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Sam And Nia Repeat Announcement Gag

Today in “well it worked the first time” news, Sam and Nia apparently found a way to make everyone forget that whole Ashley Madison mess.


That’s right, they’re pregnant. Again. And they decided to “surprise” their moms with the announcement by placing a literal bun in a literal oven and then forcing them to guess what it meant. The best part of the video is mom’s face when she figures out what they’re trying to tell her.


She finally finds her words and with a continued expression of fear and surprise, manages to stammer “Another bun…gee whiz”. The other mom seemed equally thrilled.


She made this face for a few seconds, then began to rub the back of her neck before sighing “Oh…oh she’s pregnant” and giving poor Nia a half-hearted hug. She evidently then remembered the camera and began performing the hand on heart, cheeks wet with tears “so so happy” routine expected of hard core Christians whenever fertilization is announced.

Anyway, she’s pregnant, so let’s all forget about that little cheating attempt and focus on how excited they are to try and go viral again.



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Anna’s Vine Is Something You Might Enjoy


With tips on talking to your kids about drugs and proper discipline techniques – even some helpful dating advice -  there’s a whole lot of WTF to enjoy on the Vine of “a literal potato”. Go get yourself some Franzia and be prepared to say “lol wut” a lot.

And if you have any WTF Vines to share be sure to do so in the comments. I’m sure everyone would appreciate another time suck.




And Now Michelle Phan Has A Book Deal


Michelle Phan, the vlogger who became a millionaire by showing people how to put on eye shadow, now has a book coming out in October.

Saying “It’s been a year in the making…I’ve poured my heart and soul into this book”, Phan announced the news in between squeals and head tilts via a youtube video.

She encouraged people to pre-order, saying advance purchasers would receive some kind of “limited edition” book jacket sketched by Phan herself. She then fanned her face during a faux teary “love you guys” and doing the glossy butthole looking kissy face ending she always does.