Fitness Youtuber Power Couple Breakup Ignites
A Rapeculturepalooza

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 10.01.03 PMChristian (above) and Nikki (below) in their youtube videos

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Christian Guzman and Nikki Blackketter, the Ross and Rachel of youtube power couples, have broken up yet again. Less than two months after their reunion the pair have announced via dueling youtube videos that they have split for a second time.

Christian’s video starts off with him reading a written statement.

This past Sunday it was brought to my attention that I was lied to about something very important…to be honest I feel betrayed…I can’t get over it…my relationship with Nikki has ended…Thank you for the support.

He then spends what feels like 37 years trying on shirts and enjoying #legday before finally cutting to  a bizarre, rambling rant about how he was “screwed over” in his relationship group and his friend group. He continues by assuring everyone that he is focusing on what he loves – “for me, that’s making content”. He finally tells those “in a situation that’s similar” not to lay in bed and “mope and feel bad for yourself”.

And just what is this situation? According to his once-again ex-girlfriend Nikki, Christian found out that during their breakup, Nikki blacked out after a night of drinking and according to her, a friend took intimate liberties with her while she was in this state.

On a night in May I was out with my friends…one of the friends I got dropped off with at my house, while I was completely blackout drunk, ended up fooling around with me. And I did not know it happened until the next morning…

She explains her side in a counter-video. The video seems to essentially be her answer to the rumors going around from Team Christian fanswoles that she cheated on him with one of his friends, causing the breakup.

Of course all this means it’s time for the s**t shaming and victim blaming to begin. Nikki’s instagram posts are already filling up with comments about how Christian’s friends “went deep inside them sugar walls”, informing her she is “playing the victim a little too hard”, and helpfully advising her to “Stop getting drunk and cheating. s**t”. Isn’t it wonderful to be alive in such a progressive, feminist time in history?

  1. Purple21

    Ugh, so she was allegedly raped by one of his friends while she was unconscious/ asleep, and he’s angry at “her” betrayal. I wonder how it has affected his relationship with the friend.

    • Princess Buttercup

      Something similar to this happened to me when I was at a party at my cousin’s house. Someone else caught and stopped the guy responsible, who was known to have sex with passed out drunk women. The act itself bothered me less than the way my cousin’s husband and his friends made it a joke (when asked what he was doing with his hands in my underwear, the guy said “looking for my rolling papers” so his nickname became rolling papers, stuff like that). He had actually raped or attempted to rape many of their wives and girlfriends, yet the attitude was “that’s what he does” andy own cousin told me that if it had happened, I wouldn’t have woken up because “he doesn’t last long”. This isn’t as bad as having it aired in public, the way it is happening to this woman, but it’s a similar feeling. She was drunk, oh well, he’s a guy, what do you expect? And the behavior continues and will continue, as long as it’s supported by the people around him.

      • flugelhorn

        That’s horrifying. I’m so sorry that happened to you. And now I’m worried about your cousin.

      • Cat Benetar

        That is so f**king horrible. I’m so sorry that happened to you- both the act itself and the aftermath.

      • Apologetically Feministy

        This is horrible!!! Nobody reported this guy??

        • Princess Buttercup

          No. It was over 10 years ago. I was 24 and didn’t actually know. It happened until a month later when my cousin decided to tell me. I was passed out and another guy at the party caught him molesting me, for lack of a better term. He said that he told him to knock it off and he said “OK” and then he caught him trying to sneak back in the room with me. He got my cousin and she made him leave and slept in the room with me to make sure I was left alone.

      • Storm

        I would have cut off his balls, were I in his circle. I am so sorry.

    • Longtimelurkerr

      Blackout drunk doesn’t mean that you are unconscious, it means that you do thinks and don’t remember doing them the next day.

      • Princess Buttercup

        In my case, I was actually unconscious, so that’s neither here nor there, but if you are so drunk you don’t know what you’re doing then you’re not consenting to sex. Also? Gross.

  2. snarkersen

    hadn’t was forced and that who Shen moved and trustedDisgusting. This is why rape culture is real. Seeone comes forward with this and are automatically s**t Shamed and degraded.


    I feel so bad that her, that she was forced to explain and that who she trusted left her because of it.

    Absolutely mortifying and disgusting.

  3. #itwasfrank

    It was Frank **. Confirmed on alphalete gym IG. Disgusting piece of shit to sexually assault her, and then diva insecure jackass CG dumps her at a time when she needs the MOST support. Ugh all the way around

    • I saw this:
      But I have no idea who posts to that account.

      • Luciana

        That’s a fake Alphalete instagram. The real one is just @alphalete

    • LaverneandHurling

      Cold comfort for her, but if he’s the kind of guy who equates being assaulted with being cheated on then she is better off in the long-run without him. He clearly does not care about her as a person. Shes a prop or possession to him.

      What sucks is that it will contribute to any feelings of guilt or shame she may carry from the incident (not saying she SHOULD feel that way, but this is common in abuse and assault survivors).

  4. Digging Trenches

    I can’t imagine being so invested in a relationship, between two people I follow online and don’t know personally, that I would take to the internet and s**t shame someone for being taken advantage of. Those comments are next-level awful.

  5. Seaside Honey Fantasia

    Why, I just can’t IMAGINE why women don’t report rape and assault more often. It’s a mystery.


    • SCC (not the rude one)

      People don’t believe them, make light of it, blame them somehow. It seems “easier” to just deal with it rather than be shamed about it and see the guy go on as normal because it is less likely that he’ll be held accountable. 🙁

      • Seaside Honey Fantasia

        Please note that I am fully aware why women don’t report more often. Painfully aware. Horrifyingly aware. Personally aware. Still have the scars aware.

        My original post was sarcasm.

  6. boombalatty

    He has really small eyes.

  7. i love chili dogs

    f**k, some of those comments are VILE. I have no idea who this girl is, but I want to invite her over for wine, something funny on Netflix, and snuggles from my adorable cat.

    I find myself asking this a lot after viewing social media, and still haven’t gotten an answer, but I will ask again: what in the everloving f**k is wrong with people?

    • Princess

      Yeah, this after defending men in general after reading Trump’s newest shit storm. I said most men don’t talk/think like this. Ugh. You’d think at some point I’d know better than to read comments.

    • klein6

      she blacked out because she can’t control her drinking and your idea of making her feel better is to invite her over for wine?
      if you drink too much at a party, there will be consequences. You might get sick, choke on your own vomit, cause a fatal car accident, and you might be incapable of removing yourself from a situation in which a man with whom you don’t want to have sex, whether he’s acting malevolently or because he’s as drunk as you, ends up having sex with you. Every time we give these drunk victims a pass, we disempower a whole other cohort of young women who should be learning from her example, but who are repeatedly told that they have nothing to do with their own safety and well-being.

      • NotaCPA

        Seriously, that is some vile and misogynistic shit there, klein6. Sure there can be consequences, but someone committing a crime against you should not be one of them. Guys get drunk all the time and don’t have to worry about being being raped. Ever.

        Are you even a woman? My husband is a professor at one of the largest universities in the country, where a woman was murdered last year walking home, after a night of NOT drinking and partying. Did she also offend your sensibilities about women’s proper on-campus behavior? Heaven forfend!

        And who tells women that they have nothing to do with their own safety and well-being? Can you provide a single actual example of someone doing that? Exactly how are we disempowering the correctly behaving woman cohort by treating drunk victims with humanity and sympathy? Can you cite any research to support this idea? No, because you are talking out of your ignorant ass.

        Kudos for contributing to the culture of woman- and victim-blaming and for being so holier than thou. Thank god no one actually is relying on you to empower women, because you are too dumb to even know what that means.

      • oh you

        Oh,don’t worry, thanks to you and your ilk a whole cohort of women will learn: Men and women can both be drunk, but only women should “expect” to be attacked. Only women should expect to be blamed when they are attacked. Only women should expect that a culture like what just came out of your mind will claim them being raped is their fault because . Only women will have someone gross call rape “acting malevolently”, because they know how gross their apologetics sounds, and can’t bring themselves to say the actual words sexual assault.

        Don’t worry, thanks to a bunch of rapists and people like you who will say anything to minimize their crime, a whole new generation of women will learn all about their well-being soon enough.

      • Seaside Honey Fantasia

        @klein6 All your rambling is meaningless because you said it yourself, these are VICTIMS.

        Direct your anger towards the PERPETRATOR.


      • i love chili dogs

        There is not enough booze in the world to make a man suddenly “end up having sex” with a woman. Sorry, try again.

  8. Babby Forming Despite Life-Threatening Heels

    What the f**k. She doesn’t owe anyone an explanation. She owes herself some kindness, some f**king rest, some time off, some counseling, some ladyfriend time, and eventually a partner who is supportive and not a sexist garbage bag filled with vomit.

  9. BreakfastPrincess

    This is some awful shit.
    If she’s able to make videos about the assault, I’m hoping she’s able to file a police report before he does it again.

  10. kingoftril

    just saying….. she lied about it to him. Hard to trust someone when they are not honest with you, it really makes you wonder what else she hasnt’ been honest about, especially if she kept it a secret for 2 months lying about it to the person who she supposedly loves. If she was straight up with CG from the beginning he would have been on nikki’s side on this one and beat the crap out of what’s his name probably

    • She’s not required to disclose all previous invited or uninvited vaginal occupants so someone can decide whether or not to sign the ownership contract. She’s a person, not a house. And if he wants a woman who will never ever lie about anything ever ever he probably shouldn’t be dating in 21st century America.

    • oh, you

      So on the one hand, his buddy is a rapist, but on the other hand, she was dealing with extreme shame from being sexually assaulted. Man, tough call, yo.

      Just saying, if your takeaway from someone being raped is they should tell their ex in a timely manner, you’re a gross person, and probably shouldn’t white knight for gym rats with rapey bros.

      Just saying.

      • Jerri

        At the time he was her boyfriend, not her ex. That is a huge thing to keep from your partner. Relationships are about trust.

        • MartyF

          Given his response when he found out, it’s pretty clear that she had reasons not to tell him. Yes, relationships are about trust, but our cultural response to rape teaches victims that they are at fault and should be ashamed. So if something is done to you, and you believe you are to blame, you *might* think your partner would be angry at *you*. So it’s not about trust, it’s about fear.

        • oh, you

          At the time she was raped, you meant to say. Again, white knighting for a gym rat with rapey friends isn’t a good look for you.


        • snickwa

          Who gives a shit?

          • oh, you

            Based on the gym rat white knights who’ve come on here to defend their bro, I’m going with…you?

        • Purple21

          Relationships are about trust… yet she clearly understood she could not trust him to be supportive. She’s learned her lesson now.

        • Mama Laughlin's Troll Feet

          Do you know how much shame and guilt and self-blame comes from being sexually assaulted or raped? My guess is that you have no f**king idea. I agree it is a huge thing to keep from your partner but if her experience was like mine, you don’t want to tell anyone. Your trust in humans is shattered. You don’t know what to say, who to talk to, what to do, or if you can trust anyone EVER AGAIN. Every opportunity to tell someone feels like your brain is being pierced by shards of glass which turns into not saying anything. Until you have lived it or can support those who have actually experienced this, shut the f**k up about trust and sexual assault.

    • snickwa

      f**k off.

    • bronco05

      I was molested as a kid. I never told my husband about it. I guess I should expect him to file for divorce should he ever find out??

    • Purple21

      He SAYS she lied to him. He doesn’t explain what the lie was…. If she was unconscious or whatever during the assault, and didn’t tell him what happened, maybe it was during that window of time when she didn’t know herself what happened.
      Or maybe he’s not buying her “excuse” of not being in a position to give consent, so he’s calling it a lie that she was assaulted.

    • Damnit

      Are you sure your nickname isn’t “kingoftroll”??? You sound like one!

  11. rml

    My brother idolizes this guy for his fitness and business successes. I hope he’s smart enough not to idolize his personal life, ugh.

  12. Longtimelurkerr

    Why is everyone calling tape? Blackout drunk doesn’t mean she was unconscious, blackout drunk means you don’t recall what you did t during the time you were intoxicated.

    • #artisanaltwitteraccount

      The last time I drank more than one drink, I ended up blacked out (I know this, because my best friend was really pissed at me the next day for smacking him in the back of the head a bunch of times throughout the night, when I had no recollection of this). Some of the snippets I *DO* recall are of our new roommate trying to ‘console’ me & ‘make sure I didn’t get into troubke wheb I stomped out to cool off on the porch…at which time he continually tried to kiss & caress me, to the point where i couldn’t get him to leave me alone & I took off for my OTHER roommate’s job (2 blocks away).

      I have absolutely no doubt that, had I not shared a room & bed w/my bestie at the time, this piece of shit with similar opinions of women, would’ve raped me…cuz often after being blackout drunk, you pass out to unconciousness.

      Also, many people incorrectly use ‘blackout drunk’ as a synonym for ‘passed out drunk’ or ‘unconscious after drinking’.

      In short, GFY.

  13. datwhistleblower

    Omg, I think everyone is taking this out of context. Christian asked Nikki straight up if something happened with his buddy Frank and she lied to his face twice until the truth came out. He ended it, posted a video and then she had to come out and try to defend herself. She didn’t want to look like the ‘bad guy’ so she said, she got drunk and didn’t remember what happened. Who is to say that Frank wasn’t just as intoxicated and SHE started it!? Why jump to blame the man?? NO WHERE did she say she was raped. It was her fault she got drunk and she was with someone she was friends with and knew for a long time so maybe she gave him the wrong idea.