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Avitable Admits Being A Dirtbag To Unsurprised World

Adam Heath, long whispered to be a dirtbag, has admitted to being a dirtbag.

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Jenna Wants To Share Her Post-Coitus Thoughts

Jenna Cole, wealthy, had her voids filled “for a few aching moments”.

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GOMI Now Has

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Alina Gonzalez Thinks You Are Begging For A D In Your Mouth

Alina Gonzalez, has nipples, thinks all you folks who don’t like her probably just need to get a rooster in your cooster.

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Anonymous Post Claims To Tell The “True And Real” Behind “Adorable” Twitter Romance

Zoe and her new husband Rob began tweeting constant updates about their relationship about two months after their first date. Why wait two months? Well according to a pretty wild wordpress post, it’s because he had to get a divorce from the wife he was allegedly stepping out on.

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“We’ve done a good job for the most part of separating work and family life” Say Bloggers Whose Job Is Posting Their Family On The Internet

Naomi Davis, half of the “tag team” behind Love Taza, finally put up a blog post about their new apartment.

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Michael K Taking ‘Semi-Sabbatical’ From Dlisted

Michael K, the adorable man who saved online celebrity gossip after Perez turned it into an MSPaint smeared lawsuit festival, has announced he will be taking a break from Dlisted to focus on his health.

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