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Stranger Things
October 2, 2016
9:48 pm
organic photography
Meows: 74
Snarking Since:
February 2, 2015

Finally watched it and I can't believe I didn't watch it sooner. Loved it! I hope that Nancy doesn't actually end up with Steve…I was digging her and Jonathan's story line more. I have a little bit of mixed feelings about season 2, I am worried it won't be as good as season 1 as I felt the 1st season can stand alone. Although I do want to find out what happens so I am hoping they can make it just as good.

October 5, 2016
11:33 am
Mr. Peanutbutter
Expert Hamcat
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February 16, 2013

peanutella meowed
I'm pretty annoyed by the constant fawning over the show and especially the kids. Yes, the show is good but it's far from the best thing on tv imo. The kids are adorable and talented, but we don't need to see them everywhere. I'm a little scared the fame (which came out of nowhere) will get to their heads and f**k them up.  Especially the girl who plays Eleven, because she's everywhere. We don't need to see 500 interviews of  a bunch of 12-year-olds. /rant


But I agree that Barb is awesome and I hope to see the actress in more stuff!



Looks like you were right about this.

I watched three episodes and put it on the back burner. I think the kids do a good job, but I am not particularly connected to it. I'll probably finish it one day?

But I think the mess with the attention has begun. Not sure these kids are going to have a long term future in Hollywood though. I read what that girl from Mrs.Doubtfire wrote about what happens to kids when they grow up and don't get hot. I think Millie's parents sound intense and fame hungry. 

January 11, 2017
1:07 pm
Im Gonna Go Fondle My Sweaters
Expert Hamcat
Meows: 212
Snarking Since:
July 23, 2015

Okay, hams. I need someone to explain to me why people love Barb. Super late to the party, but I cannot figure out why everyone loves Barb. It didn't make sense to me. She has like 15 minutes of screentime altogether.

I liked it and agree with everyone who said it reminded them of the Goonies. I haven't seen many of the other movies it's been compared to, but I was very reminded of the Goonies while I watched. Dustin in particular reminded me of Chunk (oh, Chunk). That said, I did not love it. 

I really liked Winona. In a situation of my child going missing, I am 100% sure I'd be Joyce.

Also, that Bustle article with the theories made me laugh. "How does Hop know El likes Eggos? Maybe he gave them to her when she was his daughter." Nah, the kids tell him that she likes Eggos. Or they tell Joyce. I don't remember who they told, but they told someone about the waffles.

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