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Gala Darling Will Charge You For Glittery Emails

Gala Darling, glitter peddler, is back with a whole new scheme to separate depressed women from their money.

What if I told you you can forget everything about who you think you are? What if I told you that you can be whoever you want to be? That’s why I created Radical Self Love Letters: a 30 day email program to lift you up and jumpstart your heart.

Yes folks, for the low low price of $20 Gala Darling will send you 30 days of emails containing such helpful information as “you’re awesome!”

Today, I just want to say: you are awesome.  You are fabulous…You are not flawed or messed up.  You are wonderful just the way you are.
Kind of a radical concept, no?
Just think about that today.

Gala has been shilling some version or other of this dreck pretty much since Al Gore flipped the “on” switch for the intarwebs. Every so often she repackages it and sells it all over again, but it’s the same “but you’re like really pretty! buy yourself flowers!” pep talk crap you can get from any one of a hundred other sources. How she keeps getting away with this I’ll never know.



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“The Londoner” Instagram Image Has Internet Screaming About Capgate

Rosie, the neverending vacationer known as “The Londoner“, is apparently being side eyed over an image posted to instagram a few months ago. The image is now being discussed on twitter and more than a few people are expressing shock at her lack of response over the matter.

The image in question has Rosie wearing a Schutzstaffel officer’s cap and called a “sexy little officer”:

The image is rapidly disappearing from the internet, prompting people to wonder if she simply didn’t know what she was putting on her head until the outcry.



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Passionfruit Starts Charging, Bloggers Freak Out

Passionfruit, that service that seemed to be mostly known for its blog button swapping service, decided to start charging $9 a month to use their blog ad selling platform. This caused the used-to-free-everything bloggers of the world to commence freaking out, while Passionfruit owner Jason flip flopped between saying he would be sorry to lose users and basically telling complainers to suck it up because Passionfruit is the most awesome and cheapest ad selling platform around.

Tweets such as “Soo @passionfruitads is no longer free? Not cool, dude. I’ll be looking for a new service” and “sorry to hear about your new pricing… too rich for my little blog’s blood! Thanks for caring about the little guy!” from tiny hobby bloggers contrasted with In Defense Of Passionfruit blog posts from bigger bloggers, some announcing that they don’t care because they will no longer be offering free swap ads anyway:

I will no longer be offering swap ads. I have found that these haven’t benefitted me much, or at all really. Most of the blogs that want to swap have around 100 followers. If I have 800 followers, it just isn’t a fair trade. You’d be getting more from me by purchasing an ad spot anyways.

It will be interesting to see if people actually migrate. The majority don’t seem to gaf that he’s charging, probably because Jason The Flirtbot CEO has spent the last year texting winkies at the iphone of every giggling blogger who mentions his service. And a lot of people are not happy when you start charging for something that’s been free, no matter what “servers are expensive” sob story you give them.

Honestly this whole kerfluffle will probably wind up being just like all the I’M LEAVING FACEBOOK floods every time they change something – a lot of pissing and moaning and dramatic flouncing, and in three months they’re back because that’s where everyone else is.



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“Get Your Pretty On” Will Buy Your Vote

Alison, “former actress”, would like your help. It seems she has a chance to win a mommy getaway at some resort, and the person with the most votes wins. Alison wants to win, and she will make it worth your time if you vote for her:

But I need your help.  Only YOUR votes can get me there!  You can vote for me to get sent packing in style from today through July 31st.  When  you vote for me, you’ll be entered to win something pretty cool too – a $25 gift card from Wallis.

She goes on to tell readers they can vote for her every hour, which apparently will get them other chances to enter the gift card giveaway – “After unlocking the first entry, you’ll be able to enter in other ways too” and then you can “[w]ait an hour, come back and do it again!”

I know it’s perfectly acceptable to campaign for votes, but this sort of sounds like buying ballots to me. Beyond any contest rules it may violate, it just seems unethical. Is this what blogging has become – just a bribe filled smash and grab for as much free crap as you can get?



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Blog Giveaway Will Award You 6,000 Twitter Followers

When In Doubt Just Add Glitter, most annoying blog name ever, is doing a really odd blog giveaway.

How do you giveaway 6,000 followers???
Well I’ll tell you…
it’s a little secret businesses use to increase their online presence, gain credibility, and look more established.  They pay someone to help them get their business out there.

That’s right – your prize,  valued “at over $2,000″, will be 6k fake twitter followers. According to her, having a high twitter follower count means you “are considered to be more influential by your peers”. Because nothing says influence like winning a bunch of fake followers from some blog contest.

Seriously bloggers will just come up with anything these days just to have some kind of giveaway, won’t they? Why would anyone enter this thinking 6,000 fake twitter followers is some kind of awesome reward?



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Ratters Are Ratting Out Nat The Fat Rat

Today in slow news days, Nat The Fat Rat, part of the NYC Mormon Mommyblogger Club, has finally somewhat admitted she did not actually just pull all of last month’s cross stitch brags from her skinny jeans covered behind as she previously implied.

Originally responding to a comment asking “do you just free hand it? or follow some sort of a pattern?”, Nat claimed simply that she “freehanded these, which is actually easier than you’d think when you’re doing counted cross stitch”. Recently a Ratter found strangely similar patterns for sale in an etsy shop, and links to the patterns were posted in the comments of the original post – which finally forced Nat to sort of kind of acknowledge she had outside inspiration:

i didn’t use patterns for these (probably should have!), but i did do a google image search for “cross stitch rain clouds” and “cross stitch reindeer” and sort of winged it from there. a few readers have linked to patterns in the comments so please use those!”

This makes me wonder why she didn’t just link to the original page where she found the google image to begin with, but it’s Friday and I’m too busy to figure out why bloggers don’t give attribution to their swiped ideas anymore.



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Angel Barta Still Claims She’s Being “Soul Tortured” By Marc Jacobs

Angel Barta, everyone copies her, has spent months posting to her blog about how “Marc Jacobs is the most cruel thief of the century“. Though she has spent the better part of 2013 leaving comment linkbacks  all over the internet to her insane claims that Marc Jacobs steals her every single idea, she’s now essentially accusing Jacobs of sexual harassment by claiming that Jacobs won’t use a model unless she satisfies his “perverse fantasy”:

Marc Jacobs asked me many times to do dirty photos for him. He asked me to pose topless and push up my breasts. He promised that if I’d do it he would let me be a model on his fashion show.

It seems that Lily McMenamy did the things Jacobs asked her to, as she has walked on MJ’s runway. Jacobs can’t stand the fact that he could not humiliate me and convince me to do those things for him. That’s why he has been torturing me and stealing my ideas, using my talent for 5 years.

Is it just me…or are those requests called “modelling”? I mean, if you don’t want to do the poses and looks that a designer wants, then he probably won’t have you in his show. I don’t see how that’s “perverse” manipulation. Just work for another designer. But then ole Angel claims:

Jacobs kept torturing me: Saying he loved me, sending me love messages, poems, he wrote love songs and asked famous singers to sing it.

She even apparently wrote a book about her “affair” with Jacobs, though it reads less like a love affair and more like Adrian Forrester begging for modelling fame from an increasingly skeeved out designer.

You know, even ignoring the fact that Jacobs is evidently gayer than the Butt Hutt on the last night of Fleet Week, if you are a legitimate model and are feeling propositioned or pressured in a way that makes you uncomfortable, the solution is not to take some crazy smear campaign to the internet. Talk to your agency and a lawyer and settle it properly if you have actual proof of these claims.  I just don’t get how she hasn’t been sued yet.



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Colorful Corporate’s Missing Husband Found

The search for Zack Bunker, husband of style blogger “Colorful Corporate“, ended Tuesday when his body was found in Warren County, Ohio. News sources were told that the father of three young boys “had been dealing with some personal issues for the past month” while another source says “Bunker’s death is being preliminarily ruled a suicide”.

Though “Colorful Corporate” is grieving privately offline, friends of the blogger are using the internet to set up a fund to help the family.

What a devastating way to lose a loved one. My thoughts go out to the family during this difficult time.

Edit: Out of respect for the family I have removed the image that was in this post. 



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Aubrey McCoy Will Shame You Hither And Thither My Friend

Aubrey McCoy, the bearded half of the Bleubird blog empire, put on his knightly armor today in order to defend his wife, her friends, and twee hipster bloggers everywhere from the slurs of one woman who would dare question…a swimsuit.

But that was not enough for knightly Sir Flouncelot – he followed poor Page over to her own instagram where he continued to berate her…over her comments about a swimsuit.

And now I’m going to make bathtub bellinis while you folks contemplate the irony of a grown man who follows a girl over to another internet location in order to tell her she’s a bully and acting like a high schooler…because of a swimsuit. Think it over. I’ll wait.

ETA: Looks like the comments are getting deleted already.



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“Bloggers Anonymous” Is The Latest Blogger Circle Jerk

Bloggers Anonymous“, eyerolls ahoy, is “a new site dedicated to building up other people”. Basically you anonymously submit other bloggers along with a blurb about how omgamazeballs they are.

With so much negativity online and offline, why not have a space to celebrate each other? “Bloggers Anonymous” is meant for exactly that. A place to build each other up against the critics that want to bring us down.

You know what, this is great! What the blog world really needs is more opportunities for bloggers to rub each others’ tummies. They just do not get enough rainbow enemas in their insular, positivity only, tyrannically moderated world.

Seriously, is this site necessary? I’m pretty sure 97% of the internet is dedicated to happy unicorn blogger hugcircling crap. (The other 3% is reddit.) They already have almost everything other than fawning commentary and I-got-ya-backness blocked from comment sections. They have glitter farting, hooray-for-us conferences. They hashtag twitter with positive ‘movements’ until it looks like Stuart Smalley on ecstasy. Do we really need an entire site to provide yet more validation for these people? Because if so, that’s a really depressing statement about bloggers.



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Unabashedly Prep Will Distort the Definition of “Signature”

Go-to-hell jumpingF.E. Castleberry, a man who expresses his nonconformity by flashing his ankles every chance he gets, is holding a giveaway on his site this week–enter and win one of these ties. F.E.C. describes the ties as thus:

K. Cooper Ray is doing it again. He is putting his signature twist on traditional neck-wear. First, it was his reversible bow ties with Brooks Brothers. And now? Now it is long ties with contrasting knots and blades under the Social Primer (a word play on the dual meaning of the word, yet takes the long pronunciation of the “i”) label.

A commenter objected to the “signature twist” part, and had the following conversation with Castleberry:

Harry left a comment on 4/9/2013 at 6:12 PM:

Everyone knows that Tommy Hilfiger made (perhaps still makes) contrasting ties just like this for years, yes? How can this be his “signature twist” when it’s already been done/is being done by another, similar designer working in, essentialy [sic], the same space?

F.E. Castleberry left a comment on 4/9/2013 at 6:18 PM:

@Harry—While several companies, including Tommy Hilfiger, have played with contrastivg [sic] blades, I don’t believe any of them did a contrasting knot.

Harry left a comment on 4/9/2013 at 8:37 PM:

Fred – isn’t it the contrasting tail that creates the contrasting knot?

F.E.C. stops replying after this, but the weird thing is that the tie designer’s own website says that the tie is “…so old it’s new.  Inspired by his grandfather’s fraternity tie…” I’m not sure you can call something a “signature twist” if it’s just an updated version of something that has been around for decades. Also, since Castleberry is such a fan of history and passing things down from one generation to another, it seems like he would be playing up the “fraternity tie” angle, not ignoring it. Maybe I should just be happy he didn’t call them “go-to-hell ties.”



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Maegan Provides Free Content So You Should Stop Complaining

Maegan, of the “Love, Maegan” blog, wants you losers to stop complaining about sponsored posts and ads. Squealing that “We bloggers work hard and offer free content day after day after day AFTER DAY as entertainment and enjoyment for YOU. FOR FREE”, she then goes on to say that just like she did back in her days as a world famous Burger King commercial actress she will shill products – even though she is “NOT TRYING TO SELL YOU THAT PARTICULAR PRODUCT” – because:

…I’m a product now too…and if a company thinks there’s a good ROI for them if they pay me to talk about their product on my blog, them I’M GOING TO DO IT, just as I would as an actor.

Continuing her rant against her ungrateful readers, Maegan went on to remind us again that we get to read her blog for free:

Oh dear ladies, I do apologize that I FORCED you to get out of your sweatpants that day, DRIVE to my blog and PAY TO VIEW it just to be SO LET DOWN by this sponsored post. Oh yeah… you’re probably still in your sweats, stuffing food in your face, doing nothing with your life. But really, I do apologize from the bottom of my heart that I had an enjoyable afternoon with my family drinking juice and then got paid to blog about it, truly I am. How could I EVER make it up to you? How about you can read my blog for free WHENEVER YOU WANT?!?!?!?

…do you think maybe I could come to your job and tell you what I think about what you’re doing? Because ya know what sweethearts, you don’t actually know me. And ya know what else. YOU DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT I THINK OF YOU.

Sweet put upon Maegan then wrapped up her self-righteous “Shakespeare gotta get paid” diatribe with this extremely professional closing statement:

Unless you want me to make this a subscription only space, I suggest you enjoy the free content or get in your car and go elsewhere.

Oh yeah…


I know that if I were a company looking for a blogger to sponsor my product I would be emailing Mangry right this minute. This is absolutely the kind of behavior that says “I am professional, I am mature, I can represent your company with grace and class.”  It’s not at all the internet equivalent of the Kool-Aid man busting through your wall and then screaming that this is what he gets paid to do so just put up with the hole and drink the fruit punch. So honest! So brave!



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Blind Items: Fashion Bloggers Overheard At Fashion Week

We’ve had some hilarious ‘overheard’ claims from sources working fashion week detailing all the totally humble and normal things allegedly said by various bloggers attending events. Some of our (nameless to protect the ridiculous) favorites are:

The mid-level blogger who had not been expected but showed up (late, as the show started) at this morning’s Prabal Gurung show, and after being turned away said to her friend “I don’t understand, I shop at Target all the time!”

The planning-a-wedding blogger who talked about wanting to go to the Monique Lhullier show and wondered why even though “the whole world knows” she was engaged, she had yet to be offered a dress by a designer.

The blogger pair at an event, saying that the shows should stop letting celebrities attend because they “take attention away from the real tastemakers, which is us” – or at least give all bloggers front row seats. The same pair went on to say that Zac Posen is “a total nobody” and should be glad to have the people who really influence purchasing decisions “which again is us, right?” attend, so they could help his brand get some traction, and that DVF is “a lot more snootier” than they had thought because they weren’t able to get backstage and say hi.

The big time bloggers who were shocked that the Friday evening weather didn’t mean they could pull Southwest Airlines Seating at the Minkoff show. When asked to move they purportedly responded “but we’re bloggers!”

If any of these are true they are wtf inspiring. I honestly can’t decide if I want to believe the sources for the sheer smhness of it, or if I hope they are exaggerating because surely people can’t be this entitled. Anyone else picked up any fun gossip?