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MckMama Praising God For Weirdly Convenient Fire

Supposedly just weeks before the balloon payment on her home is due and just days after being ripped a new one by the internet for claiming diet pills will help special needs kids, Jennifer is “Praising God for the beauty He promises to always bring from the ashes”:

Yes, like a phoenix rising from a smoking pile of debt MckMama has now fled her 6th home in 7 years. Claiming “it was a chimney fire that got out of the chimney behind the walls of our house because there was a gap in the part where the chimney did a 45 degree angle back there” she informs the planet that the insurance company will most likely not declare the house a total loss.  But hey, maybe the insurance will pay out enough to make that balloon payment and allow Jennifer to move yet again!



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The Feminist Breeder Is A Strong Black Woman

Gina, the feminist breeder of drama, has locked down everything from her blog to her twitter. Apparently she thinks that means it’s ok to go ahead and post things like this to the internet:

I’d like to know how many “sistahs” out there “agree”. I’d also like to know how many “strong black women” love being called “my sistahs” by Gina. I’m gonna go with…not many.



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MckMama Can Sell You Pills For Your Kids

MckMama, owes a bunch of money, can no longer sell sponsorships via her blog. Instead, she is paying off her debt with a new endeavor – selling products from Xyngular. In fact, Xyngular products are apparently such miracle working compounds that MckMama even recommends them for special needs kids:

Amazing opportunity to hear a call tonight (9 Central) all about Xyngular’s supplements (that I’ve used to help me lose weight) as they relate to special needs children!!

Hear testimonies from parents thankful for how these supplements have helped their children!

The call is live. I’ll be on it. You can just call in and listen, you’ll be muted. Easy, peasy.

I cannot wait to hear it!

Later she responds to those questioning the wisdom of marketing herbal supplements as something beneficial to special needs children:

I’m so excited about others whose children struggle with special needs or even everyday illness to hear how the vitamins have had a radical impact. If you’d heard some of the testimonies I have from close personal friends, you would be wanting to share with others who are open! Shame on us if we kept this natural approach working for so many as a secret from others! That’s why I’m spreading the word!

She conveniently never responds with any studies or data showing objective results of these pills on special needs kids, and brushes aside further probing about how the supplements are regulated by saying that “The FDA only regulates foods and drugs. These supplements are neither. The FDA did approve phen phen, however. I don’t use the FDA as my measuring stick, personally.”

I guess when you have a mountain of debt to pay back you’ll pretty much do anything to get the money coming in, even if it means selling snake oil to parents desperate to try anything for their kids.



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Love Taza Reminds You To Help Mommies With Strollers

Naomi, of the family branding machine “Love, Taza“, wants folks to remember that if you see an upper middle class white woman pushing a thousand dollar baby SUV, you should drop what you’re doing, hold the door, and let them go first. Because whatever you are doing or wherever you need to be, it’s simply not as important as being a mommy!



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“The Feminist Breeder” Has Responded To Your Lawsuit

Gina, pioneer of the “Pay-To-Stalk model of the blogging world”, has finally responded to the lawsuit filed against her by rival birth blogger Dr. Amy. Allegedly filing a day late because of a sick pet or something, she is essentially saying Dr. Amy’s suit should be dismissed because the state the complaint was filed in has no says over Gina. She then began her memo in support of her motion to dismiss with opinions that are, in her mind I guess, totally relevant to the case:

Repeating several times (for no reason I can figure out) that she has “three young children”, the memo seemingly implies that Dr. Amy filed the suit because she was upset “someone had stood up to her” by filing DMCA takedown notices. In return, Dr. Amy quickly filed a motion to strike stating Gina’s memo “contains numerous immaterial, impertinent, and scandalous allegations that are highly prejudicial and have nothing to do with this action or, more specifically, Defendant’s claim that this Court lacks jurisdiction over her”.

Obviously Gina can’t let her main point – that Dr. Amy is bullying HER – be stricken from the proceedings, and thus filed yet another wtf-who-wrote-this response:

As Gina has evidently stated herself on her own blog that she should have “kept my…mouth shut” and saying “I AM a[n]…idiot”, maybe it’s time for her to put the shovel down and stop digging herself deeper into a “highly publicized incident that people will use for years to come to paint me as the asshole”.

Seriously though, my main question is: what kind of lawyer would file motions like this? These motions read like blog posts, not legal papers. What kind of lawyer would go ‘awwww yeah these are totally going to show them! high five!” to these types of memos? I’m honeslty more confused about that than any of the actual facts involved at this point.



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Dooce Moving Out Of Stately Dooce Manor

After a mere 6 or so months on the market Stately Dooce Manor has sold.

Last month I sold this house, this beautiful place that I once thought would be the scenery of my future. In about a week I’ll be living elsewhere and the girls and I will continue to make memories there.

Let’s hope her new residence isn’t some terrible downgrade to a 7 bedroom 5 bath house. I’d hate to think of her living in such squalor. But since Dooce says “if the last year and a half of my life has shown me anything it’s that a really beautiful house is not in and of itself happiness,” maybe she’s figured out the ego boosting aspects of owning a mansion don’t really match with the staggering costs of maintaining and unloading such an elephant.

Of course, this move will also provide her with at least a year’s worth of decorating posts as she transitions into a “single mommy blogger”. So hey, double bonus!



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Dooce’s Life Still Very, Very Hard

Heather, breath of musty air, has found the solution to shivering in her mansion – go on another trip. After taking a moment to mock her daughter’s card, Dooce evidently boarded a plane to spend Valentine’s Day in New York City:

 …where I took some time to sleep and eat and wander around aimlessly like a proper tourist, forcing myself to release what had become some sort of death grip on the sails of life and work and the idea of my future.

In order to cope with the neverending stress of being Dooce, she did touristy things like take pictures of men standing in front of subways and hanging around the Empire State Building, which is obviously how most mothers want to spend their Valentine’s Day.

If this is “the winter where I’m doing the best I can to save money on my heating bill”, why is she spending money to jaunt off to NYC for a Valentine’s Day “sleep and eat”? I mean, she never says anymore why she takes all these trips but since she states that all she did was eat, sleep, and mosey around being a tourist contemplating the Titanic that is her life and brand, one assumes this is something she paid for herself.

Which…honestly, fine, whatever. She can spend her money on what she wants. Mostly *I* want to know why can’t she sleep in her own house? She’s constantly running off to hotels to “sleep”. Either that house is sitting on an evil burial ground and she truly is unable to get a blink of sleep for weeks at a time, or she’s not taking all these trips just to “sleep”.



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The Feminist Breeder Deleted Your Account

It seems the recently troll-proofed blog ”The Feminist Breeder” experienced something of a snag yesterday in its grand scheme to keep out anonymous haters:

Website Bidness: There was a technical error that caused the site to offer a “free for life” subscription option this morning, and y’all were registering like gangbusters before we found it.

Announcing that “if you registered for a free account in that time, the account has since been deleted” because it’s “not fair to those who’ve already shelled out their cash for the site”, Gina instructed folks to “please re-register for one of the paid options”. When users asked why she didn’t honor the oops by simply contacting the registrants with a free coupon to re-register, Gina snarled:

Because registrations were ANONYMOUS. I have no way of knowing who those people were or verifying that they registered during that time period. Because they were Anonymous.

Gina went on to repeat that  ”people registered anonymously”, and she “cannot allow that to happen” before launching into yet more self-martyring blah blah about how she doesn’t “do this to get rich” and reminding everyone for the umpteenth time that she has “given away more free memberships than I can even count anymore”.

No clarification has been put forth on whether she only deleted anonymous registrations, or everyone who registered for free during the glitch.



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Dear Kid, Dooce Enjoyed Your Valentine’s Day Card

While millions of people sat alone on February 13th wondering how to avoid the next day, Heather Armstrong, mansion buyer, sat staring at a card from her daughter. Ever the loving, accepting, uncritical mother, Dooce proceeded to post her feelings about her daughter’s effort for the internet to read:

My favorite part is that I have no neck. My head is just attached to my torso. And it’s as wide as my torso. And my skirt is so short that you can see my perfectly square lady parts. Just focus on that and you won’t freak out about the fact that I have no feet.

I get that this is her schtick – complaints or sarcasm about absolutely everything – but just once couldn’t she just say “thank you darling, it’s wonderful”, stick it on the fridge, and spare her child yet another public round of her snark? The time to mock this sort of thing is when she’s 20 and then you pull the card out and privately lol at it together. But right now she’s a little kid. Give her a damn break, lady.



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Momastery Announces Separation

Glennon, runs some mommy blog, announced today that she and her husband have separated:

Craig and I are separated now.

We are still a family…

She explains she has “to be very careful” because “half of this separation story” is her husband’s, and saying, in a nutshell, that her kids are getting too old to have their privacy violated by mom writing about them on the internet. She then went on to ramble about raising a “new dream sail” and some other metaphorical mumbo jumbo.

The separation revelation comes on the heels of  a post begging readers to show up for her book tour appearances.



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Mommy Bloggers Outraged At Privacy Violation

Mommy bloggers, first rule is never call them mommy bloggers, were up in twitter arms this week over a PR company peddling their privacy. Bulldog Reporter was apparently selling lists of their unlisted phone numbers and home addresses. Kristen Howerton began the outcry on twitter:

Kristen went on to say “A PR person showed it to me. My unlisted cell phone number AND HOME ADDRESS. Unbelievable.” and other mommy bloggers piled on, tweeting at the company and calling their behavior “hideous”, “disgusting”, and “creepy”.

Bulldog Reporter later informed Kristen that the issue “has been resolved as per my VM. All addresses deleted”, though how that’s a resolution I’ll never understand, since the report has already gone out to many PR reps with the personal info included. I think the more important question is how did they get this information in the first place? Because I have a feeling this might all shake down to the source being some of these blogger conferences where people exchange information left and right.



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Online Fight Escalates Into Legal Battle Between Birth Bloggers

Gina of The Feminist Breeder, has haters and don’t you forget it, is apparently facing a lawsuit from another birth blogger. Dr. Amy at The Skeptical OB has informed the internet that she has filed against Gina for “unlawfully sent false notices (called “takedown notices”) under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA) and for tortious interference with my contracts with webhosts”.

The history of their public online battle was summarized by GOMIBLOGer Viola_Aurea:

OK, so Gina wrote this post about how she’s learned soooooooooo much after being a doula at 20 births.

Dr. Amy responded with this post, basically saying, “If you’ve learned this much after 20, what do you think you’d learn after a few thousand?” It really wasn’t terribly mean, by Dr. Amy standards.

Gina then responded with a photo of herself flipping Dr. Amy the bird, and saying, “I don’t want to leave you without something you can take back to your blog and obsess over, so here’s a picture of me.”

Dr. Amy then wrote about it (and included the photo, which is now gone) in this post.

Gina THEN proceeded to scream “Copyright infringement!!!!” and send Dr. Amy a letter demanding money, which she wrote about in this post. (The letter was originally posted but later deleted.)

Dr. Amy’s husband, who is a very big-deal lawyer, wrote back to Gina and told her she didn’t have a case. Gina then repeatedly filed DMCA takedown notices to Dr. Amy’s host (and then her new one, after she switched hosts), which she detailed here. She also started a legal fund so she could go after Amy. It was VERY clearly an attempt to abuse DMCA in order to shut Amy up. Gina was also encouraging other people to fill out forms saying that Amy had “stolen” (aka quoted, with proper citation) their stories.

Then, Dr. Amy countered with this suit

From what I can sort out (so sorry, so not a lawyer), Dr. Amy’s suit appears to primarily seek to stop Gina from continuing to chase her site off the internet. Dr. Amy states:

I have sued only Gina. I have absolutely no desire to sue anyone else who may have submitted a frivolous DMCA complaint or has given Gina authority to file one on her behalf. However, I will avail myself of any remedies the law accords me, should I deem it necessary.

It is highly likely that I will have to move my site to yet another host. As I have said before, The Skeptical OB will be here next week, next month and next year. Nevertheless, having to move hosts again — thanks to Gina’s malicious attacks — is a burden neither I, nor my readers, should have to undergo.

There doesn’t seem to be any response on TFB at this time. It will be interesting to watch this unfold, and to see what implications it could have for a person’s right to comment on publicly available blog content.



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Kelle Hampton’s Bathtub Baby Pic Freaks Out Instagrammers

Kelle Hampton, puts her kids on the internet, recently put her naked kid on the internet. The picture of her toddler eating ice cream in the bathtub was posted by Kelle on her instagram account starting Mommy Wars 5: Stop Feeding The p**os.

When people started suggesting it might not be the best idea to post a full frontal unclothed bath pic of her daughter to her very popular internet picture bank, they were slapped down with the usual responses of “don’t like it, unfollow” and “if you can’t say something nice…”. Others were called sick or filthy minded for asking how Kelle would feel if a p**ophile downloaded the image, while others simply asked about Nella’s right to not have her naked body all over the internet and were told, in a nutshell, that Nella’s body is the property of her mother to with as she sees best and fit.

The debate seems to be raging strong still, and it appears Kelle Hampton doesn’t see anything wrong with what she posted since the image remains online and public. Clearly internet mommies don’t think anything bad can ever happen with their internet pictures and if you say otherwise you’re just sick or jealous. Maybe these women should watch more Law & Order: SVU.