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Even Messica No Longer Cares About What Messica Wears

Jessica Quirk, professor of teaching how to draw stick figure Jessicas, is apparently all but over personal style blogging. She recently announced that What I Wore would be transitioning into a lifestyle blog;  now she tells readers she’s “spending a little less time thinking about what to wear”:

I’ve been resorting to my own archives for ideas on how to get dressed these days. With my mind on other things (like my upcoming lesson plans!) I just don’t care as much about clothes these days.

If you’re doing more lifestyle posts and no longer care about clothes…isn’t it maybe time to rebrand and be done with it? I’m so confused – all these bloggers who don’t need to are rebranding, yet the one blog that really should, isn’t. Gawd internets ur like harder than math sometimez!



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What I Wore Finally Becomes Lifestyle Blog

After basically abandoning her attempts to get her blog That’s Quirky off the ground, Jessica Quirk has decided instead to begin transitioning her daily outfit blog into a lifestyle site.  In yesterday’s post she announced the coming change:

On a side note: If you’re only here for Daily Outfit posts, please save THIS LINK in your bookmarks. You’ll be seeing more food and lifestyle posts on What I Wore in 2014! 

We’ve been saying for a while that she needs to fold What I Wore into her “That’s Quirky” site and just have a lifestyle blog. Despite how much I hate rebranding, Messica is one person who would actually benefit from one. She hasn’t been posting outfits with any real frequency for at least a year, and honestly she doesn’t seem that into the “personal style blog” concept any longer. Between taking on a side job and revamping her site’s purpose it looks like she’s finally accepting that her reign as queen of the daily outfits is over.



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Preppy Bloggers Apparently Engaged

lol white people

Kiel James Patrick, makes preppy white people things, and his girlfriend of 9,057 years Sarah Vickers did the totally traditional romantic New Year’s Eve thing – they staged a proposal photo for instagram.

Guy Who Resembles Fozzie Bear kneeled socklessly before Kate Middleton Hair and asked “Sarah Vickers will you be my Princess?” And just like in a Disney princess movie, Sarah replied via instagram with many exclamation points.

Yipp**oodle for them, I guess. Maybe she can get him a nice razor as an engagement gift?



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J’s Everyday Fashion Will Explain Age Ranges

J’s Everyday Fashion, totally not a style blogger, has long been notorious for her inability to behave like a normal person in comment sections. Well she’s back at it this weekend, getting into a foot stomping huff over people telling her the cooter flashers she posted on her blog might be a bit “too young” for her.

When J stated that the age appropriateness is irrelevant because she is not “30+”, readers decided to remind J of a little fact: her age. Telling J “I just found a post from July 2011 in which you turned 28, therefore you are 30 now, so you ARE 30+!” simply initiated a bunch of “I am not 30+” equivocating, as J tried to convince everyone that you aren’t really really in the 30+ age range until you’re actually in you’re mid-thirties.

She attempted to push this definition for several comments. Finally realizing her stupid attempt to fudge the meaning of an age range was falling flat, she reverted to the classic blogger discussion coup de grace – pouting off the playground.

I am coming to the realization that I absolutely should never stand up for myself in the comment section, or what I’m saying will be taken as defensive, or like I’m upset (which 99% of the time, I’m not). It makes me sad because I really want to set a good example and I would want anyone to stand up for themselves in the same way.

Yes, poor J can’t say anything without you people getting up in her grill like a bunch of “rude” judgey meanies. I honestly don’t understand why she escalated this to fever pitch when she could have just kept her butthurt to herself, but whatever. I’ve given up on J ever acting like an adult, no matter what age she is.



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“What I Wore” Gets A Real Job

Jessica Quirk, one of the first “style bloggers” to claim “full time blogger” status has evidently accepted that posting outfit pictures to your tumblr isn’t really a “job”. According to the Indiana University website, Messica has joined their faculty under the Apparel Merchandising department.


Messi has yet to announce what she’ll be doing, but if it’s a teaching position I will never stop feeling embarrassed for IU.

I wonder what happened to the days of insane ad prices, NYFW, sponsorships from Coach and Kate Spade, renting “studio space”, and proudly bragging about doing WIW as her “full time job“? Oh how the middling have fallen.



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Hey Natalie Mean Still Opening Her Mouth

After some drama including an apparent breakup and later re-engagement, Hey Natalie Jean’s little sister is finally walking down the aisle. Natalie has expressed some barely concealed hostility towards her sister’s man in the past. Regardless, she and her Motherboy are obviously attending the wedding and she’s obviously going to be instagramming away the boredom of not being the center of attention.

Eyerollingly the family drama has already publicly reared itself in Natalie’s first image – Motherboy on a pile of luggage. When one of her fangirls mentioned that Natalie was on her way to a wedding, sweet kind perpetual foot snacker Nat responded with a snarky reference to the couple’s recent troubles, saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”.

Evidently Bratalie’s future brother-in-law has had just about enough and in true Lovin Family fashion brought that ish onto the internet:


Oh to be a caffeine free beverage on that reception table. Keep it classy, Nat & Co.!



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Queen Of The Modesty Fashion Bloggers Peaces Out

Closed Much

Elaine, longtime ruler of the fashion blogging niche dedicated to modesty, is renouncing her throne.

I don’t know how to do this. I’ve been fashion blogging for 4 1/2 years. How do you end it? Do you peel the band-aid off slowly or do you rip it off? I feel like I’ve been pulling it off slowly for the past year or so.. And it’s time to rip it off. And it hurts. I’m sad that this journey has to end, but I think we all know it’s time.

Apparently the main reason for the shutdown is that her life just isn’t in the same place that inspired her to start the blog.

I started this blog in 2009 when Chase and I have only been married for a year. We were both going to school. We both had part-time minimum-wage jobs and student loans to boot. I was sick and tired of wearing the same old things every day and I created this blog to help me be more creative with what I already had.

She explained that between an increasingly mobile baby and impending full time employment she simply won’t have the time to continue her outfit posts. She won’t be gone from the internet completely; it appears she will evidently be a personal/mommy blogger instead, thus moving from top of her niche to just another in an already overcrowded genre.

But let’s give credit where it’s due – if she hasn’t been feeling it the past year then it’s good she can at least admit it and kill her blog in a merciful manner rather than dragging it out for years (cough, What I Wore, cough).



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Gala Darling Will Help You Fix Yourself

Gala Darling, of the self love letter Darlings, is clipping right along with her Radical Self Love Letters project. You remember that scheme – send Gala $20 and she will send you a super helpful email every single day for 30 days full of advice on how to be more like Gala.

Well her latest letter is out and apparently Gala is claiming to be some go-to girl for the downtrodden young women of the internets:

…I get a lot of emails from women who are upset, sad, depressed, desperate and unsure what to do about it.  Typically these emails contain very long paragraphs, finished off with something like, “I don’t know what to do.  Gala, how can I fix myself?”

Gala’s advice? Try “stretching, deep breathing, gratitude”, reflexology, EFT, and…vision boards.

Some detractors are saying this latest email is not just a harmless envelope full of glitter – it’s downright irresponsible to say “going for a run” will “make you feel better” to people who may be in deeper waters than can be diagnosed via email by a woman in a pink tutu. For people who may admire Gala and the lifestyle she portrays online, being told all they need to do is adjust their mood with some gratitude and a jog could lead to some very bad outcomes if it doesn’t work.

Gala is well known for pushing the idea that your mood is your own fault; but at what point do harmless “turn that frown upside down” platitudes become borderline dangerous?



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“Flora and Fauna” Will Now Revert Back To Her Old Self

Oh well.

Tatiana, the blogger known as Love, Life, Lace who flounced off the internet only to return once she got pregnant, has been applauded by many GOMIers for seemingly ending her try-hard twee domestic posing and just being a normal young mom.

Well you can put away your clapping hands. Tatiana announced that she would be going back to that previous persona:

I’m going back. Back to me, back to what feels comfortable, back to what feels right…I apologized to all my pretty dresses and blouses and before I knew it I was making an appointment with my hairstylist to get bangs again (it’s really happening and I’m really scared!!). The truth is I learned I’m just not lanky or edgy or “modely” enough for the trendy hipster look…

Tatiana then goes on to explain that she loves Anne Shirley and Pride & Prejudice which means she’s just way too nerdy to be a hipster:

It’s time I admit that I’ve always been a nerd, I am a nerd and I’ll probably always be a nerd. I will always swoon over a peter pan collar, twirly dress and bright lipstick.

It took about 5 seconds for her to get back to bangs, milkmaid braids, and posting twee pastries. So I guess now she’s back to being a carbon copy of all the other pretty pretty things blogs. It makes me want to pull a Tyra; we were all rooting for you, Tatty!



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Nat The Fat Rat Rebrands Blog For Some Reason

Not The Fat Rat

Nat the Fat Rat, “happiness curator”, is no more. Claiming “it was really the time to put that ugly nickname to rest”, Natalie has rebranded her triangle parade to Hey Natalie Jean – complete with updated “About” page written in the third person.

It feels like it’s been a year of blog rebranding. A few months ago the personal blog Rockstar Diaries morphed into the lifestyle brand Love Taza. Last November Sweetney decided to rebrand as xoTrace. Heir to Blair rebranded as Okay, BA. I’m hearing rumors that Cuppy is contemplating a rebrand sometime in the next year as well.

In Tracey’s case I can understand – she doesn’t really want to have her online identity associated with her ex-spouses name for the rest of her life. But as a rule rebranding seems to be about becoming a professional blogger or attracting advertising. Blogs rebrand to something more “pr friendly” and suddenly turn into packaged products rather than online diaries – all in the name of taking it to the ‘next level’.

I get wanting a change after years of blogging, but it still feels like the core of the original blog dies when people rebrand their online lives into something more palatable to a wider audience. Regardless of whether their longtime readers like it, I’m sure this will continue as more and more bloggers sign up with agencies and ad networks and try to make it to the big time.

As for Natalie Jean, enough with the triangles. If you’re going to rebrand, at least do it all the way.



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Bloggers Will Now Sell You Their Instagram Pics

Have you ever wanted your favorite blogger’s Instagram photos blown up and printed on things like an iphone case or a framed print, so that you may enjoy pics of their dog or over filtered trees whenever you like? Bloggers such as Love Maegan and Jon Armstrong are now graciously offering you that opportunity! Even Dooce’s Noselord is getting in on the “20% of the sale” action.

Evidently with sponsored tweets becoming less and less popular (and with more and more Instagram filters becoming available) folks are looking into yet another way to profit off the fact that they use social media. Congrats, internets! You can now I can have the sadcoffee wall gallery you’ve yearned for.

Seriously though, this is going to be great. I can’t wait to see what photos bloggers try to pass off as ‘art’ worthy of being blown up on an $80 canvas.



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Gala Darling Will Charge You For Glittery Emails

Gala Darling, glitter peddler, is back with a whole new scheme to separate depressed women from their money.

What if I told you you can forget everything about who you think you are? What if I told you that you can be whoever you want to be? That’s why I created Radical Self Love Letters: a 30 day email program to lift you up and jumpstart your heart.

Yes folks, for the low low price of $20 Gala Darling will send you 30 days of emails containing such helpful information as “you’re awesome!”

Today, I just want to say: you are awesome.  You are fabulous…You are not flawed or messed up.  You are wonderful just the way you are.
Kind of a radical concept, no?
Just think about that today.

Gala has been shilling some version or other of this dreck pretty much since Al Gore flipped the “on” switch for the intarwebs. Every so often she repackages it and sells it all over again, but it’s the same “but you’re like really pretty! buy yourself flowers!” pep talk crap you can get from any one of a hundred other sources. How she keeps getting away with this I’ll never know.



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“The Londoner” Instagram Image Has Internet Screaming About Capgate

Rosie, the neverending vacationer known as “The Londoner“, is apparently being side eyed over an image posted to instagram a few months ago. The image is now being discussed on twitter and more than a few people are expressing shock at her lack of response over the matter.

The image in question has Rosie wearing a Schutzstaffel officer’s cap and called a “sexy little officer”:

The image is rapidly disappearing from the internet, prompting people to wonder if she simply didn’t know what she was putting on her head until the outcry.