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Did Jennifer Perillo Use Her Husband’s Death To Swindle Money?

Jennifer Perillo, a food blogger, recently lost her husband. Given the impression that his death had left her and her two small daughters nearly destitute, the tightly knit food blogging community generously banded together to raise over $60,000 to help support her in her widowhood.

Well it turns out the fundraising group allegedly overstated the extent of her financial need. Commenters on a post about how she’s grieving through food are practically accusing her of fraud:

“I agree that Jennifer does have the right to grieve in her own way, and there’s nothing wrong with traveling or spending her own money how she sees fit.
The problem is that people were led to believe that she and her daughters were in immediate financial crisis.  People donated $70k because it was implied that they were losing their health insurance and their home!  It’s evident from her tweets that she’s not only not in any financial crisis, but that she has plenty of disposable income and is probably much better off than many of the people who donated.  I think it’s morally wrong to trick people into donating money.  She should have returned it to the donors or given it to charity.”

“You’re right… I’ve never walked in her $800 boots. Perhaps she’d like to step out in my $13 Keds? Shauna Ahern told people she was LOSING HER HOME. I wonder how many would have donated to her “fund” if they had known the truth of Ms. Perillo’s financial situation?”

Other commenters are defending the way Jennifer is spending her money and telling those who feel grifted…well, in a nutshell, tough luck:

“If you don’t like the way Jen is spending her money, fine. Don’t like it.  Then you shouldn’t have given her any in the first place. Not that it seems that any of you commenting gave her anything at all.  You just sound furious on principal.  Or perhaps furious out of jealousy.”

We continue to be shocked at how people get money out of people on the internet. There are good, hardworking bloggers (many unemployed – and not by choice) who can’t even manage to afford a box of ramen, and people like Anthroholic and Jennifer allegedly scam thousands out of people who trust them. With people like this supposedly bilking people left and right, no wonder it’s so hard to make money just blogging anymore.

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