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Meal KERF ate, or random list of ingredients?
July 19, 2016
11:45 am
Meows: 115
Snarking Since:
September 10, 2014

In that same post – Rice, Ravioli, Navy Beans, Green Beans, Freezer Salmon, BBQ Sauce. 

July 22, 2016
7:50 pm
We made it up, but it’s cool that it has an Arabic heritage too
Senior Hamcat
Meows: 591
Snarking Since:
February 27, 2014

this post has me rolling with laughter.  so KERFed up!  

September 6, 2016
11:37 am
Señorita Margarita
Meows: 169
Snarking Since:
September 19, 2011

From today's post, a lovely "salad" containing…

scrambled eggs, hearts of palm, the last of my garden kale, almonds, and Red Hot Blues.

Um, wut? How do you even eat this? No dressing, just some raw kale with random shit thrown on top and some dry chips for good measure.


September 16, 2016
10:29 pm
mommy of two under five
Meows: 78
Snarking Since:
December 19, 2014

i was catching up……and today she uploaded a "salad"…..it looked disgusting….

and that "citrus dressing with some freshly squeezed OJ I had on hand" (pictured a bottle of OJ)…


this woman OMGuh

Organically grown children with a side of amazing husband and omg whole grains with NB on top yall
September 17, 2016
11:55 am
Meows: 45
Snarking Since:
May 16, 2016

Wheatberries, roasted squash with skin, raw green pepper, cherry tomatoes, orange juice, mustard, olive oil. 

"I eat the acorn squash skin because once it’s roasted it’s pretty tender, but you could always peel it"

No, you eat it with skin because you are lazy AF 

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