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The 2016 GOMI Awards: Categories And Nominations Are Open

It’s that time once again, hams – pull out those notes you’ve been keeping all year and suggest this year’s categories and/or nominees for The Most Important Awards On The Internets: The GOMIBLOGs!

We’ll start off with these five categories.

Best Flounce

Biggest WTF

Best Shamecropping

Biggest Decline

Most Improved

And of course, the Lifetime Failchievement award. Now it’s up to you to suggest up to five additional categories which will be added to the GOMIBLOG Awards voting area. You can also nominate bloggers for the above categories, and for any suggested categories.

And if you’re wondering what happened last year, you can check out the results here. Happy nominating, hams!



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2015 GOMI Awards – It’s Jenna’s Year!


What a glorious year it was for Jenna Cole. She posted pictures of herself in her bra. She made omgsomuchmoney. And her solo parenting finally ended. But surely her greatest moment is being crowned with a Lifetime Failchievement Award. She also mightily swept the Biggest WTF category with Vibratorgate.

Kelle Hampton of ETST won for Biggest Decline, Most Overexposed Children, and Most Insane Fangirling. I’m sure orange Poopasicle is planning a party right now.

Ghost Bev won Best Flounce, though Young House Love came in a close second. Cecily Kellogg won for Worst Photoshopping which surprises no one. Taralynn’s coffee shop fundraiser earned her an award as well.

Dooce blew up the Most Irrelevant category but she will surely continue blogging because that’s what #brave people do. Speaking of #brave, that beat to death word took home an award for Most Overused Phrase.

And finally, “Sarah Ate Two Tacos But I Only Ate One” was your favorite GOMIBLOG username. Hey, who doesn’t love tacos, right?

You can check out the voting page here, and thanks to everyone who participated! And a big congrats to the ‘winners’! Gold stars for all of you.




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The 2015 GOMI Awards Voting Has Begun

Head over to the official voting page to see the final categories and nominees. Commenting is closed on the voting page, but you can head over to the Members Only forum thread to discuss your picks or who you think should have been included, or comment here on this post.

Happy voting!

Edit: I have enabled comments on the voting page per hamcat suggestion.

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2015 GOMI Awards – The Categories

It’s time once again for the most important awards on the intarwebs – the GOMIBLOGs! Here are the starting categories for 2015.

Best Flounce

Biggest WTF

Most Insane Fangirling

Biggest Decline

Most Improved

And of course, the Lifetime Failchievement award. Now it’s up to you to suggest up to five additional categories which will be added to the GOMIBLOG Awards voting area. You can also nominate bloggers for the above categories, and for any suggested categories.

And if you’re wondering what happened last year, you can check out the results here. Happy nominating, hams!



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The 2014 GOMI Awards Are In

Another year of fail has ended. As we look forward towards a new year of new fails, let us congratulate those who sufficiently ruined enough of the internets to make you vote on them.

Dooce won Most Likely to Call it Quits in 2014 which may turn out to be either the most amazingly accurate prediction ever, or a lot of wishful thinking. Since she also won Biggest Decline maybe it’s more accurate than any of us know.

Hey Natalie Jean also takes home a Hammy for dual category wins - Best Non-Apology/Backpedal for Menorahgate, and Biggest WTF Moment when readers found a post of hers describing her husband strangling a dog.

Most Ridiculous Product Endorsement prize goes to Delightfully Tacky for her sponsored post about tampons…in which she announced her favorite use for the sponsored product was “wearing them during yoga/pilates classes to keep from queefing”.

Blogger Kid Most Likely to Write a Tell All was neck and neck between Dooce’s eldest daughter and That Wife’s eldest son. In the end Dooce’s daughter won the day, and I have to agree she probably is the most likely to go Christina Crawford in a few years.

Unsurprising wins included Kelle Hampton‘s Hammy for Most Insane Fangirls, and  Katie Vyktoriah for Best Manufactured Drama. Katie also beat out Hugo Schwyzer for Best Flounce.

And finally, The Lifetime GOMIBLOG Failchievement Award. Between complaining about raising the children she supposedly wanted, telling libraries that poor people don’t matter, shoving her son into a bathroom instead of letting him have the second bedroom, and then finally apparently shipping him off so she could spend time with her husband and the daughter she actually wanted, Jenna of That Wife came in a solid first place for this year’s ultimate shame prize.

Thanks to everyone who voted. It’s been fun thinking back over last year’s wtfery. I can’t wait to see what bloggers bring to 2014.



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The 2014 GOMI Awards Are Now Underway

Click here to head on over to the official awards page and cast your votes in the finalized categories.

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Presenting The 2012 GOMI Award Winners

Voting has closed, and you have spoken. With 20,574 votes cast over 8 categories, I’d say you guys did pretty well with getting your votes in. Thanks to all of you who voted, and now, the winners:

Fashion Blogger- Jessica Quirk, of

DIY Blogger –

Food Blogger – KERF,

Healthy Living Blogger – KERF,

Lifestyle Blogger – Gala Darling,

Mommy Blogger – Jenna Cole,

Running Blogger – Caitlin,

Lifetime Failchievement – KERF,

I was really surprised that KERF won the Lifetime award – I really felt there were other worthier nominees. I was also happy that in the end, That Wife pulled past BERF in the Mommy Blogging category. I’ve decided next year nominees will be in ONE category only – it’s sadly monotonous that KERF won just about everything.

Feel free to discuss below! I hope you all had as much fun as I did. And congrats to the winners – you earned it!



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2012 GOMI Awards: Only One Day Left To Vote

Voting in the 2012 GOMIBLOG Awards ends at midnight Thursday.  Get your votes in now.

And don’t forget, Friday night the GOMIBLOG Awards Drinking Party will begin at 6pm at Destination Bar. I didn’t reserve the bar or anything, so it’s open invite and it won’t just be all GOMIBLOG people. Come alone, bring a friend, just don’t bring a knife. You are welcome to show up whenever and leave whenever, I know you all have cats or bags of Cheetos to get home to.  There will be round table trivia, 10 obscure questions about someone GOMIBLOG has covered – and there will be prizes for the correct answers. Come as you are attire. There is no step and repeat thing, sorry famewh*res.

For those of you who asked, I will not be providing hotels for people who want to come into town for this non-event. If you need a place to crash for the night, email me though. We can work something out in private. Unless you are the person who emailed me with plans to kill me:

I see youre having an event not very wise Alice. I live in New York and I still have that knife.

You I will not be helping. Everyone else who plans to attend, can’t wait to see you. Now excuse me while I go find a chainmail cardigan to wear.



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2012 GOMI Awards Update

Some of you said something about having an awards party thing.

Well guess what….I like Destination Bar (go there a lot and skulk in the back, they have squishy booths ok) so I called and was all “hey I’m this asshole and want to bring like 20 people tops out to drink and and shit, is that ok?” And because they like money the bartender said hey cool, and gave us a back booth for a GOMIBLOG Awards party. (I’m going to call and confirm we all get a booth this week to make sure, but Destination Bar is awesome so we could probably just show up and as long as we are all like ‘another beer’ they’d be ok.)

I pushed back visiting my family a week so that we can do this. If you are in the New York City area on Friday, April 27th, come out to the Destination Bar anytime after 6pm (Happy Hour is 5-8 but I have this job thing so no way can I get there before 6,sorry) and hang out. This is not going to be a Alice on stage announcing shit deal – at 8pm we will just toast the winlosers and then continue talking ish.

So far I haven’t talked them into drink discounts or anything guys because I am lame and don’t ask for stuff like that. I’m just happy they’ve agreed to reserve a back booth for us, I don’t want to push it. (Maybe Peter Feld can help me out with this?) So there won’t be any PP on stage announcing things as of right now. THERE WILL BE TRIVIA. Meaning if you’re if you’re a gomer and show up my “queen of mean” ass will ask questions and the winners get drinks, on me, from my money wallet.

Anyway, there it is. This isn’t some big omg awards show deal because frankly it’s just me here and I’m too lazy to make a big dang deal out of this. But email, comment, whatever and let me know if you plan on showing so I can maybe let Destination know if I need another booth ok? It’s not required, though; I’m not anticipating more than 20 people, and anyone is free to show.  And before you get all judgey on me, yes I know I could put effort into this but let’s face it – this is not a big deal. The point of this is fun, drinks, meeting gomers, talking, drinks, drinks, talking, drinks. And some drinking.

And if you attend, casual or whateveryourewearing dress. I’ll be in a black shirt and jeans as usual, so whatever.

The GOMIBLOG Awards Drinking Party
Friday April 27th
Opens at 5pm-you’re crying or puking
at Destination Bar
Everyone and Alice means everyone Welcome



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Voting Now Open For The 2012 GOMI Awards

Voting is now open. Click here to cast your vote!

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Update: The 2012 GOMI Awards Begin

Greetings hams. Nominations have finally opened for the First Annual GOMIBLOG Awards. You can head to the permanent page for nominations and voting.

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