Evan Williams Confused By Babies

Evan Williams, CEO of the online neurosis exposer twitter, has a baby or something. He spends a lot of time on twitter talking about the wonderment of baby development. More accurately, he spends a lot of time being confounded by baby development:

You’d think babies would be confused by mirrors, but they seem to seem normal. about 11 hours ago via web

I don’t know why people feel the need to tweet every step of their boring walk through parenthood. I guess after tweeting the entire delivery the proud producers of the human containing combined genetic information feel Twitter Baby’s every gurgle worth sharing.

Spoiler alert: babies are boring. Yours too. Until it’s old enough to shoot student nurses from a clock tower or cure cancer it’s not worth tweeting about, Ev.

  1. so which is worse Ev or Calacanis and their babies?

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  2. peptotights

    Also acceptable: smoking babies. If your baby smokes, I want to see it.

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  3. I have to respectfully disagree. I love baby-related tweets and blog posts, especially if I know the person (but often even if I don't).

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  4. academic stalker

    "You would think babies get confused by mirrors.... because I get confused by mirrors".

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  5. zandra

    everyone thinks they are the first person to ever give birth and that their child is better than anything that has ever shat their pants.

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