CecilyK Continues To Fight Racism From Her Couch

Cecily, still trying to be relevant, has once again shown her willingness to combat racism by writing about planning on doing something about racism maybe one day if she gets a chance probably.

As reports of racially based harassment have increased over the past week since the election of Trump — even here in my liberal bastion of urban Philadelphia— I have begun to think more critically about what I’ll do if I witness racist, sexist, homophobic, or xenophobic harassment. Because standing aside isn’t an option.

Much like that time she wished she could throw herself in front of bullets for “brown boys”, Cecily self-righteously declares that “As a white, cis-gendered, heterosexual woman, I’m not likely to be a target of harassment. But I can put my white body between an asshole and the person they are trying to hurt.”

I’m assuming all this roosterchesting about activism will end the same way her trendjacking slacktivism always does – with smug self-backpatting and slurpees.

  1. Gives me the Shrivels

    yaaaaaas my favorite slactivist has again graced the front page!

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    • I honestly can't believe she is still trying to make herself out as some liberal east coast urban elite influencer of forward thinking social change.

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  2. Salad Spinner of Fuck

    She won't put her white body between anything. She'll record it on her phone from inside the house.


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  3. She's not going to do shit, unless it's from her couch.

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  4. Apologetically Feministy


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    • Gaspode

      This applies to Gluten Free Girl as well.

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  5. Derp of Earl

    I'd bet a box of Franzia she doesn't even know what "xenophobic" means.

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    • Gives me the Shrivels

      kind of like "penultimate." Just another fancy word she tried to work into her daily life.

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      • Couchtivism is real

        She posted a mannequin video on her FB page recently and her comment was "Mic. Drop. This is it, the final penultimate mannequin challenge."

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  6. I didn't say I was powerful, I said I was a wizard

    She is all mouth and no trousers.

    And what if it is black on white 'racially based harassment" or is that not the cool thing to whine about on blogs and twitter?

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    • Rihannas Bong're worried about "black on white harassment?" The hell is wrong with you? You also worried about a piano falling on your head when you walk down the sidewalk?

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      • Rihannas Bong

        10 nopes, interesting! Did not expect that from the GOMI audience.

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  7. Raging BitchSlap

    Cecily will only couchavist if she doesn't have to do it with white folks.


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    • iovershare

      What are anti-Trump things? She sounds like a high schooler!

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    • KipDynamite

      I don't follow this woman... Is this real? Lmao.

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    • domino sugar

      Like, what? YOU ARE WHITE, CECILY. You won't be missed.

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    • Ladycoder Tantrums

      Why can't White folks be anti-Trump? I don't get her brand of slactivism...

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      • Purple21

        I think it's an attempt to be seen as better at being anti-racist than the other anti-racists who organized the demonstration but don't actually know any non-white people.

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      • KitchenAid Mixer

        NOT WKing for her at all

        There are a lot of spaces (Pantsuit Nation, I'm looking at you) where well-intentioned white women are trying to come together in protests/anti-Trump organized spaces, and they aren't inclusive of women of color. Not as a deliberate "you can't sit with us!" thing, but more a result of our white privilege and not recognizing the role that it plays in feminism.

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  8. Coffee Toss Tramp Bitch

    If any drama goes down between her holy trinity of couch-refrigerator-bathroom, she's got it covered you guys.

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    • Raging BitchSlap

      She has her daughter all set up with a plan to save hijab-wearers but dollars to dingbats she doesn't have a plan in place if the house goes a-fire.

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      • boombalatty

        The only more elaborate plans they have are how to evade the landlord when the rent is due.

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  9. Katnip

    I think I've been reading GOMI for too long. I've read 'couch' as 'crotch' and didn't even bat an eyelid...

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    All she says is that she is going to intervene; she doesn't say anything about the HOW. She makes a big to do about how she will not record the incident but this is Cecily so we know that just means she doesn't really plan on doing a damn thing.

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  11. Wizened Tangerine Hands

    She is the worst kind of white ally.

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    • Downward spiral into holiday obesity

      With allies like this, who needs enemies?

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  12. bananapie

    Women aren't likely to be a target of harrassment? I know she's focusing on race in her post, but she may want to talk to a few more women before making statements like that.

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    • YayHookers

      At first I was kind of astounded that she never mentioned being fat-shamed so that she too could claim harassment. But then I remembered that she Picmonkeys her face thinner on social media.

      I don't think anyone should be fat-shamed, it hurts my feelings when it happens to me, I just have a hard time believing that it hasn't happened to her.

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      • a hedgehog in uncle sams pants

        I live in Cecily's neighborhood and there doesn't seem to be a lot of fat shaming around here. It's really diverse, and I think people just have other things to worry about. It's not the nicest part of the city but the people who live around here are generally nice to each other. Maybe that will change when it gets gentrified (not by Cecily!!) but for now...

        I love that she is looking for things to do when articles like this are being posted in Philadelphia about what you can do! Do something, Cecily!!!!

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