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Danielle Will Help You Shop Away Hurricane Matthew

Danielle of Shop Dandy, some kind of fashion blogger I guess, has updated her fans letting them know she is safe from hashtag Hurricane Matthew.


I’m sure all those families in Haiti will rejoice knowing her affiliate linked outfit is “giving” her “life” during this current trending hashtag time.

  1. Spare me the details

    Will bloggers do anything for a buck? JFC.

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  2. Saint Dorothy Mantooth

    Insert gif of Robin on HIMYM saying, "Joel! People died!"

    But seriously, what the f**k.

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  3. smartcookie

    Is she for real?! Get the F out. She's a sad excuse for a 'fashion blogger.' I've never seen so many basic f**king blanket scarves in my life.

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  4. jw3402


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  5. Weighing in on shit

    I will totally pray for her and her scarf tunic combo.

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  6. MeSoHangry

    Did she fix her hair to go out in swampy gale-force winds? She's a piece of work.

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  7. Purple21

    She seems to be tuned into the priorities of her target audience if this comment is anything to go by:

    Prayers for all in the path of this monster. Not to take away from the weather situation but where is your purse from? Love it

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  8. oh, you

    f**k dead Haitians, Momma got to make her affiliate link dollazs!

    I was going to be Swiftian and suggest that monetizing funerals will be next, and then I remembered Freckled Fox literally did that a few weeks ago.

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  9. Amy Paape Smear

    What a f**king piece of shit.

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  10. Apeeling Attire

    OMG, the comments. I shit you not: "Prayers for all in the path of this monster. Not to take away from the weather situation but where is your purse from? Love it."

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    • i love chili dogs

      I saw this one and thought it was way too good to be real.

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  11. MarilynMerlot

    Blanket scarves save lives. That's the message I'm getting from this.

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  12. snarkstress

    It was worse. She posted a pic of her sitting on her bed with a caption that essentially said "please pray that I don't die in the hurricane and that my house doesn't blow away, but buy my outfit!" with a liketoknowit link. She deleted the post a few minutes later.

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  13. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    I don't even know what's real anymore. How is this real, for example. How is she not dying of embarrassment.

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