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CecilyK Did Her Part To Help The “Brown Boys”, Then Flounced

After smearing her ragefeels all over twitter and facebook for two days, social slacktivist Cecily Kellogg made sure to remind everyone yesterday to go out and participate in the local protest rally.


At the time of the rally, she flooded her instagram stream with pictures of her holding vigil candles, talking to the crowd, and holding her daughter’s hand while she explained why they were there. Oh wait, no she didn’t. She was too busy taking feminist Slurpee selfies at a green light.


After fielding questions about why she wasn’t at the rally she had promoted so vocally and being called out for instagramming while driving, Cecily decided she’d had enough of the internet judging her inactivism. She’s now flounced off her instagram account.


So much for taking responsibility for the “criticism loop”. Maybe she should have created a hashtag about it instead.

  1. meagain

    She should keep the mustache, it's a good look for her.

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    • dangerzone

      And by look we're saying the Wilford Brimley look.


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    • MeowMeowKitty

      Hopefully she got a killer brain freeze from the slurpee. So fierce, so feminist.

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      • SadPandaShirt

        The important thing is she's only sharing her dangerous driving photos with the hairpat crowd now. Isn't that worth a little brainfreeze?

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  2. GodsMonroeInvestmentProperty

    Typical Cec. OWNERSHIP of her actions? LOL.

    (Aside: Jeez, it's like Christmas this week. These fools are keeping Alice busy.)

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  3. CMJ

    oh, this is rich…


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    • RollsRoyceRevenge

      I agree, only Snow White, to my mind, is too innocent and charming to be sullied with the likes of Cesspool.

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  4. Moobs Ahoy


    I f**king called it. And I hate that she's so damn predictable.

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  5. Affiliate Lynx

    Wait, what?

    She is closing one Instagram account and opening another? But she announced it on Facebook? I guess I don't even know what her old Instagram account was...

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    • dayman

      I was just coming here to say that I don't get it. she's starting a new acct because people are mean and hurting her feelz, but she's telling everyone the name and it's public and people should follow her? Why even bother?

      Also, I loathe this woman- like, LOATHE, and need to stop reading about her because it's ridiculous how much she irritates me, but my first thought on the whole instagramming while driving thing was, oh come on, she could still be parked! Then I saw the reflection of the stop light in her glasses. RIGHT.

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      • Parkinsons Handjob

        That the light is green says so much.

        If only she'd PicMonkeyed it red to match her face...

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      • Graveyard of Unfinished Projects and Broken Dreams

        Her new IG acct is private and she says "This is my private account. I'm accepting very few requests. Hope you don't take it personally." However, she has 26 followers and she's following 27 people so...who knows.

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  6. I saw this in the forums and was hoping this would make front page. Seriously Cecily, your lack of accountability and cowardice is just ridiculous. I mean how hard would it have been to show up to the vigil, hold a candle and take a quick selfie then zoom off? It would have taken 5 minutes and it at least would have seemed like you gave a damn. I guess that's just too much effort and it's easier to simply rage online with no follow through. It amazes me that this woman still has any readers. I hope she doesn't get any followers on her private IG. Maybe that will make her realize that NO1CURR. Ugh


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    • Fancy eleganza

      Ah, I love me some Stephen Fry! As his longtime friend and colleague Hugh Laurie often said in his role as the good doctor Gregory House, "People don't change."
      Cecily just proved that point.
      Ave atque vale, Cess. Don't let the door hit you as you flounce away.

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      • RollsRoyceRevenge

        No chance of it not coming right off its hinges, if you know what I mean.

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    • boombalatty

      It would have even been on the way from her house to Maybe Ikea.

      FYI -Only Stephen Fry could play Hobie in the movie version of The Goldfinch, imo.

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      • My Dog is an Alpo Male

        Yes! Will there be a movie version?

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        • SadPandaShirt

          Please make it shorter than the book.

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  7. Terrifying Buttercream Predator

    Cecily gives such good flounce.

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    • discothecat

      I don't even understand her Instagram flounce message grammatically

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  8. feralforestnymph

    By 'see you there', she meant 'when I watch the news tonight, I will see you there through my television'.

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  9. Pricklypete

    She was driving while taking selfies and videos of her daughter. Anyone that called her out on it is a HATER or TROLL!? I can't with this b***h.
    So much for her year of accountability.

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    • S-natch

      "If I learned anything from 2013 it’s this: I need to hold myself accountable...I need to be better about reviewing my own performance at my work. I also need to be accountable when it comes to eating and exercise, sobriety, and my behavior in general."

      Much accountability going on this year... Cecily's Year of the Flounce.

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      • TINA bring me the axe

        Wow, putting that in perspective with drinking a Slurpee while instagramming in a moving vehicle....just...amazing.

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    • LadyChillax

      No, they're assholes!

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    • Katie's Petting Zoo and Slaughterhouse


      Car crash caused by a driver texting while behind the steering wheel

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      • I know why the couched bird snores

        Which one was texting? It looks like there were no fatalities, because thankfully, the red car has no back seat.

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      • Chicken Milk

        Can you post a link? I totally agree that texting and driving is very dangerous, but I don't want to just repeat info without a source, you know? Thanks.

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    • Brenda

      No, correction, you're an ASSHOLE if you think a child should be buckled in while riding in a car.

      Cecily is disgusting. Let's hope she makes EVERYTHING private and then quietly fades away.

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    • Epic Ambivalent Bird

      Yes, the mean hater trolls are the ones who call her out on her constant Instagramming while driving. In Cecily's world, everyone should be applauding her bravery for using her phone behind the wheel.

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  10. Profanity Jane

    Wait. She said she was going to go. But she didn't go?


    Huh, I never thought I'd see the day when Cecily "End of Month Migraine" Kellogg didn't follow through on her stated words. Who can I trust after this?

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    • Dear In Headlights

      This cat makes me laugh so much.

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  11. audreyhepburn

    is she trying to break a GOMI front page record or something?

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  12. lilmissshunshine


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    • Topsecretusername

      Thank you for this gif(t)!

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  13. Mind if I do a J?

    Did she ever start her new blog network to replace her lost revenue from Babble?


    Yeah, I didn't think so.


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    • Bitch Pudding Blam

      No and I was honestly looking forward to seeing what she was going to throw against the wall hoping it would stick. Seeing as her "business" blog look like crap, though, I'm not surprised.

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    • what_is_written

      Oh man I am anxious and sad and lonely tonight (husband has been working 12-14 hours days 6 days a week) and this made me SO HAPPY.

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