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Barefoot Blonde Moves To Hawaii

Amber, moved to New York City for ‘exciting projects‘, has announced their ‘time in NYC is over’. They are ‘building a home in Arizona near family’ but since they are ‘doing a custom home we have a while til it’s done’. They have ‘decided to come to Hawaii for 6 or so months’ until Castle Numbskull is completed.

Apparently you don’t just show someone pinterest boards and start building the next week… We are on the island of Oahu and we had the most perfect first day here.

All their things are in storage and the ‘first thing’ Amber wanted to know was if ‘the storage unit was temperature controlled because I have boatloads of lipstick that I can’t have melting’. And before you ask, Amber wants you to know their dog is hanging out somewhere for a month because ‘Hawaii has strict dog rules which we unfortunately didn’t know about until later on in our planning process’ – she swears he’s joining them soon.

So I guess it’s going to be all bathing suit #ads all the time now?

  1. x

    Pretty sure the only "strict dog rule" is that they must have rabies vaccination since Hawaii doesn't have rabies. If they're vaccinated, there's a short quarantine (like a few days to a week or something). So does that mean... this dog isn't vaccinated?
    Source: I'm from Hawaii.

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    • relevant

      4 month waiting period once they've taken a blood test.
      Source: moved to hawaii with a dog

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    • SideEyes

      Are you referring the the 5-Day-or-Less program? That's only if the animal meets the requirements (rabies vaccination, microchip, blood test and then a waiting period). There is still a 120 day waiting period between the DOD getting the blood test and the animal being allowed to arrive to qualify for the 5-day-or-less. If you arrive too soon, they have to go through 120 days of quarantine, if you arrive too late, they also have to go through 120 days quarantine. If you managed to time everything perfectly and pass into the program, the animal can either be immediately released or be in quarantine for a max of 5 days.

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  2. C

    Swears he's joining soon. Or another that looks just like him...

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  3. KAS

    I bet Taza is pissed

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  4. I didn't say I was powerful, I said I was a wizard

    Must be nice to get paid so much just to stand around looking gormless with some poor Russian chicks hair glued to your head.

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  5. potatohead

    Yes, the dog is likely "hanging out for a month" in quarantine. Why do people seem to be so tripped up on taking their pets to other countries? It is not so difficult to google "place + pet import laws."

    Anyway, whatever, must be nice.

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  6. potatohead

    Yes, the dog is likely "hanging out for a month" in quarantine. Why do people seem to be so tripped up on taking their pets to other countries*? It is not so difficult to google "place + pet import laws."

    Anyway, whatever, must be nice.

    *Obvs Hawaii is not another country but one might suspect that going to places like Hawaii or Alaska or Guam or Puerto Rico might have different restrictions than driving from NYC to Pennsylvania.

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  7. Apeeling Attire

    Does this couple have a magical money tree growing in a pot somewhere? How are they affording this? What is her husband's job, that they can move around the world like this so quickly? The financial math here is making my head hurt.....

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      This is exactly what I want to know!!

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    • Karlee

      His "job" is pimping out his wife and kids for likes and clicks.

      Also, they have a time and know how to find a free #sponsored moving company to pack them up and move them across an ocean but they cant figure out how to move their dog and don't realize their custom house will take more than like, a month after closing on the lot. I mean, like, whats the hold up? They have like ALL her pintrest pics!!

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  8. Jenna

    We moved to Guam once and it was really difficult to get our cat there, the rules of Hawaii are similar and normally when people want a specific breed they get it from hawaii because it's easier than the states. So I believe her story, though tit's kind of irresponsible to not check it out sooner, we had to have weeks of preparation but got my cat there with us because leaving her wasn't an option.

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    • aerialss

      I agree with you, pets are family and I'm glad your cat went with you. :) I'm moving to Prague in July 2017 and I have a small dog and I'm already making a checklist and timeline so that there are no surprises or mistakes along the way. My dog is turning 11 in April and in good health but I want it to be as stress-free as possible for him and me. Prepare or prepare to fail. The Clarks are stupid.

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      • Sucks to your Assmar

        What a fabulous move! And look at how easy it is to be responsible about moving!

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  9. our carefully laid plans

    I wish I could've seen the face on the rental company agent when the lipstick fear came up.

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  10. Magically delicious

    What a life this chick leads...seriously. However and FWIW, I would never move ANYwhere I could not have my dogs, they are as much my children as my lil'human. Even just taking a vacation makes me feel bad, despite they have a dog nanny. She sucks.

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  11. Ja'Crispy

    I wonder if she knows how completely detached from reality and unrelatable she sounds? "We're building a custom home but it turns out that takes time...who knew, right?! LOL So we're going to live in Hawaii for 6 or so months while we wait." I mean, does she think things like this are normal? People building custom mansions and vacationing in Hawaii for 6 months.

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    • Uvabird

      We once had to rent an apartment for half a year while waiting for base housing in Ohio so I totally identify with BB being self banished to Hawaii for six months.

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    • Ridin' dirty in the grocery store

      If the whole point of moving to AZ is to be near family, why not just rent nearby? Won't they need to check on the custom house or make decisions about construction?

      I wonder what people's reactions are when they try to make friends in Hawaii. "Oh, we're just here for six months dicking around while we wait for our house in AZ to get built. What do you do?"

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  12. hell nope

    I just don't get what is so special about her. She doesn't bring any original content to her "job" and yet companies and fan girls love her. She is pretty *meh* to me.

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  13. Elegant Baby Turtle

    rofl they didn't bother looking into rabies titers until last minute?

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