifestyle bloggers who have succeeded have done little else in life and it really shows.

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          • Uvabird

            What is so jaw dropping astonishing is how these dopey young bloggers manage to live such luxurious lives, as they are clearly lacking any higher education which is usually linked to higher income.

            Is there some hidden trough of money out in Utah from which these nitwits draw out funds?

            Who in the hell wakes up in the morning, puts a Holocaust themed shirt on their child, shoots a picture and shares it with the entire world?

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            • Unblogger

              You're just jealous! (see how this works?)
              I wonder the same thing. The guys all go into business? Have Mormon connections? He with the most money gets the prettiest girl, brains optional? I'm sure a lot is instagram crafted but it is odd.

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          • Katie

            Eh, no need for the last word in that side-freakshow commentary. Jenny Avita-spews-bile found a way to hang herself with rope that wasn't even there for her in the first place.
            You really can't argue with bat.shit.crazy.

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      • KitchenAid Mixer


        I honestly can't f**king believe there are people who still think this way. I mean...what? I just...I can't even...what?

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        • AmberIsABitch

          Well, if you have an issue with it, Amber thinks you're jealous of her. That is all.

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        • Right On Top Of That Rose

          sadly the further removed we are from horrific moments in history, the more certain types of people become convinced "it couldn't have REALLY been that bad..."

          i've noticed this as an alarming trend in general lately...which i fear means we're due for another incomprehensibly horrific moment in history sometime soon.

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          • hashtagdeep

            I'm as queasy as any of you, but not surprised.

            If recent history can be ignored to justify my snowflake not being vaccinated, then like what even is the Holocaust? Was it that movie with Brad Pitt? He is so on point.

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          • DontBeHatin

            Which is already Syria.

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        • ....It doesn't look like a Jewish star, it IS a Jewish star. That's like saying "Sorry you think this swastika on my baby's clothes looks like a swastika"

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      • derptastic

        Furthermore, Amber f**king moderates her comments. So, not only did she write the offensive post but she f**king *approved* the Holocaust-denying comment. She has zero cultural awareness or sensitivity.

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        • The Derpman Show

          This is horrifying. What a moron.

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        • selfie abuse

          Exactly, she let it stand, which speaks volumes. Regardless if whether you believe the shirt resembled a concentration camp uniform or not, allowing this kind of antisemitism and holocaust denial stand on your blog is indefensible. I only thought she was an annoying, vacant twit, now she is something worse.

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      • Affiliate Lynx

        Why the hell would you let that comment stand on your blog?

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        • Screaming At ALL The Vaginas (Formerly Ruby Jiselle)

          Drama. Drama stirs up page views and comments. Page views and comments equal attention and money.

          Simple math if you live for headpats.

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        • wut

          Because she agrees with it.

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      • capetilla

        Jenny Avitable's WKing is also horrific. Not about the holocaust specifically, but in response to someone who was quite civil, but expressed their dissatisfaction with BB's apology. Jenny said this: "Now, I’m gonna go pray to my ‘former Jewish’ prophet, the son of a carpenter and ask that He talk God into another flood because let’s be honest, some of you people have got. to. go."

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        • Unblogger

          Yes that one really was pathetic. Came across like a petulant child. Called the civil commenter a bunch of names and then accused her of needing last word when she responded. wtf? she wants to name call and get.the.last.word.

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        • Elegant Baby Turtle

          Jenny Avitable, who prays for your death, thinks you really need to step back from this topic because it's gotten you so fired up!

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          • LaverneandHurling

            How very Christian of her. I guess I forgot the commandment of "Thou shalt not call out bloggers on their bullshit" followed by the urging of Jesus' followers to pray for the death of strangers.

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        • potatohead

          I wasn't aware Jesus stopped being Jewish at any point in his life.

          Also, the idea of JC being like, "hey Pops, I know I'm like, super into love and forgiveness and all, but could you bring forth a catastrophic flood to wipe out mean people who leave blog comments? Thanks, dude!"

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          • selfie abuse

            There are many idiots who legit believe Jesus was a "Christian" lol. Which is funny when you think about it, "I worship ME ok? I'm a Selfieabusian." No, the JEWS believed a JEWISH Messiah would come, you ignorant bigot.

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        • Screaming At ALL The Vaginas (Formerly Ruby Jiselle)

          "Let's be honest: You people are stating facts that I don't like. This bothers me so much that I'm going to ask my imaginary friend to kill you."

          Great job showing the world how changed you are and making us all want to convert, commentor.

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          • Screaming At ALL The Vaginas (Formerly Ruby Jiselle)

            For all the people Noping this because "imaginary friend" makes me look like I'm insulting Christians: Do you think your god would actually assent to this request? No, but her god would. Her god is an imaginary asswaffle.

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            • Democracy Sausage

              Claps for use of 'asswaffle'

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      • LawsuitsAreTheNewBlack

        You know, I am pretty chill, but that Elle twat pretty much just proved she has a Storm Front membership. Nice "Christian" spewing Zionist hate.
        And yeah, those jammies look like the ones in the Holocaust Museum in DC, but forgive us human beings for being sensitive to shit like that.
        Sometimes I f**king loathe people and the ignorance that shines through.

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      • Jessica Gottlieb

        I am unlikely to ever forgive you for making me know who this woman and her readers are.

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      • TurkeyVulture

        Oh, for f**k's sake. Honestly. I can't handle any more idiots today. I have reached my maximum limit.

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        • Snowflaking Entitledly

          Maximum limit of...1? 'Coz that's about my limit these days. This blogger and these commenters have done me in for the next three months.

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      • Croosets in Trendy Colors

        f**k EVERYTHING.

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    • Jennifer

      Could you hop off without stopping the Earth? Because bad things will happen:

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      • Helen Van Patterson Patton

        Could we just push Elle off while the Earth continues to spin? I think then it'd work out best for all parties involved.

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        • KitchenAid Mixer

          ::warms up throwing arm::

          Yup, let's do it.

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        • That 1/16th Martyr

          I LIKE this planet. Elle can get off.

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          • We could always send her to Mars with a canteen and best wishes.

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            • Glen Coco

              She's fine without the canteen. Didn't ya hear, there's water there?

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        • Dowager Countess of NOPE

          You will have to push nice and hard because gravity.

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    • Flying Spaghetti Monster



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    • PTT

      It was said. I took screen shots of some of the comments because they were so over the top offensives and barefoot blonde's responses equally offensive and ignorant i figured they wouldn't last long. Not sure how to post them onthe front page though.

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      • My favorite part of Elle's rant:

        "What about the hundreds of millions of Christians who have been murdered and executed?! You never hear about that because the Jews have control over all the media whether it be television, newspaper, Internet, Hollywood etc. you are pressuring a mother doing laundry with your sad story of the holocaust? See? That’s what the Jews do."

        I mean...wut.

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        • Expecto Patronum

          Yeah, historically that's exactly what the Jews are known for, amirite? The Old Testament is just littered with stories of Jews pressuring mothers who are doing laundry, but of course that's before Hollywood and the Media stepped in and cleaned up the image in time for the New Testament.

          Elle is a total psycho and so is that Jenny Avitable. Certifiably insane.

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        • potatohead

          We never hear about it because outside of the Crusades (which Christians f**king started) and some bits of the Old Testament, which was a long-ass time ago, IT NEVER f**kING HAPPENSSSSSS. I mean, yes, here and there, you have some Christians being killed in parts of the world because they are Christians, and it is always tragic when someone dies because of their faith. But talk to me when you have 6 million of them being rounded up in death camps and gassed for their beliefs/race.

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          • Anne

            not a WK at all but just fyi: armenian genocide. to say it never happens sounds pretty ignorant to people of armenian heritage.

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            • Albie Quirky

              Good point, but it's a both and. More people need to learn about the Armenian genocide as well as the Holocaust.

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            • potatohead

              Okay, fair point, I did forget about the Armenians there.

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            • Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

              Crazy fangirls acted like the commenter said that the murder of Jews is the only murder that matters and thus you should ignore the hardship of any Christians, ever. When in reality, all she said was - this looks like a concentration camp uniform - maybe educate yourself.

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        • Mazel Tov Cocktail MD

          How do we find the time to do all that *and* control the weather, you ask? We also have the power to slow the earth's spin so we can fit it all into our busy schedules.

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    • Democracy Sausage

      Hi KitchenAid Mixer!!!

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  2. On the Autobahn to Bangtown

    Does anyone know where this onesie came from? That's a really, really weird thing for anyone to wear who isn't acting in a movie about the Holocaust, much less a baby.

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    • Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

      She said she said someone gave it to them...

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      • Jennifer

        I hope someone tracks down the company who makes it. Do they do ALL the letters? Or is A somehow a thing?

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    • Sarah de los dos tacos

      Companies keep making them. I always thought they were trying to be jail house uniforms for babies with a sheriff's star, since those have horizontal stripes. Also weird.
      Holocost striped pajamas had vertical stripes.

      THIS! (15)  NOPE! (1)

      • Jennifer

        Sherrif's stars usually have the little balls on the corners of them though.

        At least the awful Zara shirt (which was way closer to a concentration camp outfit than this, I think) did have those...

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    • burstpipes

      Zara, I believe. It's not the design which caused all the fuss last year, which Zara pulled and apologized for quickly and properly (unlike Waahmber), but similar,

      It was apparently supposed to be a sheriff's badge, from their Cowboy Collection. But instead ended up looking like, as one Newsweek commenter said, "Baby's First Holocaust."

      THIS! (20)  NOPE! (1)

      • unapologetic labia

        I remember that, but the one in this woman's post is even more offensive. I honestly don't know how anybody could look at the outfit that the kid is wearing in that laundry post and not automatically think "Holocaust uniform". It's...horrifying, and I don't tend to get horrified easily. I do not even understand all those fan girl comments on her blog. Wow.

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    • Different pajamas but this isn't the first time this has happened. Spanish retailer "Zara" had pajamas that looked like concentration camp uniforms complete with the Star of David, initially they responded that the Star was meant to be a sheriff's star from the "old west." Eventually the company apologized and pulled the item from their cataloge and destroyed their inventory. If it isn't OK to link to this article you can find it yourself by googling "children's pajama controversy," it is the first result.

      (took me so long to type that up that I see others have already commented on the Zara pajamas as well. So much crazy in the world)

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    • lilsebastianlives

      Pretty sure she links to the company - Childhoods - on the blog. Interesting to note that the website only shows plain hoodies (unless I missed something), not with stars. So if it was a gift, my assumption is that the star was added by the gifter.

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      • Katie

        I'm going to go out on a limb and say the gift giver probably didn't hail from Amber's "Jewish side of the family."
        It's good to know that this design didn't leave the manufacturing floor en masse but now we're back individual ignorance/indifference about a similar design and placement of a symbolically oppressive patch that I thought was included as standard middle school History curriculum. I'm very surprised given her Jewish heritage, that Amber did not immediately recognize the hexagram and patch placement as similar to those worn during the worst periods of anti-Semitic oppression spanning over 1000 years. Or that her Jewish relatives didn't even familiarize her with the story of Anne Frank. Or you know, that such hate filled comments directed at members of her own family remain on her blog.

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        • lilsebastianlives


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        • Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

          I'm not sure I believe she has a Jewish side of the family. Maybe one Jew married someone in her family - and the Jewish person is likely not very religious if he/she married a Mormon.

          I refuse to believe that if she truly had a Jewish side of the family, she would be this ignorant about the Holocaust. There are no survivors in my family, because we came to the US in the 1920s (to escape the pogroms in Russia - was that blown out of proportion also??), but as a part of the Jewish community, I have met many, many Holocaust survivors just through friends. Is there no one in Arizona to tell Amber about concentration camps? What a failure of the US public school system.

          THIS! (6)  NOPE! (0)

          • Katie

            I really thought "The Diary of Anne Frank" was on every Middle school reading requirements list.
            Enough logical and intelligent people even in this forum haven't separated the PATCH from the striped uniform here though to show that maybe this isn't common knowledge. It is a PATCH on the Chest, with a six-pointed star that is the common oppressive symbol. Sometimes--the star was not yellow. There are several variations because the patch has been used for over 1000 years. The most recent and most widely recognized variation happened to be yellow and was also attached to a striped uniform. I'm kind of blown away that a six-pointed star patch would have to be an exact replica of that worn by Jews, in death camps, or otherwise not considered similar enough to an oppressive symbol to put a "cute set of baby pajamas" into the distasteful category. Our education system has failed. And man, the "Jews running the media"sure are not doing a great job of getting knowledge out to the masses!

            I'm sorry for your family's loss.

            THIS! (2)  NOPE! (0)

            • Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

              I realize the way I wrote that was confusing - I meant that none of my family was in Europe at the time of the Holocaust because we were already in the US (they were run out of Russia earlier by Cossacks). Not that no one survived - because then how would I be here? Ha.

              When I first saw the onesie, I thought of the patch that was sewn onto the everyday clothes of Jews when Hitler first came to power. But when PP linked to the Auschwitz uniform, I thought the resemblance was even stronger, even though the stripes run different ways, which seems to be important to many who deny a resemblance.

              THIS! (1)  NOPE! (0)

      • unapologetic labia

        I don't think it was a gift at all. I think she found the patch or she was given the patch and she put it on that shirt in that spot because she's an idiot.

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    • Democracy Sausage

      On her blog she linked to this site:, but none of their items have patches attached. So did she actually apply the patch herself? Like, wtf.

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    • derp-a-lurk

      RIGHT?!?!?!? Who sees this and does NOT have an immediate reaction of discomfort + horror? It looks like it belongs in a Holocaust museum. That sort of vintage is not twee.

      THIS! (4)  NOPE! (0)

    • Get the Most Outta Ya Womb While Ya Can!

      That was my first thought! My kiddo has a hoodied grey and white striped onesie, but it has a little cartoon bear head embroidered on it like normal kids clothing.

      THIS! (2)  NOPE! (0)

      • playgroundDIVA

        This was my thinking too!
        Wait, so she put the patch on the striped shirt because her son's name is David? Is that what all the fuss is about? Makes perfect sense!

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  3. Vivian Snarkbloom

    Ew, she left the comment about the Holocaust being blown out of proportion. WUT.

    THIS! (43)  NOPE! (0)

    • Jennifer

      I feel like that is a reasonable one to leave up. (Certainly not a reasonable thing to actually post!) I think it is important for rational people to be aware the extent of the crazy that is out there. Removing it makes the world look more sane, and there are people out there who are just NOT.

      THIS! (17)  NOPE! (14)

      • Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

        If I were Amber, I wouldn't want it to be known that my fangirls are rabid bigots. So I thought David would have deleted it (I don't think Amber understands the implications of that comment).

        THIS! (25)  NOPE! (0)

        • Jennifer

          I guess that makes sense from a business perspective. Companies may not want to partner with people whose fans are nuts.

          Of course, I don't think companies look at ALL at the bloggers they partner with except numbers.

          THIS! (4)  NOPE! (1)

          • LawsuitsAreTheNewBlack

            And this is why I find it offensive when companies partner with bloggers. Some of these "women" and their fans are as backwards as the day is long. Don't even get me started about their "Devout" husbands.

            THIS! (4)  NOPE! (0)

  4. urban gypsy

    Good grief ! The comments were pretty chilling.
    It is so bizarre how the star of david is visible in some of the photos and erased in others.
    I would really like to find out where these pyjamas are from.

    THIS! (8)  NOPE! (1)

    • Jennifer

      I think she just edited the ones you could see all of it.

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      • urban gypsy

        I know, I think that makes it even more ridiculous.... like, phantom glimpses of the offensive star.

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  5. AmberIsABitch

    And.......after someone pointed this out she took it to Twitter and she called those who defended the Jewish faith basically ugly jealous woman.

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    • hashtagdeep

      This woman is a walking cringe factory.

      THIS! (18)  NOPE! (0)

  6. Jennifer

    She should have done this first thing. "I'm sorry you were offended" and "my Jewish friends said it was okay" were just ridiculous. Though nothing was as ridiculous than her Holocaust denying offenders, so at least they made her look slightly more rational.

    I personally wouldn't have looked at that onesie and thought of the Holocaust (it looks more like a baseball uniform to me- due to the circle, and that it isn't yellow), but clone stamping it the second someone else did; getting rid of the photo and/or star should occur!

    That it was a sponsored post makes it even more ridiculous. You are selling a product for a client!

    THIS! (11)  NOPE! (0)

  7. Two Faced Fashun Blogger

    Thank you Alicency for bringing this story to front page news. Exactly where it belongs. Amber still has a photo of the offensive onesie unedited on her Twitter account. You'd think she would be smart enough to take that down too.

    THIS! (17)  NOPE! (1)

    • Two Faced Fashun Blogger

      sorry, I meant Alice :)

      THIS! (1)  NOPE! (1)

  8. urban gypsy

    Also, she said that "While it looks like a Star of David, it is not"
    What does that even mean??? Because it's not yellow??? Because it's not being worn by a Jewish person???
    What makes a star of david be, a, you know, star of david?

    THIS! (39)  NOPE! (1)

    • TurkeyVulture

      Maybe it has to actually be worn by a dude named David.

      Ladies named Davida also count.

      THIS! (17)  NOPE! (3)

  9. Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

    One of her other fangirls -

    "Please keep up the lovely pics and hopefully the detractors don’t get you down"


    THIS! (25)  NOPE! (0)

    • hashtagdeep

      So fat, so detractor.

      THIS! (47)  NOPE! (0)

    • LaverneandHurling

      It's important not to let symbols of genocide get in the way of monetizing your children.

      THIS! (101)  NOPE! (1)

  10. Babe Ruth's Dick

    It's the uniform sleeve patch for the U.S. Sixth Army command, in case hams were wondering...

    THIS! (25)  NOPE! (2)

    • Jennifer

      Interesting- thanks for finding it!

      I wonder if there would be controversy if it weren't on stripes. Or if she could have told people that right off the bat.

      THIS! (10)  NOPE! (2)

      • Katie

        Or if the patch had been on a the sleeve, accompanied by other insignia, or on of a shirt that more closely resembled that of 6thArmy, I doubt there would be controversy. The overall shirt design and placement of the patch left a lot of room for improvement. On a Zara Judenstern replica shirt f*ckery scale to 10, this design comes in at about a solid 7.... and definitely not a solid wardrobe choice for a fully sponsored product advertising post.

        THIS! (28)  NOPE! (0)

        • Unblogger

          I agree. A shape like that, placed there, any strpes at all, and yeah...and it's going to conjure up some immediate associations on your aptly named scale. I'm really not buying the "it's a hexagon! and stripes" argument. I actually think this is worse than the Zara one. .

          THIS! (3)  NOPE! (0)

    • Suffocated By a Wrap Dress

      If only Amber had replied to the first comment by saying the outfit was given to them and that it was an army patch, it might have unfolded differently. Instead, she made her own rude comments and allowed her fangirls to go full-on pyscho. I wonder if she will delete the whole comment section?

      THIS! (21)  NOPE! (0)

    • urban gypsy

      Excellent sleuthing! Wonder if Amber will read that here and amend her original post ? I also kinda agree that concentration camp pyjamas were vertical.... This sort of puts the whole thing to rest for me....

      THIS! (3)  NOPE! (9)

    • LawsuitsAreTheNewBlack

      The more you know!

      Now only if that blogger had known. What an ass

      THIS! (1)  NOPE! (1)

    • Albie Quirky

      Why is that on a onesie? That's kind of silly. Unless it was a gift from a family member serving in that unit, in which case maybe put it on an olive drab onesie instead? Just to avoid confusion?

      THIS! (4)  NOPE! (1)

      • unapologetic labia

        I think it was added. I don't read this blog, but this story got my interest because I don't understand how anybody could look at that and not make the Holocaust connection. She links to the sources of all the clothing in her post and I went to the site where she says his sweater is from - all their clothes are plain, no patches. So I'm guessing the patch was given to them or she found it in a secondhand shop and in true idiot fashion put it there, because she seems really dumb. Just my educated guess.

        THIS! (3)  NOPE! (0)

  11. A Touch of the Boleyns

    Why is everyone who has a less than stellar thing to say jealous? When did this become a thing?

    THIS! (55)  NOPE! (1)

    • Helen Van Patterson Patton

      I think it's a coping mechanism of middle schoolers. Some people just never grow out of it.

      THIS! (40)  NOPE! (0)

  12. wtf

    The fact that she didn't notice the resemblance or intend to offend anyone-fine. The way she responded to it-unacceptable

    THIS! (58)  NOPE! (0)

    • what_is_written

      My thoughts exactly.

      THIS! (5)  NOPE! (4)

    • Mumspringa Glen

      Agreed. I know ignorance is not an excuse, but I really can understand someone who is not Jewish not having the look of a concentration camp prison uniform cataloged in the forefront of their brains. But holy crap. If someone brings it to your attention, you apologize with sensitivity, not defensiveness. And you don't allow your fangirls to say horrible, horrible things.

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  13. Local Organic Velveeta

    What is most insane about that Holocaust Denying comment is the idea that "Christians" are expected to apologize for the Holocaust- many in the Nazi leadership were vehemently against religion of any kind- Nazism wasn't exactly considered a Christian movement... and many MANY of the countries who fought against the Nazi's and worked to liberate those in concentration camps were predominantly Christian nations (the argument about whether they waited too long being a completely separate issue...). I think this person has been reading too much of Sarah Palin's war on Christmas book- EVERYTHING is about hating Christians now. It's the new black.

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    • Dicklebee Puppers

      What the f**k is this even supposed to mean?

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      • Local Organic Velveeta

        Just that I find it strange that the commenter turned people's offense at a pair of pajamas that resemble concentration camp uniforms into some sort of attack on Christians- I have never heard anyone sane suggest that Christians are responsible or need to apologize for the Holocaust, but maybe I'm traveling in the wrong (right?) circles... It's just human decency to acknowledge that the Holocaust happened and was a terrible, terrible blight on humanity

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        • hashtagdeep

          OHHHH it was a quote...

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    • potatohead

      Oh, get over yourself.

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    • Screaming At ALL The Vaginas (Formerly Ruby Jiselle)

      Nazism wasn't exactly considered a Christian movement...Other than Hitler expressly saying that it was and the Nazis having god on their uniforms.

      But, you know, don't let reality get in the way of your ranting.

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      • Dicklebee Puppers

        I'm not seeing where folks have said Nazism was a Christian movement. That said, many actual Nazis were Christian because many Germans were Christian.

        How is an acknowledgement of that an "attack" on Christians?

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        • Purple21

          One of the commenters on Barefoot Blonde was quite explicit about it - she said [I'm paraphrasing here!] everybody goes on about the Holocaust being a big deal, but nobody complains about all the Christians who were killed because the Jews have a stranglehold over the media. [Paraphrasing the comment - not my thoughts!]

          I think this is what Local Organic was referring to with the comment about Nazism not being a Christian movement.

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