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Barefoot Blonde Is Super Stressed Out

Barefoot Blonde, still waiting for her “custom home” to be built, is posting “From The Heart” about “Managing Stress”. In a post filled with professionally photographed thigh gaps and hair plugs Amber hand wrings about the struggles of the upper class.

First to go is obviously homemade meals because I suck at cooking. And besides having the home clean and getting ready/gym, all are really important to me to get done every day…wait does waiting til the mac n cheese on the ground dries so its easier to sweep up count as cleaning your house for the day?

Her stressful to-do list includes things like “plan crafts for the kids, have the home clean, take the kids on adventures, run our two businesses, get ready, go to the gym”. Then a commenter pointed out that pretty much all working women have the same list and manage to get it done without nannies and housekeepers, and maybe instead of crying on the internet about her to-do list she should, ya know, go tackle that to-do list. Rather than just ignoring/deleting/blocking the comment and going on with her day Amber shot back with the classic blogger “make them feel bad about not licking your dumper deck” tactic.

Maybe I should go tell someone with depression, “sure I get sad, but I get over it.” It sounds like you have life figured out and never get stressed out! You and people like you are the reason women feel like they can’t be honest on social media.

Evidently Amber wasn’t happy about the direction the conversation was going because she seems to have temporarily removed the post, removed comments, edited the post, and then reposted it. Oh well, hopefully she can learn how to better manage her stressful life of travel, bikini wearing, custom home building, and botoxing! Stay strong and brave Amber!

  1. Raison

    I love how you wrote that. It hits the nail on the head!

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  2. JuliasTooSmallTutu

    You don't get to compare upper middle class life stress to clinical depression and not get called out for it.

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    • But you don't understand...she has to go to the gym and plan crafts for her kids. Why can't you just support white wealthy women's privilege #struggles?

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      • derp twerk

        Why arrange speech therapy when you can arrange crafts for your 1 and 2 year old (who are happy eating sand and playing with scissors)?

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        • Strangled by a Blanket Scarf

          Don't forget her stressing over wanting to plan adventures for her toddlers. All 1 and 2 year olds must have adventures!!!

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  3. derpends


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  4. JaCrispy

    Yasss! Front page! I would love to see an actual to do list from Ambers diary.
    11am get up
    1pm Get ready (kids are fed and dressed because-nanny)
    2pm take pictures in sand
    2:30pm photoshop pictures (seriously, NO ONE has a thigh gap when they cross their legs. No one. And you're not fooling anyone when you pose like a flamingo in someone else's picture that you know you won't be able to alter)
    3pm nap
    4:30pm change bikini. Pose with fruit
    5pm change bikini. Pose with flowers. Attach an offensive and tone deaf caption to this one. Make sure there are two misspellings and three grammatical errors.
    5:30pm change bikini. Pose with kids eating sand. Ew, sand is on you. Hand off to nanny.
    6pm photoshop
    7pm practice poses that enhance collarbone protrusion
    8pm take a bath (kids fed and in bed because-nanny)
    9:15pm dogface Snapchat
    10pm bedtime! What a busy day!

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    • snarksquatch

      I think this is a little insensitive. I mean, the photoshopping they do takes WAY longer than the time you have allotted!
      We also have to add shop for matching string bikini's for me and my 1 year old and to do new breast implant displacement exercises.
      Guyz, it adds up. So much STRESS!!!

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      • Strangled by a Blanket Scarf

        And Amber doesn't bathe so scratch that off the to-do list.

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    • You and people like you are the reason upper middle class white people can't complain about their upper middle class white people problems without guilt. I feel sorry for your grocery store children. #yourejustjealous #richlivesmatter

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    • Sucks to your Assmar

      You forgot to pencil in Snapchat us allowing our children to do dangerous things such as play in fridges, play with grown up scissors, ride boats with no life vest, and wear helmet improperly. And that was just in this week's go do list!

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  5. LaverneandHurling

    I don't know much about this woman other than GOMI front page stuff, but I have a feeling that if she had an actual crisis or problem or oh I DON'T KNOW ACTUAL CLINICAL DEPRESSION her head would explode all over her swept (by a housekeeper) floors. If you have to manufacture stress in your life then you need to reevaluate how you spend your time.

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  6. tweecronut

    There's a crazy irony in the fact that even her "struggle" post is filled with a magazine's worth of glossy, posed pictures that are just there to make everybody envy her perfect body/marriage/life on the beach/happiness.

    Not enough eye rolls in the world for all of her commenters who are commiserating with her and defending her from the mean, jealous haters.

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  7. soridiculous

    This is why bloggers need to keep a journal if they get baby feelings when people tell them stfu. If she wants to feel real stress and depression she can spend a week at my house where I have to take care of my wonderful husband who has anxiety and mental issues caused by a terrible childhood and war. She can't handle a random Internet poster she'd never survive my life. And despite it all, my life is good. So really, shut up. *eye roll*

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  8. Zosew

    That was the dumbest blog post I've ever read. She's officially the most vapid person online. WTF were all those fake "we're so happy!" photos?

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  9. giant fleshy toddler

    WTF is wrong with these bloggers? And their commenters?? This isn't an excuse, because they all monitor their comments and only approve the ones that are creaming themselves, otherwise they approve ones that they can reply to, horribly. But they seem to take anything that isn't praise as bashing. That comment was just telling her how it is. Sorry that they weren't humping your leg? f**k bloggers. Not sure why I still check them out.

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  10. Judgey-Judgerson

    Where do they get their money?
    Those torn jean shorts on her husband, that hat, the muscle shirt.... looks like she's slummin.

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    • zoe_rivas


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  11. Purple21

    I've been dying to comment on this but I just didn't have time in between waiting for the mac and cheese to dry on the floor and take selfies of my gym gear.
    Multi-tasking might be the answer - let the mac and cheese dry on the floor while she's at the gym/ beach. And hopefully, by then the dog will have eaten it, so that stress is gone.

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  12. Kfish

    If she genuinely is suffering from anxiety, having almost nothing to do will make it worse. Her behaviour of posting, deleting, editing, reposting suggests that she's obsessing over the blog because it's the only activity occupying her time right now. Ironically, removing the routine chores like cooking from her routine will only make the problem worse.

    If you're reading this, Amber, please start adding activities to your day rather than taking them away. Small, low-stakes achievements like cooking or cleaning can really boost a person's mood by giving them something to be proud of and an activity to take them out of their own head.

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  13. I feel anxious for her planning a new kitchen that I'm sure will be OMG AMAZING, and picture perfect but never cooking in it. I feel sorry for her knowing that as the kids grow older they will actually need to eat real food, not just protein shakes.

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