Jessica Quirk Sports This Season’s Fupa at NYFW

After last year’s NYFW outfits, you’d think Messy Quirk would be stepping up her game, but I guess that her wearing a pair of shoes that aren’t nude Coach sandals is a game-changer in and of itself. Too bad she chose to pair her alternate House of Harlow shoes with a Frumpy McFupa skirt and a sloppy looking blouse. I’m no fashion expert (actually, I am *nose in air*), but this just looks sad and mismatched and amateurish. I think even Messy was feeling the Nina Garcia judgy stares because she wrote this:

A lot of women are in slim cut, black dresses (which look fabulous) but I feel very me in this outfit.

Oh, honey. They’re in slim-cut black dresses because those dresses are flattering, chic and don’t give them pleated fupas.




Jessica Quirk Has Advice For Fashion Week Bloggers

Jessica Quirk of What I Wore, not invited to be part of the tumblr fashion week coverage, has some advice for people invited to be part of the tumblr fashion week coverage:

“I always post the very best coverage I can, as quickly as possible,” she says. “I tweet up a storm before and during the show, and always send a follow-up thank you. When the next season rolls around, I let the PR folks handling the shows know I will be in New York, and if they have the space, I’d be very grateful to attend again. Great relationships are everything!”

Messica stressing how important great relationships are is like me telling people how important it is to be nice to people on the internets. Such advice from the woman who routinely raises the b***h flag on the S.S. What I Want is so ridiculous I really don’t know what else I can add about it. Maybe I should just point out that she was not named as part of the tumblr group this season, and for months has had one small nothing ad on her “over a million pageviews a month” blog. Clearly she’s great at building and keeping relationships on her blog when there isn’t some fashion week stuff to lure sponsors with.

What’s more amusing than Mrs. I Blog For Me telling bloggers to be grateful while begging for show invites? A woman legendary for posting next to nothing during her trips to New York, fashion week time or otherwise, telling people she posts “the very best coverage” as “quickly as possible”.  Maybe now with expectations so high – her book is out, and she has to prove she doesn’t need tumblr’s backing – she will finally raise the bar a bit and start doing actual coverage.




Missing Letters Continue To Plague Tumblr Employees

Rich Tong, bringer of fashion and wrangler of the under-aged, forgot that Nina Garcia’s last name has an “A” on the end of it.

Oh, Tong. You are so out of your league.

(For more of Tumblr’s ground-breaking NYFW coverage, follow their tagged posts here and see where $100k of advertising could have landed you.)




Turned Off By Tumblr’s Fashion Week Demands? Sponsor GOMI!




tumblr Commands You To Obey Or Perish

tumblr and their lawyers successfully shut down the beloved plugin “Missing e” for TOS violation once before. Now the creator of the plugin has made changes to bring it into compliance. But nevermind, says tumblr: they do not want the plugin, which brings many  needed and requested changes to the user’s hands, to be used by anyone, ever.

They interpret the Tumblr API License Agreement in such a way as it continues to apply to Missing e. I disagree with their interpretation of this agreement as the preface clearly states:

By building applications that interact with Tumblr’s products and services (the “Tumblr Services”) or using the Tumblr API, including but not limited to requesting authentication credentials or making calls to the Tumblr API, Licensee unconditionally consents and agrees to be bound by and a party to this Agreement.

Missing e only affects how your browser displays Tumblr content once it has already been loaded. It does not, itself, interact with Tumblr Services or the API, only providing a way for you to do so yourself. They informed me that they consulted their legal counsel, who feels comfortable interpreting the license agreement in the way that they have stated. I have requested information on those grounds, but do not believe much will come of it. I believe that Tumblr has no desire to clarify their position. That’s their prerogative, I’m sure.

And if the creator of the plugin won’t comply and destroy his plugin, they will make sure he disappears:

Whether or not I have grounds to justly disagree with them on this, the fact remains that under theTumblr Terms of Service, they are well within their rights to delete my Tumblr blogs as a punitive action should I continue to distribute the extension. They have informed me that this is the course of action they will take should I not acquiesce to their demands.

Let’s get down to what this is really about; tumblr is in the midst of chasing down 100 million dollars in free money from investors. They can’t have some upstart coder providing users with functionality they want, when in the last 4 years and 40 million dollars the best they have managed to add is “tumblr en espanol”. Basically Jeremy is making them look like the useless money vacuums they are and they don’t want potential investors asking them why THEY hadn’t already implemented these features themselves.

This is about Jeremy embarrassing tumblr, and their egos and future funding are at stake. Damn right they are going to use extortion to get their way. Good luck, Jeremy!




Jessica Quirk Thinks You Should Adjust Your Nationality

Jessica Quirk, no part of tumblr fashion week, is well known for her crap grammar and spelling. Now, after editing comments for typos, she is blaming your inability to  understand her writing on the fact that you aren’t American:

And continuing to show your ass in your comments area is a moron thing. What is WRONG with her? She has two comment responses: “Thanks!”, and being obnoxious to her readers. I’m starting to see why she only interacts with people in private emails.

She really doesn’t seem to be into What I Want anymore. Her outfits are half hearted. She doesn’t have any patience for commenters. She doesn’t seem to be really trying to maintain ties with the fashion world of NYC. I really think now with the book hubbub dying down maybe it’s time to shut it down and have a baby and open a home day care or something.




EatLiveRun or EatMoldRuns?

EatLiveRun (book due September 2012) posted a recipe from her childhood of Sonoma chicken salad.

Pretty. Moldy.

Sonoma Chicken Salad

2 cups chopped or pulled roast chicken, mix of light and dark meat
1/2 cup mayonnaise (or to taste)
1 cup sliced red grapes
1/3 cup slivered almonds
1/4th tsp salt
pinch of black pepper

Apparently MOLD was left out of the ingredients list but makes an appearance anyway.  Le Cordon Bleu doesn’t teach their students to check bread for mold?

Here’s what FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service) has to say about moldy food.

Molds have branches and roots that are like very thin threads. The roots may be difficult to see when the mold is growing on food and may be very deep in the food. Foods that are moldy may also have invisible bacteria growing along with the mold.

discard  moldy bread

.Are Some Molds Dangerous?
Yes, some molds cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems. And a few molds, in the right conditions, produce “mycotoxins,” poisonous substances that can make you sick.

Her response?

Commenter: Salad looks great. But eek! There is a spot of mold on your bread!
Jenna: yeah…there is. Just goes to show you i’m not perfect either!

Do you think Jenna, who has “worked as a pastry chef and also as a bread baker”, will include this one in her book?



Fashion Blogging Internets

Fashion Industry Warns Tumblr To Get Their Shit Together

Rich Tong, with his Something About Mary hairdo, is in deep shit. Betabeat published a rather scathing article this morning about how Tumblr is up its relationships with fashion industry insiders and large corporate brands.

“Jessica Coghan, Director of Digital Media at the influential fashion PR house Starworks, which reps brands like Ann Taylor, Kate Spade and Tory Burch posted this:

So, I am sure you have all heard that Tumblr is sending some bloggers to fashion week again this season. I have also had the pleasure of seeing their sponsorship proposal being shopped around to brands, which I am not supposed to be talking about. I will say this… someone is completely out of their goddamn mind.

[...] Julie Fredrickson, who does Digital and Social Media at Ann Taylor wrote on her Tumblr in response to Ms. Coghan’s post:

I am going to go on record saying that no one at Tumblr reached out to Ann Taylor with a proposal for Fashion Week and we are

1) the first fashion brand to be on Tumblr (even though we carefully avoid press since this piece as a company)

2) have invested MAJOR brand and development dollars into the platform (see ArtSheSaid, OnTumblr) going on for over a year now.

3) Actually have the wherewithall and knowledge to be a good sponsor of this as a company

Please someone who is a grown up at Tumblr listen to the brands that care about you. It isn’t just Users First, Brands Second. Hell at this point you are Users First, Brands never. Take a cue from Michael Lazerow’s comments on that post and realize that brands pay the bills when VCs stop.

Rich Tong-if you don’t actively pursue these options you are not doing your job. You know that Ann Taylor loves Tumblr, you know that we invest money, and yet you have ignored us. Unless I am mistaken your job is “Fashion Director” so act like it.”

At this point, Tumblr’s fashion industry ass-kissing is embarrassing and Rich Tong’s presence at the blog platform inexcusable. How much money is he making to sit around and beg for fashion week invites all day without providing these brands any returns on their investment?

Wait, wait. Sorry, what’s that sound? I thought I just heard something. Oh, never mind. It’s Tumblr crashing and burning at NYFW. Again.






Jessica Quirk Continues To Do Stupid Things With Scarves

Jessica Quirk loves a good scarving session. But, did you know you can also tie a scarf around an ugly hat and make an even uglier combination?!

What are you cat ladies waiting for? Jump on this sexy trend before it’s too late!




Pro Tip: Small Town Fashionista Shows Fashion Bloggers How To Pose

“Just The Tip, If You Please”

Attention fashion bloggers! If you’re missing a bit of love in your daily outfit photos or are just hankering to get close with the nearest wall or inanimate object, Small Town Fashionista has some fabulous poses for you to try on your next outing with your Photographer Boyfriend Who May Or May Not Propose With A Ring You Copied from Cupcakes & Cashmere.

Hug the wall!

Hug the washing machine!

Hug...nay, make LOVE to the stairs and wall at once!

Rub your hands lovingly over the brick!

Yeah, these are obnoxious. PRO TIP: Just stand up straight and get your photo snapped. I’m embarrassed for you.

*nose in air*




Love Life Lace Knows How To Deal With Hurricanes

LLL’s Tatiana is still doing her “weekly gratitude” posts. This week, as the east coast was preparing for a hurricane and families in some areas deal with power outages and loss of home and life, Twatiana thinks you should smile your worries away!

This week wasn’t free of it’s fair share of disasters, big and small, but I chose to turn that frown upside down every time and in the end… it was the best week ever. Regardless.

  • Thank you to our lovely breakfasts all this week. Sometimes it was something special (bacon, eggs and pancakes) and sometimes it was just cereal but I treasure our time together before the start of the day regardless of what was on the menu.
  • Even though one of the pipes in our bathroom suffered a major leak this week I am so grateful that we were blessed with an honest contractor who took responsibility for causing it. I am well aware that most would have just blamed it on us and charged us for it.
  • Even though Keesya had an accident on Monday and due to the fact that we have yet to purchase a washer/dryer cleaning our bedding took almost all day. But I am grateful for the fact that two days later she was fully potty trained!
  • Thank you to the extra burst of life that Keesya has brought to our home. It’s wonderful!
  • Thank you for game night! With no tv we’ve been enjoying going on walks, reading and spending time together as a family. Just thought I’d mention that I totally won. As I always do when it comes to Scrabble…
  • Thank you for a husband that goes to work, is a doting papa with all his girls and makes my mum’s chicken noodle soup!
  • And even though he got a ticket this week we were so grateful he got a policeman that was kind and gracious. It makes all the difference.
  • Thank you for finally being settled in enough to be able to bake! I’ve missed it so! Now we have a fridge full of delicious cupcakes to enjoy all weekend long!
  • Thank you to my new morning routine that allows Belle to roam our yard freely instead of straining herself against her leash. Nothing makes me happier

That’s right, folks: while people drown in their cars, people and pets were fleeing to local shelters after forced evacuations, and families saw their homes on the news full of water, Twatiana was saying thank you for cupcakes and having a pansywhipped husband.

You know what I’m grateful for? Perspective.




Jessica Quirk’s Coach Swampshoes Attend Chicago Book Party

Care Of Coach Shoes, Messica’s faithful foot companions, barely have a chance to dry out between wearings! Wife of the Quirk predictably wore them as part of her ensemble to her widely attended “hey haters I gots a book yo!” party in Chicago this week.

The expert on remixing what you already have in your closet wore an outfit mostly created from things not from her closet:

I felt beautiful in an outfit gifted to me by Shop It To Me (I found the pieces in my sale mail!) – a Marc by Marc Jabobs dress and Juicy Couture Ring.  Thank you!

And, of course, the still moist from their last wearing Coach Swampshoes. Am I the only one starting to think those shoes should have their own tumblr already? And maybe a good cleaning?

(This lame post sponsored by Well Crap There’s A Hurricane Coming, Better Go Buy Catfood laziness.)




Jessica Quirk Not Chosen for Tumblr’s NYFW Event

Oh, poor Messy. Her buddy Rich Tong seems to have left her in the dust for more exciting people (Dita Von Cinemagraph & Sara Zucker) and she’ll now have to claw her way into NYFW like everybody else. (Who is sponsoring her? Timex? Herself?)

What does she have to console her during this humiliating time? Well, the fact that she’s MODEL HEIGHT, Y’ALL. 5’9”! Never forget! 6′ in heels!