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Cecily Kellogg Wants You To Know Her 10 Year Old Daughter Came Out

CecilyK, the “former” blogger who has been inexplicably overlooked for Parent Of The Year awards, has announced that her 10 year old daughter “came out at Pride“.

…my role as an ally changed in a big way at this year’s Pride parade, when my daughter said, “Mom,” and then took a deep breath, looked me deep in the eyes and said, “I know what I am now. I’m pansexual.”

Cecily says she asked her 10 year old “queer daughter” why she “thinks it’s important to be public about it, and she said, “Kids need to know it’s OK. Also, I give no f**ks.”” The article continues with paragraphs of hard to believe conversations Cecily evidently had with her daughter’s friends about their sexuality, and concludes with Cecily practically salivating at the thought of all the victimjacking she can now do over LGBTQ issues.

  1. Plump Juicy Yoni

    I was always an ally, now I'm family.

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    • Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

      Those two are cut from the same darn cloth!

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      • Leftover Facial Bread

        It's uncanny!

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    • GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

      I hope that kid has a real ally in her life. And maybe gets to go to an actual school one day.

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      • YoLymeDa

        Cecily and Charlie would never allow Tori to go to a real school. God forbid she becomes smarter than them and figures out how idiotic they really are.

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        • Sara Crewe

          Also, your name. hahah

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  2. kittyhow We knew she was hoping and grooming for this but I thought she would at least wait for puberty.

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    • Snakeophelia

      "Grooming" is right. Tori will be pushed into an adult world too fast, no problem, long as Cess gets headpats for it!

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    • Zanthropy

      That is the part I don't understand. If the thought of sex makes you go "ew! gross!" aren't you asexual?
      I don't think it's possible to come out of a closet you've never been in. 10 year olds don't have to hide their sexuality.

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      • Mel

        10 year olds shouldn't HAVE sexuality! Childhood is so short anyway, let your kids be damn kids!

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        • sonotamused

          This. Tori may be starting to understand that she feels some level of interest in various people....but uh, to call an id at this age and expect her to adhere to it is not likely.

          I would be side-eyeing this, frankly, a lot less if it was a matter of gender id because for many that can start to realized well before puberty. And while people can argue born/raised with it debate all the time, it still take (generally) a fair amount of navigating through raging hormones to sort out exactly what is what -- much less to land on a rather nuanced idea of your sexuality.

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      • regionally specific condiment

        Yeah, I don't think you have a sexual identity pre-puberty, based on what I've observed of my nearly 11-year-old son and his peers.

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    • markallasread2.0

      Exactly, came to say the same thing...readers here have been calling this for YEARS. Nothing would have made her happier than her kid "coming out" so that she can have a new platform to blather on about...

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      • BethyB

        It's very clear she's been hoping for this. She wants a LGBT child so she can be one of the 'cool' parents or to somehow have an excuse to insert herself in the community. It's a weird phenomenon, actually... but she's not the only parent like this. It's like conservative, religious anti-gay in reverse.

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  3. Pluck Me Running

    Until this kiddo starts her own blog and writes her own discussion about her sexuality, Cecily should STFU. So not Cec's story to tell.

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    • Cecily can't wait that long. She had to somehow wagon on the Orlando tragedy NOW.

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      • Dishpit

        YES! By using a stock photo of a Muslim kid holding a rainbow umbrella. WHAT????!! If I were the parents of that kid I would be so livid.

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        • dishpit

          Oh yay! They took the stock photo down and put up one of her pansexual kid.

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          • Get the iodine

            I'm so, so scared for my daughter, y'all. So scared. Her name is Tori, we live in Philly, she goes to a liberal alternative school, and here's her picture.

            Super scary. I'll throw my body in front of hers. Also, sometimes she walks to school alone.

            Did I mention I'm scared?

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            • B13

              I'm so excited! So excited! I'm so scared!

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    • crispenclean

      Exactly. This is the ultimate in parental co-opting. The appropriate response to a 10-year-old coming out as anything, including pansexual, is to say, "That's nice, dear." Not to immediately put it on your blog.

      I think at this age, the main message is that you love and support your child. I would also mention that while liking or loving girls or boys at this or any age is fine, sex itself is something she does not have to consider for some time, and that it is for adults, not kids. (Yes, we all know it's also for teens, but we can stick with the word "adult" when talking to a 10-year-old.)

      One of my kids came out to us as bi in high school, and we were like, OK, we totally accept who you are, if you ever want to talk more about it, let us know, and are you ready for dinner. She just needed to say it, and make sure we were ok with it, but she didn't want to discuss her sex life, or lack thereof at fifteen, with her parents.

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    • PricklyPete

      Cecily has been waiting years for this moment. She couldn't wait to announce it to the world! Maybe TLC will call her!

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      • YoLymeDa

        They don't hire people with polarizing hair.

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    • pearls_clutched

      This kid has been made to feel that she has to be "different" in order to be loved by her mother. Great job Cecily!

      I'm betting that the queer community would rather you not be an ally because you aren't going to do anything good for their cause. You'll hurt it.

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      • I Want a Donut So Bad

        She'll grift it.

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      • B13

        I think it's frightening that Tori doesn't have an idea of, "oh, I can build with Legos, or enjoy bad television, or read American girl books and just be a kid, if I want". It's "You be cool, kid! No simple and sweet for you. No privacy!"

        Sexuality is normal... This feels good in the bath, I'm curious, how does it work, etc. healthy curiosity. A ten year old claiming to have a sexual interest in all genders... Ok... Woah. I like boys, I like girls, what's going on with my body? It feels like she had words and ideas put into her mouth. Like... It's not Tori actually talking.
        But whatever she is,B when she's ready, SHE is a great kid, but Cecily is ... Something feels off- not to be an armchair psychiatrist.

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  4. Gluten Free Suckhole

    So Cecily groomed her daughter to love whoever she wants and she has announced she will love... whoever she wants? K, got it.

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  5. Not Sophia Loren

    OMG. My 9 year old wouldn't even know what "pansexual" meant - let alone to apply it to himself. In fact, I don't think I know what it means!

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    • Ap85

      Me either! I had to google it and I'm still not completely sure what it means.

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      • mauritia

        I always considered pansexual to be bi for special snowflakes, tbh.

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    • I Choose Me

      I didn't know what it meant either! Had to go look it up.

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      • whateverlolawants

        I had to look it up also.

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        • Billsburg

          Thank goodness I'm not the only one who wasn't sure what a pansexual is.

          I also have no idea who this blogger is but is this something her daughter might say just to get her mother's attention? Sort of like Jenna (ThatNitWit)'s son participating in snapchat so he can do something with his mother?

          Children must have changed A LOT in the past 10/15 years because my daughter might have known she was a different from other girls, but wouldn't have known how to describe it much less use "bad words".

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      • sorefeetstink

        I had to google it too, and when I read the definition I knew for sure that Cecily was totally making it up. A ten year old child doesn't choose pansexuality. They might question their gender, they might even know that they like one gender over the other. Maybe, just maybe you might think you might be bi. But never would a child that age announce at a pride meeting exactly what her mother has force fed her. It isn't cool enough to just be gay. Cecily has to find the most obscure sexuality there is and label her 10 year old daughter with it.And then pat herself on the back for being such an open accepting parent. It makes me want to vomit. This woman is not fit to be a parent the way she broadcast her kids sexuality over the internet.

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    • Where the lightning hits the tree

      From what I understand, pansexuals are attracted to all genders, cis and trans, including those who don't fit on the traditional gender binary (so people who are agender or somewhere on the trans spectrum without fully identifying as a transman or transwoman). It's a more inclusive term than "bisexual" because "bi" emphasizes the gender binary.

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      • Israeli Hand Fart Maestro

        In other words, greedy, will bang anything with a pulse, amirite?

        /hate myself for typing "amirite"

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      • Purple21

        So a 9 year old pan sexual would be a 9 year old who can see that people of both sexes are attractive even though she's too young to want to act upon her feelings.

        I've just had a light bulb moment - at 9 years old, I too was a pansexual. Is it too late to come out, just because I'm 40 years older and hetero now?

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      • Surrender, Dorothy!

        Not all bi folks believe that the term "bisexual" reinforces the gender binary, FYI—that idea is actually one that's rejected by much of the bi community. Which doesn't necessarily seem like a big idea, but the idea that bi is inherently transphobic has been a point that people use to attack bisexual people.

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        • Lee

          That's just another way that people try to erase bisexuals, because they're not "enough" anything. When I was young, it was because they weren't straight enough, or gay enough. Now I suppose that it's because they're not straight enough, not gay enough, and not special-interest enough.

          I'm attracted to individuals, regardless of their accepted or unaccepted social designation. f**k everyone who insists on putting people in one box or another.

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    • Ghost of Chickens Past

      Completely agree! I have a 9 year old son and he doesn't know even know what sex really is (beyond at a "how babies are made" biological level). We've talked to him about what being gay means and that it's a normal thing, but I highly doubt he would grasp what being "pansexual" is. In my opinion (for which I'll probably get attacked), prepubescent children that age should not be sexual beings.

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    • Midwest Liberal Commoner

      I did not know what it was until last year...and I have been an "ally" for as long as I can remember.

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    • Wait... What?

      I had to look it up also.

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  6. Snakeophelia

    This is about as disgusting as it gets. There is NOTHING she won't publicize for headpats. I suppose we were foolish for thinking she might allow her daughter's thoughts about sexuality to remain private and, you know, owned by her daughter. No, no, Cess wants everyone to know that her child - who is years away from being legally able to consent to sex - has got all kinds of sophisticated sex thoughts and attitudes.


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    • Royal Tenenbaum

      Yes the "my queer Cather" stuff is truly appalling. She's ten! Even if she is pan sexual I highly doubt she is as sophisticated sexually as her mother is making her out to be. Gross

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      • Royal Tenenbaum

        "My queer daughter" not cather oops

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    • BethyB

      I think the issue is they keep adding and changing the terms so quickly within the community, that those outside of it or without immediate exposure to it have a hard time keeping up. If anything, it's getting kind of ridiculous how many varied terms are being used, some to the point of them not liking one term over another. It's not unlike the term 'African American' as a politically correct term for being black. Well, a lot of black people find AA to be inaccurate and even offensive -- considering some of them aren't American or even African. And, some people from Africa who now live in America are actually white. Another example is with gender identity. There are many who consider themselves to be inter-sexed, but the community refers to them as transgender. For some of those that are inter-sexed, the transgender terms is offensive and demeaning to their identity. They are actually two different things, but common society (and even people within the LGBT community) tend to lump them together or get them confused.

      So it's not that odd or unusual that people need to look up the terms, if only to get them straight to understand what, exactly, is being referred to, especially with such a sensitive topic with ever-changing labels or assignments. It's confusing...and if people IN the community struggle with it, people outside shouldn't be expected to know it all.

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      • Susan

        My son (who is 21), just went through a break up of a long term relationship, that started in high school. He told us he was gay in 7th grade. His ex-boyfriend is pansexual. I, like many of you, had to find out what that meant. It isn't a made up term, used to make anyone feel any more special than they already are. I know it caused my son's ex a lot of frustration and pain growing up, especially when your parents only want you to be straight, and don't understand that you can be attracted to anyone, regardless of gender.

        I don't even read this person's blog, and it makes me crazy to think any parent would think that it's okay to use that info as material for a blog post. I believe kids know they are "different" from a young age, but your job as a parent is to protect them and let them decide what to share, and to whom.

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        • BethyB

          Well, I didn't say it was a made up term... just that there are so many varying terms some of which are considered offensive or demeaning to people *in* the community, that those not normally exposed to it have a tough time keep up with the terms, much less their meanings -- so it's not all that weird that a lot of people have to look up the terms to figure out what, exactly, it means.

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  7. Where the lightning hits the tree

    I'm sorry, this is absurd. The blog post ends with her claiming her daughter currently has no interest in sex at all. So she might be ROMANTICALLY attracted to people of all genders, but that doesn't make her pansexual. (Correct me if I am wrong, I also try to be a "straight but not narrow" -- gag -- ally.) For all this kid currently knows, she could actually be a romantically-inclined asexual, which would also be fine! But why the hell is her mother broadcasting it for the entire universe to hear? Like why can't she just explore different labels and identities without her mother co-opting them?

    And the line about, "When did you know you were straight?" I know that's supposed to be the glib comeback, but actually, I know exactly when I knew I was straight. It was Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone when I was 11, and kiddo, if you haven't felt that for either/both genders yet, you don't know what you are just yet. And that's totally okay! But jeez louise, why can't her mother just be like, "Good for you! Let's keep our communication lines open! No, I won't blog about this!" and leave it at that?

    (sorry to rant, I've never encountered this Cecily person before)

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    • Snakeophelia

      It's also upsetting considering that a naive statement from a child about sexuality could just be driven by, well, she thinks that "pansexuality" is the same thing as liking and being kind to everyone. Which is a nice sentiment, but it should be a starting point for discussion about the need to choose one's words carefully, to think about keeping certain things private, the difference between romantic and non-romantic ferlings, and soooo many other areas that would require a mother who cares about something other than publicity.

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      • I Want a Donut So Bad

        Snake, my thoughts exactly.

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    • LaverneandHurling

      So off topic but OMG MICHAEL DOUGLAS IN ROMANCING THE STONE YES. Also, Kevin Bacon in Footloose. 10/10 would.

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      • BethyB

        For me, it was Sean Astin in Goonies. Heaven help me, I had the biggest crush on the guy. I was 10 and half and I had no friggin' clue why I had a crush, just that I did. There was absolutely nothing sexual about it, I just thought he was cute and I wanted to be his friend. It probably took another 2 years or so before the light bulb really went off. Then, when I was 14 and along came Joey McIntyre of NKOTB. At least I'm mature enough to admit :)

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        • Delusion Tonic

          ME TOO with Sean Astin in Goonies! And don't forget Michaeal J. Fox in Back to the Future and Teen Wolf. Then there was Elijah Wood in his very early movies for some reason, LOL, I was weird. And then various TV show heartthrobs--think Jared Leto, My So Called Life <3 yum.

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    • Dr Phil's Martini



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      • Weight of White Privilege

        You know, I was also going to agree with Michael Douglas in Romancing the Stone as the moment I identified as straight, but nope - it was this. I distinctly remember being six years old and having a massive crush on Disney's animated Robin Hood fox. I thought he was just dreamy.

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        • urban gypsy

          hahahaha When I was little I had a monster crush on Aladdin, glad to hear I'm not the only one :)

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        • A fruit pie salesman with a whoopie cushion living in Wichita Falls

          Yes! My mom thought it was hilarious that I had this monster crush on a cartoon fox, and will still bring it up from time to time. It was just within the last year or two that I've heard other people say they were crushing on cartoon-fox-Robin-Hood too! So glad I'm not alone.

          Also must mention David Bowie's package in Labyrinth. I vividly remember not having any idea what that was, but knowing I was interested in it.

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          • Matching Adult Sized Care Bear Undies

            I had a crush on Donatello from TMNT when I was a kid. He gave me a funny feeling. Then it was Egon from the Ghostbusters cartoon. I always crushed on the geek, and now I'm married to one, so....go me! Still can't get my hubby to dress up like Donatello though. Rats.

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            • The Immortal Love Child of Coconut Oil and Nut Butter

              Mine was Michelangelo. I'm so glad I'm not alone!

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            • Delusion Tonic

              Do I know you? And did you have the Ghosbusters comforter & sheets on your bunk bed that you shared with your older sister in the mid/late 80's?
              LOL, the youngest girl in my group of family friends had a ridiculous crush on all the actual men in the Ghosbusters movies. Of course we all were obsessed with Ghostbusters at the time, but still thought it was a bit weird that a 6 or 7 year old girl was in love with Billy Murray/Peter Venkman and made her parents buy her the bedding set. :)

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      • Delusion Tonic

        Oh gawd, I loved that movie. Beautiful gallant fox-man...enchanting Sherwood Forest...that perfect wispy pink scarf on lady-fox's head...and that silly snake villain.
        Can we all just go back to the 80's when there was no such thing as attention-wh*re bloggers sexualizing their own children on the internet for strangers' pageclick$? Boy things have changed. But good thing is, these people (i.e. Cecily) are not sane or normal.

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    • Dr Phil's Martini


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    • postit

      Reminds me of the story Dan Savage wrote about his son (when he was a kid) telling him he was gay, because Savage's son misunderstood and thought being gay was living with your best friend.

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    • The Crystallized Tears of Mrs. Butterworth

      I knew I was straight at age seven, when I wanted to kiss Shaun Cassidy.

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      • Shaun Cassidy!

        The first time I was aware that romance existed was overhearing two girls discuss Shaun Cassidy in the bathroom at church. I was maybe 5. It took me another few years for Crispin Glover in Back to the Future to usher me in.

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        • Ham Dawber

          I know it's sort of off-topic, but am I the only one here who remembers "Romancing the Bone?" I think you can all guess what kind of movie that was.

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          • B13

            Does the background music sound something like "brown chicken, brown cow?"

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      • Missicat

        David Cassidy for me. G-d I am old.

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    • Another Day

      Oh man. All these years I've thought I was straight but actually I'm... what's the word for someone who's romantically enthralled by a 400-foot-tall metal man from the sun? Ultraman, my love!! I'm in danger, come rescue me!!

      Oh god. I'd put on my roller skates and skate up and down the sidewalk in front of my house (the only place I was allowed to go), pretending that I was in Tokyo and Ultraman was coming to save me. I had ZERO interest in the dude who transformed into Ultraman, mind you, only in the skyscraper-height metallic space dude.

      And after Ultraman it was Christopher Reeve's Superman. (Not Clark Kent, or Reeve himself. Just Superman. Preferably in his Fortress of Solitude. Rrrrrowr!

      LMAO No wonder I'm 47 and single.

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  8. YoLymeDa

    How could she not come out, hasn't her mother been grooming her for this all along?

    I don't think 10 is old enough to know what one wants, sexually. Most teens are confused by their own sexuality and won't know what they really want until well into adulthood.

    Cecily's grandiose announcement is disturbing in and of itself because she turned a private family conversation into a self-serving moment. Maybe it would have been better to have a private family conversation about how 10 probably is a little young to start thinking about one's sexual partners. Things are going to get confusing enough as it is.

    I don't delude myself into thinking 10-year-olds aren't thinking about sex, and I'm not trying to discourage honest conversations, but I wonder if this would even be an issue if Cecily hasn't been pushing her in that direction for several years now.

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    • Snakeophelia

      Honest conversations tend to happen in private, and require the participants to consider the perspective of others and to choose their own words with care and empathy.

      I doubt Cess has ever had an honest conversation in her life.

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      • YoLymeDa

        I also doubt it. I imagine any conversation Cecily has with anyone is done with the intention of it becoming a blog post. Contrived.

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  9. SpedGrams3

    It's too bad this young person doesn't get a chance to be a liitle girl. Her "extremely alternative non schooling" and confidante style non parenting, along with encouraging the habit of using swearwords as everyday language, will be hard to overcome when she's ready to escape from poverty. The parents would be smarter to train her to go to university and get a high paying job so she can support them!

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    • BethyB

      Yeah, I don't understand the encouragement of the swearing, either. And a parent who is PROUD that her 10 year old swear like a sailor? This poor girl is going to really struggle, in a few years, when she needs to enter adulthood and she discovers that things work a little differently our there. These days, bosses don't put up with entitled millennial brats who were raised to do as they wish. These kids aren't coping well. Where I work... we have a hard time keeping anyone around under about age 28 or so. There's a marked change in work ethic and attitude. It's not an age thing, per se... it a legit generational thing and how they were raised and what they've been exposed to. They literally cannot cope under pressure or without their gadgets. SO now we have some of these people having children of their own and it's a giant mess. Cecily isn't the only one. A lot of younger parents don't see the problem in letting their kids swear up a storm or watch sexually explicit movies or TV shows when they are 5 or 6 years old.

      I was babysitting for a friend the other day, and their 8 year old daughter asked for my Netflix password... I gave her access to the "Kids" profile, and she said, "Oh no, I want the regular access so I can keep watching Orange is the New Black." Yeah, no... that didn't happen. Not in my house. Her mother called me the next day and asked why I wouldn't let her watch it. I was just dumbfounded. I explained it was too explicit for a child in my home to be watching and her mother called me a prude. Okay, then. I'm far from a prude... I just don't think that 8 year girls need to be watching that -- I was just watching it myself and one of the episodes have two of the inmates having a threesome with one of the guards!

      THIS! (32)  NOPE! (23)

      • Jan74 smells like hashtags

        I feel bad about letting my kids around that age watch Disney shows aimed at older kids, like Sam & Cat, already. Yikes.

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      • Dorothy Zbornak

        Your experience with millennials is not universal or indicative of a lesser work ethic, and I'm tired of millennials getting an undeserved bad rap (such stereotyping is itself a form of laziness). When I was younger, the older generation said the same thing about my generation (Gen X). I have millennial co-workers too, and haven't found them to be across-the-board entitled or lazy. On the other hand, earlier this week a 40-year-old employee decided he was sick of his job and walked out in the middle of his shift, giving no cause. Not all young folks go to "extremely alternative" schools or are allowed to swear in front of their parents; that's Tori. Please don't use her as a stand-in for an entire generation.

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  10. Nope

    God help me if the things I said at age 10 were broadcast for the world to know. At 10 you're still discovering who you are and trying on new personalities. Coming out as "I love all people regardless of gender" at a parade your parents took you to where you see LBGT people being applauded is something that should be taken as a good start of a conversation and a chance to tell your child that you love them no matter what but that they don't have to worry about choosing who they are sexually attracted to until they are out of elementary school. Some people know at age 10 who they are sexually but I don't think anyone would go back and say that they wanted their sexuality exposed on the internet. Especially if you're really concerned about violence against the LBGT community. It does a disservice to the community to say that a kid in elementary school "came out" when it's entirely possible she doesn't understand what she's really saying and is just saying it because it's cool at the moment and she thinks it's the best way to support a group of people she's been raised to celebrate. Let her have enough time to decide who she is and have the words and ability to express them. If she's pansexual she'll still be pansexual when she's in middle school or high school and can better decide if she's ready to publicly deal with the label and repercussions.

    By the way, I'm a member of the LBGT community. Support by your family is necessary. Having them use you for their own purposes is not.

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  11. Palate of a Starved Goat

    Oh for f**k's sake!!! 10 year olds are CHILDREN. Children shouldn't be concerned with identifying themselves by their sexuality because they are not yet sexual beings! They are children. This really makes me sad. All this gay, straight, bi, pan business being forced upon children. Just let kids be kids! How is this considered enlightened?!

    My 9 y/o stepson's mom is a lesbian. She has lived with a woman for the last several years. Their sexual dealings are none of his concern and are not the topic of conversation. He knows they sleep in the same room and they both take care of him when he visits. But beyond that he "gives no f**ks" because HE'S NINE. He doesn't think about his dad and my relationship in sexual terms either.

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    • coocoocacha

      I do not read this Cecily woman's blog, but I agree. My ten year old's best friend's moms are lesbians. They adopted him when he was a baby, and all I ever said to my kids was "sometimes men love men and women love women and when anyone in love wants to have a family they have a baby if they can or they adopt a baby"... which was probably waaaaay over their heads as it is.

      I have a 9 yo and a 10 yo. My ten year old doesn't care about girls or the like. My nine year old thinks girls are pretty and one day when he grows up he will get "a mother" of his own. I had to explain that you don't get a "mother", it's your wife lol. Point is: I can't imagine her ten year old understands this on anything but a very basic level, if that, and shame on her for identifying for her daughter when the child is clearly too young to even have true sexual feelings.

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      • notkept

        OK. That's just adorable. Your nine year old is going to "get a mother." lol I have a ten year old son and twelve year old daughter. Neither of them is particularly interested in sex and relationships. I did learn, while quietly driving my minivan full of twelve year old girls, that my daughter has had a crush on a boy. But they're still so young. We're very open about things and we also do have gay and transgender friends. I don't explain or couch terms, it's simply "John's husband" or whatever. But my kids aren't THINKING about these things about themselves. (But, we parents of tweens should be prepared for the coming puberty and changes. I recently helped intubate a 15 yo suicide attempt and it made me cry....something I rarely do... thinking about how much things change between now when my daughter watches My Little Pony and in a few years when there's the possibility that she could become overwhelmed with life to that point and trying to decide how to help her grow in a way that that won't seem like an option.)

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  12. So Crates Johnson

    Poor Tori doesn't even get to come out publicly on her own terms because her awful mother has already done it for her.

    Much privacy. Such parenting.

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  13. trashbreakfast

    I think it's weird she said "straight but not narrow" because I always thought that it referred to people who identified as straight but maybe wouldnt be opposed to messing around with the same sex-- not referring to her acceptance of gay people in general. Which tells me she has no idea what the duck she is talking about.

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    • trashbreakfast

      Also, it really bothers me that she takes a very real fear that many parents have of their children being hurt or discriminated against because of their sexuality and makes it about her in like 2 seconds. Because it's something to write about. Bah. I'm so frustrated, I can't even eloquently discuss it.

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    • kittyhow

      Straight But Not Narrow (SBNN) is a grassroots non-profit organization primarily focused on straight youth & young adults, and strives to positively influence the perception of, and behavior toward, their LGBT peers.

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      • trashbreakfast

        Shows my ignorance. Thank you.

        THIS! (14)  NOPE! (2)

    • Zanthropy

      SBNN has been used to mean two different things:
      1) Heterosexual, but with a hint of bisexuality or experimentation going on
      2) Heterosexual, but not *narrow minded* - so open to alternative lifestyles.

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