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Pre-courtship questionnaire-- a la the Duggars, ATI, etc.
November 8, 2016
2:04 pm
Spirits of elderflower
Senior Hamcat
Meows: 918
Snarking Since:
May 25, 2015

This is a sample pre-courtship questionnaire to determine is a person (espec. young man) is ready to court and possibly marry.  It seems to be more of a template that can be customized based on the situation (are parents still alive? does the person have siblings? is this a girl asking a guy, or a guy asking a girl?), and some of the questions are basically repeated or only asked in slightly different terms (i.e.– there are numerous variation on the question about what proper roles are for women, men, wives, husbands, mothers, fathers that are just phrased slightly differently), and I didn't even get the through the thing. This sounds like the basic questionnaire JimBoob has been using for the daughters, so even if it isn't identical to the Duggar's version, it appears pretty damn close and probably the same with some of the questions.


Anyway, I thought if any of us had the time, inclination, masochism, sarcasm, or other trait, maybe we could pick and choose and answer some of the questions here for amusement or commentary among the hamcommunity.




November 8, 2016
10:59 pm
Meows: 4
Snarking Since:
October 26, 2016

Longtime lurker…first post. I am a Christian, follower of Jesus. This quesionnaire is OVERWHELMING! If I were faced with this, I'd probably run like I stole something. Fwiw, My husband and I have been happily married for 30 years. We didn't endure this….whatever you call it.

November 9, 2016
12:59 am
Expert Hamcat
Meows: 446
Snarking Since:
December 26, 2012

Moral Standards
152. What are your views on public swimming?

This one made me literally laugh out loud. Public swimming. Is this an actual thing fundies are worried about? So stupid.

November 9, 2016
1:11 pm
Spirits of elderflower
Senior Hamcat
Meows: 918
Snarking Since:
May 25, 2015

HoneyBaked, I am so glad someone else laughed out loud at that one too. Seriously, I snorted so hard that my dog climbed on me to make sure I was okay.  Maybe because I'm not and have never been fundie, this one really confused me.  I guess i just don't get the whole dying daily thing.  idontknow


23. Would you be willing to die for Christ? If you’re not dying daily, how can you be so sure you would then?

November 9, 2016
3:47 pm
Senior Hamcat
Meows: 720
Snarking Since:
December 10, 2014

To the best of your knowledge are you able to have children?  What kind of knowledge of this subject would a fundie girl know?  Like come on, how do they answer that. 

Also the modesty questions were funny sad. 

November 11, 2016
7:25 pm
Senior Hamcat
Meows: 932
Snarking Since:
November 19, 2012

Are you humble about seeking counsel or do you already have all the answers?

I am humble about seeking it.  My Magic 8 ball and Tarot Desk are awesome.


Is  19 a trick question?  I mean, don't most of these families have a rather limited list of media that they are allowed to read/watch?  So if someone answers anything that isn't the Bible, reality shows about approved fundie families, or Beverly Lewis books, they are automatically disqualified.


Would you be willing to die for Christ? If you’re not dying daily..

Well, I reserve Thursdays for dying.  Friday is for rebirth, after all.  Plus, it gets exhausting.


When did [fruit of the Spirit x] start appearing in your life?

…I think that is entirely too personal to answer, and is a matter between me and the uh, Spirit.  Goodness.


Do you consider yourself a giver or a taker?

Does this involve chocolate?  I withhold my answer until this is clarified.


What are your views on public swimming?
With or without swimsuits?

Do you use offensive language?
F**k no.


Have you ever been exposed to pornography? If so, explain the extent and the circumstances.
Exposed might not be the right word. I mean, it is not like it is jumps out from behind the bushes and flashes me.

What tendencies do you have toward prejudice or racism?

…I voted for Trump.


(…ok, so I didn't)


Are you totally and completely committed to doing God’s Will NO MATTER WHAT?

If Cas wants to come down and use my body for a bit, I might be ok with this. But only Cas. But I am not willing to start the Crusades back up, so I guess my answer to this is no.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rate the worth of a woman?


Rating her according to what?  How is this a question?


This list is seriously exhausting.  Time for a break. oregonian_winesmiley

November 12, 2016
12:18 am
Ridin dirty in the grocery store
Expert Hamcat
Meows: 356
Snarking Since:
January 7, 2015

Holy crap that is a lot of questions. That's like several months worth of date conversations, so if anyone uses this at least they get to know the guy? 

Scrolled all the way down to the bottom just to see how many there were, and found this gem. 

Thing’s I like:

Correct use of apostrophes. 

379. How often do you feel conviction in your life?

My last criminal conviction was three months ago, but I went to court a couple times last year too. 

357. Can you tell me no or will you let me walk all over you?

You trapped me into hundreds of highly personal questions, so what do you think?

290. Would you be willing to listen to Dr. Davis’ Parenting DVD’s before and after we have children?

And now we know who wrote this crazy thing. Dr. Davis, you can come out from behind the curtain. 

FKA Released From Gluten
November 13, 2016
1:00 pm
Spirits of elderflower
Senior Hamcat
Meows: 918
Snarking Since:
May 25, 2015

Here's some I find amusing (and my replies):

388. Do you celebrate Holiday’s?


I'm not sure.  Do I celebrate a Holiday's what?  I need the noun that follows the possessive.  Also, who or what is the Holiday? Polly Holiday? I liked her as Flo on Alice.


389. If not, why not?


There are many holidays I don't celebrate. Among them are Chinese New Year, Feast of the Ascension, and Eid.


390. Which Holiday’s?


I hate to labor the issue, but your use of the possessive is confusing.


Christmas (Presents, Tree, Lights, Santa Claus)


Presents, trees, lights, and decorations are all great.  I also like to have a Chanukah bush and light the menorah. I never liked going to see Santa. I don't like sitting on other people, and I don't like getting my picture taken.  I did enjoy writing to Santa and leaving cookies on Christmas Eve. 

Easter (Easter Bunny, Egg Hunt)


Egg hunts are fun. I didn't like going to see the Easter bunny (see Santa Clause). I did like playing with my stuffed animal bunny toy.  Also, I love a good seder for Pesach.

4th of July (Fireworks)


I used to love fireworks, but after seeing someone be beaten to death at a fireworks display, I am pretty much over them. My favorite way to spend the 4th is to read the Constitution and then go to a pool party.


New Year’s


New Year's Eve is when we go out for an early dinner of Chinese food. Later, as midnight approaches we have a cheese plate and wine and play trivia.


Halloween (Costumes)

Bring it on! I'm a firm believer in making costumes, and I sew. I had some great costumes growing up. My best was a Mad Scientist, and I even made my own wig!

November 13, 2016
10:20 pm
My Beloved Cookies
Meows: 49
Snarking Since:
June 18, 2015

226.  Are pants ever acceptable?  drool


385.  Are you willing to take a physical exam by a physician before marriage? confused

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