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Bower Power Purchases A “Crack House”


Katie Bower, says y’all a lot, has finally acquired the investment property she’s wanted for a while. Saying “nothing is a done deal right now”, Katie proceeded to post the address and interior photos of the property – despite the fact that the “crack house” is still occupied.

Right now it is used as low-income housing for six different people and that is why these photos show a lot of furniture and clothing and stuff.   They do still live there.  I could explain more detail but honestly, it’s hard for us to even draw up a floor plan because of all the stuff so for now, I will let a few photos do the talking…

Featuring such fun captions as “this used to be a drug dealers bathroom”, the remainder of the post is mostly photos of the interiors. Katie concludes her post by asking readers to “please pray for us” while they “bring on this crazy crack house journey”.

Because obviously the person needing prayers in this scenario is the affluent white woman who will have to *gasp* renovate, not the displaced low income families. Yay gentrification!