Caro Warns You That Bears Roam Free In That Jersey Place

caroline mccarthy will eat you alive

Caro “OMG BEARS!” McCarthy just wants to warn everyone that over in the backwater place known as “New Jersey” bears roam free and eat children:

In central NJ, this is cause for panic: minutes ago from TweetDeck

Jezzzzus! How will its residents get all their outlet shopping accomplished with such foldeeroll going on! Where are the state troopers? FEMA? Will New Jersey ever manage to get settled and civilised if such things are allowed to continue?

  1. Sausage Snappers

    Her eyebrows, how they burn us. If only she would get them done something like this:

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  2. AudiWriteOff

    The funny thing is, that's her dead calm face.

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  3. Auntie Meme

    That's a lovely tribute to John Waters she has going on under her nose. She must be a huge fan.

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  4. Jacy

    Imagine if she and Karp had reproduced? Those would have been some crazymotherf**king demonic looking children.

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