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Barefoot Blonde Moves To Hawaii

Amber, moved to New York City for ‘exciting projects‘, has announced their ‘time in NYC is over’. They are ‘building a home in Arizona near family’ but since they are ‘doing a custom home we have a while til it’s done’. They have ‘decided to come to Hawaii for 6 or so months’ until Castle Numbskull is completed.

Apparently you don’t just show someone pinterest boards and start building the next week… We are on the island of Oahu and we had the most perfect first day here.

All their things are in storage and the ‘first thing’ Amber wanted to know was if ‘the storage unit was temperature controlled because I have boatloads of lipstick that I can’t have melting’. And before you ask, Amber wants you to know their dog is hanging out somewhere for a month because ‘Hawaii has strict dog rules which we unfortunately didn’t know about until later on in our planning process’ – she swears he’s joining them soon.

So I guess it’s going to be all bathing suit #ads all the time now?

  1. scandalous and strange and gratuitous

    Every time I hear this chick's name, all I can think is "porn star".

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    • D

      My parents narrowed their name choices to two. Amber was the runner up. And I thank Zeus every single day that I didn't end up with that name. I love me some Tiffany Amber Theisson, but I'm pretty sure I would have ended up on a pole somewhere should I have had the name (not really, but life would certainly be different in a strange, probably superficial way).

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      • Amber

        As an Amber I feel like I should be offended but...nah. TV and movies really like to depict a certain image of an "Amber." And she's never the doctor or the lawyer in the story.

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        • polynomialpurebred

          House's Amber (#cutthroatb***h) was pretty amazing of a character!

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      • #basic

        I think part of it is her maiden/last name though (Fillerup).

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        • #basic

          ^^^ Which I know she can't help.

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  2. Strangled by a Blanket Scarf

    So she gets implants and moves to Hawaii to live in bathing suits for the next 6+ months for free while her Barefoot Blonde Barbie dreamhouse gets built. Yep, that makes sense.

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  3. golden

    Is it possible to be this clueless? We build custom homes, and if you have a lot that needs poles set or anything that requires the power company to actually work, it can take months just to get utilities to your house. If she's building one of those stock homes from the plans on the "custom home builder"s website, I would be shocked if they would be move in ready in 6 mos.

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    • Strangled by a Blanket Scarf

      Amber and D3 really are that clueless.

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    • our carefully laid plans

      Yeah. Makes no sense. Hell, it took several months for our architect to even get the plans drawn (after making decisions and revisions as we went), plus the interviews and bids from builders for the project. I think it was two years of city permits, picking out every lighting fixture, toilet, paint was an amazing amount of time on our part and I couldn't have done it half so well if we had not been local and able to go talk to our builder and her main contractors a bunch. But maybe I'm just not as fab as she and her hubs are. Silly me. Why didn't we go to -insert enviable location here- and just flounce around with ratty hair and sponsored outfits? My husband is gonna be so bummed to find out we had options that includes bathing suits and a lack of alarm clocks and actually working.

      And nope, not a humble brag in the post. I was raised by a loving but distinctly not wealthy set of parents (bus driver dad and mom was a teacher at an underfunded inner city school), so for me being able to build a home with my husband like this feels so surreal and amazing.

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    • The Mr. Beaumont

      I don't think they're that clueless. I think they've had this move in the works for a long time - how could you not to get all the details figured out? - but they would rather be perceived as ditzy and clueless than just be honest and say the truth.

      Although the dog thing seems like something they just completely overlooked.

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  4. blairwaldorf2

    why would you want to put a dog on a 11 hour flight????!?@? it probably has to stay in a box in the back cargo.

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  5. la_blagueuse

    This is the first time I've seen this blog, so please forgive me, but whatthef**k? What is interesting and why do people care anything at all about this person? Yawn-o-rama.

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  6. MemberBerries

    Is this the chick with the "toe thumbs" that had a baby not too long ago?

    I can't keep my boring bland blonde bloggers straight.

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  7. Sucks to your Assmar

    If I was building a house I would want to be near it and be a part of every aspect of the build. Making decisions about counter tops and cabinets just makes so much more sense when you can see things in person.

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    • #basic

      Well, if she doesn't like how the house turns out, she'll just get another one. That's how her life rolls. What does she care, someone will gift her another extraordinary gift if this one doesn't work out. She is the definition of entitlement. I doubt they have much skin in the game with regard to the house. I don't see how they'd qualify for a mortgage when neither of them has a proper job. Someone else is probably footing the bill.

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  8. My Tie Sux

    I just don't get the husband. What exactly does he bring to the table? Can't respect that. And I'm sure neither will his kids.

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