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Ben Is Also Going Across America In Case You Forgot


Ben Davis, doing life, is yet another guy who is going across America. For the past four or so months he has been walking across the country because why not. But now he is out of money and needs you to pay for the last 700 miles.

I almost made it, but as it turns out here nearly 2,400 miles in, I’ve come up just short on funds allocated for the walk. If you’d like to chip in a couple bottles of Gatorade or some trail mix or whatever you can, I’ve made it pretty simple; just click the link in my profile bio here on Instagram.

People have been predicting for months that he would eventually start donation begging, so nobody is really surprised. But Caitlyn Boyle has “found what he has done really inspiring” which is like, the seal of approval on what’s inspiring on instagram. So clearly he deserves your money for Panera meals.

Really though, I’m on the fence about whether to side eye this since he IS getting farther than ole FGAA did in a whole year. I guess I’m just not understanding what is so inspiring about this that it deserves ‘donations’.

  1. What in the ever-loving feck

    Remember back in the day when the reasonable solution to "come up short on funds" meant 'go and get a damn job' and not 'beg for handouts'? I don't know anything about this jackhole, but I'm assuming if he's capable of walking across the country, he's capable of doing a few manual-labor day jobs here and there to earn money for trail mix and Gatorade. Or hell, sell some flowers or oranges at a freeway exit.

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    • Little Broom On The Prairie


      I don't know who he is, but, yeah, what's with all these people thinking they deserve to be funded for their decision to stop being an adult, and go on bike rides, walks, flour making, etc? Sure! Here ya go! Take the money I've worked hard for, have fun!

      Listen up: I really feel like I can make a difference in the world by taking a cruise to the Caribbean, ok? Please send cash.

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      • Little Broom On The Prairie

        I posted before reading comments on his IG. He's getting donations, and people thanking him for making a difference in their lives.


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        • Billsburg

          I was going to say something similar. My husband and I could make a difference and your life better by sailing around the Virgin Islands this winter. Please send money. How will this make your life better? You can read about it!

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          • Elderburry

            I'm soo confused by him/and these type of ventures. My friend biked cross country several years ago and when he ran out of cash he couchsurfed and picked up odd jobs on craigslist til he could continue. Not a hard concept.

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    • get a job you lazy .......

      Thank you for saying this! What the hell is the matter with people? It appears whenever they are too damn lazy to get any type of job to support themselves it's easier to just:

      a. beg for money or
      b. write the predictable book based on the blog that exploits their kids

      The frightening part is how many STUPID minions follow and encourage these types of grifters. This comment below is off a blog written by an autism mother and is a perfect example. She, OMG, lost her five bedroom, five bathroom house and has to , OMG, live in apartment now with one bathroom yet her readers just look at this as "material for her book". Is that how these types see their lives? As material for a book as a way to make money rather than just getting a job? Got help this country!

      " Lester-Carver It shall be interesting...much growth shall come...but man, think of all the great material that will come from this for that best selling book we all await...great big hugs to all as you transition "

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      • get a job you lazy .......

        I also want to add this is NOT a family of a child with autism who has lived a tough, poor existence like many do. These are two idiot parents who have written a blog for years show casing their overspending, placing importance on the image of themselves by publishing hundreds and hundreds of well place photos of their kids in expensive clothes with very expensive things, making their oldest, typical child be a child model, constantly discussing their excessive spending habits and on and on until they predictably just lost their 1.7 million dollar home. Now everyone awaits the book based on the same stupid life that landed them in this predicament and readers suggest this gives even more great material for a book (aka as money making). Is this what life has become for so many? I feel for this generation of kids being exposed to this type of example. They will think this is how to make money when they grow up and the cycle will continue.

        From Diary of a Mom blog. We need to feel sorry for her since they now only have one bathroom instead of five!

        "The house in which we lived for the past twelve and a half years had five bathrooms. I always believed that to be embarrassingly excessive.
        That said, the apartment into which we moved on Saturday has one. And while I am exceedingly grateful to have indoor plumbing, a hot shower, and the miracle of clean, potable water on command, I'm not going to lie - this could get ugly.
        {image is a photo of the only part of the bathroom I'm willing to photograph - five brightly-colored, unmatched towels hanging from the back of the door.}"

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  2. hipsdontlie

    Does he have family? Friends? Wouldn't you think he would turn to them first before mooching off the general public? But I like the previous ham's suggestion better: get a job. Even if it's just day labor in whatever town he's passing through.

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  3. Best Thigh Gap Ever

    People! It is not cheap to walk across America using data all day updating Insta, Snapchat, Tumblr, and posting your story to Reddit to gain more suckers. I mean, it's so easy for us to say get a job but his track record is that he is not able to earn a living through work! Prior to this, this special snowflake was sitting at home playing video games. For whatever reason many look at this 30-something slacker with no will to work inspiring.

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    • Jay Bee

      "30-something slacker with no will to work" = me, in my heart. However, like a decent human being I did my job today even though it's not my #omgpassion, because Doing Life does not equal Doing Whateverthef**k And Asking Strangers On The Internet For Money Because Jobs Make Sad.

      These Elizabeth Gilbert/Cheryl Strayed wannabes who won't plan or budget make me stabby.

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      • phone

        OK here's my plan. I will continue to go to work every day, but I will upload photos from my commute and my lunch and my desk to Instagram and tumblr and whatever. Trust me, I am very inspiring. I'll send you a photo of my coworker looking like she agrees with that statement. We can Snapchat together, she and I. (She is not as inspiring as I am, though, she's not included in this next part.) send me money as I inspire you from my own desk. Oh, the lunch photos I can share with you!

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  4. potatohead

    The thing about shit like this is - I mean, SO many people have dreams like this. I've always wanted to spend a year and do a 50 state road trip, for example! People dream of hiking the Pacific Coast Trail from Mexico to Canada! College kids want to do the Grand European Tour or tour the Australian outback or whatever. But for most of those people, unless they have parents who'll pay for it or they're independently wealthy or they have a situation where they can afford not to have a job for X amount of time - these dreams will never transpire. So why should I be paying someone to go live my dream?

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    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane


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    • Ja'Crispy


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      • Just Jane

        I was talkin' to her. Your dream stinks.

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    • Swans.

      I have a friend who biked from Vancouver to San Diego (where his bike was stolen), and then worked his way to New Zealand by finding various jobs on boats along the way. He started out as basically a deck swabber, became a cook, and eventually learned to sail the boats himself. Once in NZ, he started working as a cook in a mountaineering hut and got to rock and mountain climb all summer.

      He did it with only the occasional email home. As needed he slept in a tent, ate rice and beans, and occasionally got fed and sheltered by locals who took pity on him. He's the kind of guy who makes his own luck and takes whatever odd job he can to fund his vagabond lifestyle.

      Never has he gone online and asked for money for being #soinspiring. Doin' it right.

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      • potatohead

        My husband saved up money, quit his go-nowhere job, and did six months of travel, first in New Zealand and then in east Asia. He exchanged odd jobs for a couch, stayed in hostels a lot, met a couple and went with them in their RV (he paid the gas). Best time of his life (presumably second best, now that he's met and married me), even with the dengue fever that forced an abrupt end to travels.

        But part of the reason it was so great was BECAUSE he worked hard for it. And used it as a time to work out his traveling, angsty, mid-20s life shit before coming back home and finding a big-boy job.

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      • Just Jane

        I have a friend who raised money to bike across America. And to build houses for disadvantaged people along the way. And all the money she raised went to the charity that organized the cyclists. The money paid for the materials to build the homes. She is a millennial. THAT is the kind of fundraising for a cycling trip I was happy to give my money to.

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    • Hater Face

      Just wanted to encourage you to do this! It doesn't take a year, maybe every year you can do a few states. Maybe your dream isn't exactly what reality can make happen, but you can still do it :)

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      • potatohead

        I'll set up my GoFundMe right away! :)

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    • Just Jane

      I did my dream trip to Europe when I finished college. The thing is, I had to stay with people I'd met in a college foreign exchange program (their house was tiny and people were constantly smoking inside), or in hostels, or in tents with other college kids, or in cheap hotels and B and B's... Whatever I could afford. I had to go hungry sometimes. I spent some time working on a collective in order to afford money for food and transportation. I had the time of my DAMN LIFE! But that was the 80s. I'm not sure the world I experienced even exists anymore. Plus, I was single, young, white, and somewhat cute, so I got lots of opportunities and free stuff.

      Still, I think that even today, people who are willing to settle for a less than luxurious adventure can still take these dream trips. It takes some sacrifice, something I don't see many people willing to make. The "it's not FAIIIIIRRRRRR!" movement is making me nuts!

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  5. Madlibs

    So, when he started doing this, I thought, good for him. As he was making progress, I thought, REALLY good for him! He's totally getting it done. But then when you ask for money? No. I would love to walk across the country. But I have a job and bills and I can't afford it. Why the hell should I give my money to some guy, freaking walking across the country for the hell of it? Like, if I'm going to give my money to something, I'm going to give it to something a little more worthy. Not just some guy who decided to walk across the country and then decided it was too scary to camp and stay at motels the whole way instead. That sort of thing shouldn't have been a surprise to him.

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  6. Boofrickinghoo

    Not a f*****g thing about this, or him is inspiring. Another loser who thinks we all should celebrate his snowflakeness and foot the bill. I too would love to do something like this, but I have serious responsibilities like a job and a family to take care of, so those dreams go by the wayside until maybe someday I can afford to do this ON MY OWN DIME. I seriously hate people sometimes.

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  7. SnarkyCat

    This is what happens when u give every kid a trophy for participating - entitlement at its finest

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  8. ILikePie

    Never change Ben. Never change.

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  9. Amy

    You pay close enough attention to his Instagram and you see people catching on to this bullshit. But Ben knows that he can't maximize his donations and begging with negative comments, so he deletes them. And he deletes a lot. There are so many worthwhile causes to donate your hard earned money to instead of this. Ben is a complete piece of shit.

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  10. GoodbyeHello

    Others have made this same trip and were fundraising for a charity or worthy cause. That I understand. But why the hell would anyone want to contribute one red cent to this lazy grifting hobo?

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    • Wait... What?

      I've seen that too. I've seen people do in honor of a family member who died of cancer do this in honor and all donations go through the charity of the illness.

      I know there are others who do this and the write a book. They do not ask for money. Working for at all different jobs is part of the experience.

      I have a coworker who saved for five years and then took a year sabbatical to hike mountains across the US.

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  11. Nicks bugle forever

    What is the F-cking purpose of this walk anyway?!? I can't. I just honestly CAN NOT with this jackass anymore. I am at a loss for words. There ARE no words. Just truly stupid and pathetic and up his own FAT ass. Yes Ben....FAT. Still fat. Still stupid. Still useless.

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    • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

      Noping you because you are f**king unhinged. I thought it was just the TL thread but nope, you have some anger issues.

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  12. Oh, honestly

    What grown person doesn't have a credit card for emergencies?!

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    • Bitchy Waves

      Nope? I guess you approve of asking strangers for handouts when your poorly laid plans don't work out? I'd rather see someone charge their whole manic flight of fancy on their own CC and wonder why they're were in debt and how to get out later than see other working people give them their money. Unless you're just in scamming people from the get go. Like this guy who inexplicably has no CC.

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    • Bitchy Waves

      I think it's plain to see that the fact that he is surely the only adult on the planet without a CC is part of the scam. The general public must help him, he has no cash and will
      surely starve and have to abort his mission to inspire us all without our help!

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      • Dude there are plenty of adults who do not have credit cards. Refusal to participate in revolving credit is not a sign of a scammer.

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        • sittymccoucherson

          I do not have a credit card. I'm terrible at paying bills and I know it, so I don't put myself in a position where I miss payments and wind up with with outrageous charges. I have a debit card, and if I can't afford something right then and there with the cash in my account then I don't get it.

          To the original point, though, that's why I'm not walking across America. Because I can't afford it so I stay home and work. Also because I'm lazy and don't want to walk that far.

          I'll never understand the crowd sourcing of money. Why do you - of all of the people with wants and needs and maybe even hardships that plenty of other people have and manage on their own - think you're the one worthy of MY money instead of problem solving your own problem?

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          • Hater Face

            Crowd sourcing makes sense if you have a business idea or a product idea and want to get it off the ground. Asking for money to fund a passion project is a bit narcissistic, on the other hand.

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        • Mhmmmm

          I think it's very convenient for him, though. I'm stuck! No money! No credit! Save me! As if he had no choice but to do this and now there's no way out. I hope no one sends him money.

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          • Oh totally. Like can't he ask that Pa person for a few hundy bills and then just sleep outdoors for the last 700 miles instead of hotels?

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            • Florida Stanely

              wait....he's been sleeping indoors the entire time?? um..has he never read a single hiking book about any of the three main trails? omfg this f**king guy. being indoors is a luxury when you're hiking long distance. i just can't anymore with him.

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              • Hater Face

                Not to mention camping along the way is something like $10-$20/a night (or free) whereas a hotel is AT LEAST $50.

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  13. Sendmoneyforyoga

    In exactly 8 days time I am flying out of the country to spend 12 months travelling throughout Asia and Europe. But, I saved for THREE f**kING YEARS, I've lived on lentils and 'reduced to clear' bread for the past 6 months and plan on sleeping on people's couches when I get back. I didn't know that getting other people to pay for my twatting around was an option.

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    • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

      I'm not WK-ing for Ben here but when you say you "plan on sleeping on people's couches when I get back" how are you any better than him? Those people will be helping you save money because you won't be paying rent for awhile, right? So, in a way, you are kind of getting other people to pay for your twatting around.

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      • LivingTheDream

        I'll WK for SM4Yoga....coming back after a year with the job market the way it is? I'd also couchsurf with friends or family for a month while getting my feet replanted. It feels different than asking strangers online. Or asking friends/family online, if this is Ben's way of asking/not asking.

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        • Three dudes named Toby and a dog with a Phish bandana

          I don't see the difference. They're still expecting someone else to subsidize their living expenses so they can go on vacation.

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          • Seaside Honey Fantasia

            I don't see the difference and I write a travel blog. It's awesome to travel for a year, good for you, but it's a choice (and privilege). It really is asking others to subsidize your travel fantasy when your coming home plan is to couch surf and let others pay those bills. Unless you are paying your fair share of the rent and bills, and I hope you are, it's no different.

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          • Hater Face

            Depends on how long you stay and what you give the person in return. As long as it's a mutually beneficial exchange, then it's not really as bad as you're making it out to be.

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            • Seaside Honey Fantasia

              That's exactly WHY I said "unless you are paying your fair share..."

              This could mean compensation in any number of ways as agreed upon by all parties, but it does not mean loafing in a friend's house while they pay all of the bills. That would be expecting someone else to subsidize one's travel fantasy rather than one paying for it all responsibly....and leaves one in no position to throw shade on Ben for doing the same.

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              • Sendmoneyforyoga

                Yikes, totally different. I'm paying rent. In reality I'm not actually going to "sleep on people's couches". I self censored, what I should of typed was, "rent the spare room in the basement, affectionately called the gimp room because of all of the hooks". Relax, all twatting is self funded.

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