Types of comments we will delete:

  1. If you post the phone numbers, addresses, or employment information of a commenter or topic, or instructions on how to find such information, the information will be redacted on notification. GOMIers please note that if you publicly post anything about yourself that would help someone google your identity, I can not be held responsible. Think before you post anything that could lead back to your real name if you want to remain anonymous.
  2. If you attempt to organize or participate in campaigns to interfere with anyone’s actual life (by emailing sponsors/companies, campaigning to deny them pageviews/income, or attempting to get authorities involved, announcing intent to attend events for the sole purpose of reporting back to GOMI, creating/promoting harassment social media accounts, etc etc) your comments will be removed on notification. GOMI is not a vigilante group or a stalking club and we neither condone nor tolerate people using GOMI for such purposes. Keep it to commentary.
  3. Do not come brag on GOMI about commenting on their blog/social media or poking them via twitter/email, or whatever means you use to contact them. Such behavior is not noteworthy and GOMI is not your stage to use for seal claps for your off-GOMI blogger smacking activities. If that is the sort of ‘snark’ you enjoy then you would probably be happier on another forum.
  4. If you threaten physical harm, mention stalking, contacting a blogger, or otherwise creep on bloggers discussed on GOMI or another GOMI commenter your comment will be deleted. This includes claiming your comments on their blogs or social media. Do what you want outside of this site, I can’t control what you do outside of GOMI; but do not come back here and drag GOMI into it. Going out and harassing bloggers on social media/their blogs/email is not what we’re about so keep that crap to yourself.
  5. If you want to advertise on GOMI please contact me to purchase ad space. Don’t try to use our traffic as free advertising to pimp your blog, your kickstarter, your charity drive, your forums, your facebook group, or your online store unless given express permission by GOMI or in the specified forum area. If you post a link pimping your crap the post will be removed and your account will be immediately deleted. No exceptions. It’s not my problem if you “didn’t know” – you should’ve read the comment policy.
  6. If you start threads about another GOMIer, the thread will be deleted.. I do not have time for inter-ham drama, and there is no reason for it to clog up the forum. Nobody else cares about your grudge match or gossip. If you have an issue with a GOMIer take it to Private Message.
  7. No discussion about minor children’s  blogs, youtube, instagrams, twitters, facebooks, etc.
  8. Do not copy entire posts from blogs to paste into the forum. Or any other content in its entirety for that matter. I know you don’t want to give people pageviews but please confine it to sharing only the excerpt that you wish you give commentary on. If you don’t want to give them a pageview just link to a google cached version of the url or something.
  9. If you want to smear shit about some blogger’s sister/parents/ex-boyfriend/accountant/ex-boss/parole officer/ex’s new flame/friend’s current flame/whoever, please go elsewhere. GOMI is not your personal Burn Book: Scorched Earth Edition, where you can drag in every person some blogger has ever known and dissect their lives as well in order to advance your agenda.
  10. And finally, do not post crap from background checks/public records/offline gossip. 99% of  unverifiable offline gossip isn’t true anyway, and there’s no rational reason to sit around doing record checks of someone just because they are on the internet. That shit just makes GOMI look like a bunch of crazy stalkers with personal vendettas. If you simply must share this kind of info with another GOMIer, use the Private Message system or submit a Story Tip. Otherwise, keep it to discussion/speculation about what they themselves put online.

If you violate any of these comment policies three times your account will be deleted. Period. You’re adults and I should not have to constantly take time out of my life to remind you of the rules and delete your violating posts. If you’re too stupid to follow the comment policy, you’re too stupid to be part of GOMI.

Types of comments we won’t delete:

  1. Don’t ask us to delete a comment just because it hurt your feelings. We expect you to all be adults and handle your own battles. Unless the comment falls under one of the reasons above it will not be deleted.
  2. If you are having comment or forum post regret do not bother to email asking for it to be removed. I am not your internet janitor and it is not my job to clean up whatever mess you created with your keyboard. Unless your comment falls under one of the reasons above it will not be deleted. Think about what you are posting before you hit submit, people!