Caro Has Unique Criteria For "End of Recession"


Caroline McCarthy, of the huge tracts of land McCarthys, has some rather strange ideas of what constitutes national economic recovery:

Swag alert: We have slap bracelets, light-up badges, and Silly Putty. OMG, the recession is so over.about 14 hours ago from TweetDeck

I for one think it is premature to declare this recession over before there is kettle corn and glow sticks, but I applaud Caro’s cautious optimism.

  1. Worrisome Pelts

    Dear Caro,

    Your efforts have been duly noted, but we regret to inform you that you will never actually be an anime character.

    Tepid regards,


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    • juliaspublicist

      Ha! That was the best comment I have read in a long time.

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  2. JiveTalkin

    Her breasts exert a strange hypnotic effect.

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  3. Sideshow Bob

    She looks... old.

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    • Julia'sButtSweat

      And demonic. Don't forget demonic. Also, don't piss her off or she'll spit pea soup on you.

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    • JiveTalkin

      I'm thinkin' Shelley Duvall in "Popeye".

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      • Sideshow Bob

        Or an evil version of Luke from Zelda.

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  4. Anon

    I really, really want this girl to wear just a LITTLE make up. Please. Just some blush at least? A little mascara? She looks so washed out. And what is that hair?

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  5. Coral Stomper with Straw Hair

    I really adore this site, and especially RBNS, but sometimes you go after people I know and like a lot, and it's more than a little uncomfortable. So I feel obligated to say that Caroline is not the worthy target that JAB, AF, MR, or Sarah Lacy all are. Sad face.

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  6. gibsonhickman

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  7. Coral Stomper with Straw Hair

    I get that. My experience has been that she's always friendly and goes out of her way to talk to people (me included) who can't do much for her. Genuine and sort of not totally confident in her own dorkiness, but not trying to be something she's not. So I feel like I have to say something. I like her a whole lot. That's it.

    I feel like there's only so much bile in the world, and I'm sad when it's not being directed at Sarah Lacy, AF, JAB, and MR. Beggar AND chooser here! xxx

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