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Cupcakes & Cashmere Married Her Best Friend

As you all know by now, Internet blogging sensation Cupcakes & Cashmere tied the knot over the weekend with her Man Cat, Photographer, White Knight Defender and All-Around Best Friend BFF.

This little image was tweeted by her, no doubt to tease her adoring public into pressing refresh psychotically on her blog in order to be the first commenter on her wedding post. So, what we know is:

  • Emily got married
  • She married Geoffrey (probably)
  • They are very short, perhaps fairies
  • She wore a white dress

Here are a few weddings/marriages/divorces featured on GOMI in the past to pass the time until Emily returns from her Italian honeymoon.

  1. Shrug Bitch

    She is so painfully boring but I'm still excited to see her wedding pics because I'm sure they'll be beautiful in that generic The Knot way.

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    • Evil Kitteh

      I predict that their wedding was Offbeat Lite with a vintage feel. A wedding in the redwoods is still probably not the norm, and from looking at the tweet, I think she might be wearing a 30's style dress and a birdcage veil with hair up.

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  2. I kind of want to go and frolic among the trees and/or stage a production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream". It's beautiful there. But they totally look like worry dolls in this picture.

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  3. Char

    Y'all remember Mckmama?

    She and her husband lied, and lied, got caught and lied again to the bankruptcy trustee.

    Maybe an article about bloggers on the way to jail.

    http://mwopblogDOTcom/creditors-meeting-ii/ has the transcript. It's still be transcribed with about 30 minutes more to come!

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    • KAS

      I should be a bankruptcy trustee (TR below), I could be bitchy like this:

      TR: Alright, so then you wouldn’t have an objection if I tried advertising this for sale, and
      JM: Well I would have a problem with it since it’s not yours to list for sale.
      TR: It is mine. It’s the bankruptcy estate’s.

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      • Char

        What she doesn't realize is when the trustee is through with her a$$ now that he owns it, he's going to turn it over to the feds and the IRS.

        It was also discovered on her pill selling site that she has a new email addy. That email is the email for a facebook of a rabid supporter who said things like "I love your hair"
        "you look amazing with your weight loss"
        "you are such a savvy mother"

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      • Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        Oh, that bankruptcy trustee is my new hero(ine). That is fucking awesome right there.

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        • AFGHANI

          It's a really tough job. And it seems like this particular trustee is very sharp.

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      • AFGHANI

        Check this exchange out (Holy shit, it's hilarious):

        TR: Did you ever own a second camper?

        JM: No.

        TR: And there was a camper—did you sell a camper on Craigslist?

        JM: We never had owned it.

        TR: You sold a camper on Craigslist that you didn’t own?

        JM: Mm-hmm.

        TR: How would you sell a camper on Craigslist you didn’t own? What authority did you have?

        IM: What’s the question?

        TR: What authority did you have to sell a camper on Craigslist that you didn’t own?

        IM: Um, I believe we never titled it, the camper, in our name; therefore it was never ours.

        TR: This isn’t a game of semantics. Did you own it, even though it wasn’t titled in your name? Did you pay for it?

        IM: Uh, I was advised that if we did not title it in our name, we never owned it.

        TR: Who paid—who advised you of that?

        IM: Um, I think that we got that advice at this meeting last time from our counsel.

        TR: Alright. Did you pay for it?

        IM: Uh, I didn’t because I wasn’t working but yes, we together paid for it. My wife wrote the check.

        TR: Alright. We can be here a long time. In fact if we don’t get any straight answers we’re going to be here a long time.
        Now last time I asked you about the camper you said you never owned it, ma’am, and that’s because it wasn’t titled in your name?

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    • Uh why are you posting this here?

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      • Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        I love these updates. They're two-for-one hilarity, because the scammer diet-pill Jesus's best friend bankrupt is ludicrous and the enormous crowd of people who are obsessed with her are even more ridiculous. If I had no life at all, I'd make a blog about the blog about the blog.

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    • GetMePizzaYouOldTroll

      Why do you keep on coming to GOMI and posting shit about your own website? NO1CURR.

      you are seriously fucked up. it's one thing to snark and hate on a blog, but it CROSSES THE LINE to write the bankruptcy judge about said blogger. i mean, did you write "oh hai judge, i stalk mckmama on the interwebz, so i know ALL THE THINGS. just ask me."

      get a fucking life.

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      • feathebrained

        Well said.

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      • AFGHANI

        Lying to the U.S. Trustee is a serious crime. If a lawyer knew Mckmama was lying, they'd be bound by professional responsibility to report the lie. Similarly, I think many private citizens would agree that reporting a serious crime is a good thing.

        I think the question is, why does this person post it here? However, I dunno, I don't see a lot of posting that really disrupts the board.

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      • CrazyAmy

        I think that's pretty much exactly how those letters went.

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      Holy shit. I read some of that before.... but never thought they'd continue to lie. That's a federal fucking crime!!! This is an area of the law I practice and, how fuck??, I'd never ever ever considering lying to the U.S. Trustee.

      They're morons. They deserve everything that's coming to them.

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      • Albie Quirky (No Relation!)

        They're fucking hilarious. "Oh, I never registered the title to that, so I assumed I didn't have to put it on the bankruptcy filing as an asset." I MAY NEVER NEED TO WATCH 'JERRY SPRINGER' AGAIN.

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  4. RollsRoyceRevenge

    A rather charming photo but I'm a sucker for "Herself the Elf."

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  5. feathebrained

    Was AFF present? Did AFF and Geoffrey ever go skiing together as they both proudly proclaimed?

    I have no affinity for C/C....just another pretty girl with a blog.

    The picture is really nice, I won't deny that.

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  6. nickeldimepenny

    it looks like a cake topper left in a state park

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  7. thousands of pictures daily

    I do like that photo, but I'm a redwood hugger, so there's that.

    Where did they get married? That looks a bit like Stern Grove, maybe?

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  8. Top Knot


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  9. heathersmether


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  10. taupegrey first I thought it was just a picture of the forest.

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  11. JFA

    Meh, I immediately clicked on the Messica link to relive the glory that was her wedding day. That dress. That hair. So much fail. I'll never get over that.

    The best/worst part is THAT WAS HER APEX.

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  13. Michelle

    I'm convinced that he's fake and the apartment therapy pic guy was just a stand in. She thinks her followers feel like they know her "so well" or whatever but not sure if she ever talks about him...

    I think I saw somewhere that she was doing a great gatsby type feel.

    Oh btw, new "fashion inspiration" on her blog... A Burberry coat that really that great. Thankfully there was ONE commenter that noted how she is concerned with materialistic things even while on her honeymoon... Whatever. I just wish that she'd Post more realistic posts because it comes off as showing off for people who can't afford all of that. Oh and If she could get over herself that would be nice too.

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