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Elena Wants You To Know Her Daughter Is A Flasher

Happy New Year’s Eve, hams! To guide us gently out of 2015 here’s a final ‘lol wut’.

Elena, art of making a flasher, posted what she called an “hilarious” photo of her daughter lifting up her shirt for the mailman.


Ha. Well ok then. Thanks Elena, everyone needed to know this.

Everyone stay safe tonight and I’ll be posting the 2016 GOMIBLOG Awards voting page with the final categories when our hangovers go away on Monday.

  1. Resentment Rental

    I have a hard time buying these "candid" shots.

    How long was Lexi standing there with her shirt up? And then Elena noticed her, took out her phone, opened the camera app and snapped the pic?

    When my cat is doing a cute thing? By the time I notice it, take out my phone, open the camera app and am ready to snap the pic, cat is DONE.

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    • Fiesta Salad

      She said she was trying to get a pic of them greeting the mailman and Lexi lifted up her shirt, as small kids do. Which is plausible, I guess. But knowing Elena, she probably saw Lexi lift her shirt, shouted "SWEETIE KEEP YOUR SHIRT UP" and took out her phone.

      And sure, small kids flash their bellies all the time because they don't understand clothing, but I don't see why the f**k you'd post that on the internet instead of deleting it and taking an actual nice picture of the kids waving at the mailman.

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      • MrsClause

        Not to mention Lexi is about to turn 4 which I feel like is past the lifting up your shirt age. I don't know. I have a feeling Elena models super inappropriate behavior. Kind of like when Lexi kept saying sexy on one of her periscope videos.

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        • Fiesta Salad

          Yeah, I think four is old enough to know better. But Elena's encouraging this--as seen here--as opposed to telling her kid that you aren't supposed to do that, like a normal parent would.

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        • melete

          My 5 year old girl totally still does this. I tell her to pull her shirt down and I'd never post a pic of this on social media, but still, I do think it's fairly normal 4 year old behavior.

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  2. Janet Snarkhole


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  3. Jessica B. Fletcher

    At this point in time I think I've seen more of Elena's body than my own, this is most definitely learned behaviour. I wouldn't be suprised if Elena told her to do it!

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  4. eyebrowsonfleek

    Not familiar with this blogger. But why is her first reaction to take a photo and laugh? I would probably be horrified and try to teach my child that is not the best thing to be doing.

    For all we know, the mailperson could be a p**ophile.

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    • Ham Dawber

      A quick perusal of this nutcase's archives will answer your question about why she had this reaction. If you want to spare yourself the horror, however, I'll simply say that p**ophiles are pretty low on her list of concerns.

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  5. Ramcat Hamcat

    At least she didn't post a picture of her daughter flashing the camera, which I wouldn't put past some of our other bloggers.

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    • boombalatty

      Don't fool yourself, she'd totally do it if she thought she could get away with it.

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  6. Martha Stewart's Potpourri-Scented Butt Plug


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    • snickwa

      f**k off.

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      • DotCom

        I know I'm an asshole, but I read that comment in a sarcastic tone. *shrug*

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    • Ladycoder Tantrums

      Go show your boobies to the mailman so I can take a picture and post it? That IS child abuse. Child is not being taught anything about personal boundaries and this makes it more likely that she will be susceptible to predators.

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    • oh, you

      Hey Elena? Your kid looks like a ho at Mardi Gras.

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  7. Army of Vaginas


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  8. Busted Coccyx Club

    She has 4500 followers but averages 50-60 likes per photo. Someone is looking for more likes....tumblr_ny0t75cmCl1tpri36o1_500.gif

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  9. snozberries

    Sadly, nothing that narcissistic moron does shocks me anymore.

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  10. so much ham

    A post from 2010.

    "I really do hope we end up having a daughter. There are so many fun things I can think of that we can do together. I adore little girls, precocious Tweens, unruly almost sexy teenage girls. There's something about girlhood that just can't compare to anything else."

    Poor kid never had a chance.

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    • Suzy Bishop-Shakusky

      "Unruly almost sexy teenage girls"


      What mom thinks about that!?
      And who the F actually posts something like that!?

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      • SaintHubbins

        This is disturbing.

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      • Purple21

        It sounds like she skipped right over babyhood and childhood and went straight to the moment when she and her lookalike daughter are in a bar and some drunken opportunist "thinks" they are sisters.
        Or maybe she's planning to be one of those cool moms who buys alcohol and encourages her daughter to invite all her friends over so she can flirt with the teenage boys.

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  11. Boofrickinghoo

    God these internets are breeding idiots! WTF is wrong with people? I just cannot.

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  12. broth deficiency

    what the f**k. this sickens me. does she not realize that p**ophiles use the internet? she doesn't care that they will turn her daughter into a masturbation fantasy? GAH I AM SO f**kING ENRAGED.

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  13. Fiesta Salad

    I think this is actually one of the milder provocative photos Elena has posted of her child, which is sad as f**k. The poor kid.

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