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C'est Christine
April 28, 2016
10:08 am
Meows: 47
Snarking Since:
December 3, 2014

LOL she's barely talked about here? is GOMI seriously her biggest criticism? Get over it. hahaha. 


She's gotten so boring lately. Making drama out of nothing and constantly having to defend her shills… like, we get it. You don't need to make multiple posts about why it's ok for you to travel for free and do sponsored stuff. Nobody actually cares. 

April 28, 2016
6:32 pm
oompa loompa doopity derp
Expert Hamcat
Meows: 275
Snarking Since:
July 28, 2013

LOL! What a self-centered narcissist. I read the post because it was linked to in this thread. It looks like my comments were the ones that touched a nerve the most. 


I don't read her blog or follow her instagram. Like I said, I found her because of an article about how she gets up early just to take pictures of herself looking like she is doing something she is not. She can spin that positively all she wants but all it is is that she's desperately living for the approval of strangers. She +1'd someone in the comments that thought we were jealous. Everyone travels, you're not a special snowflake


Apparently no one is allowed to have an opinion unless the opinion is how inspiring and wonderful Christine is. rolleyes Maybe it hit a nerve because some people are smart enough to see through her bullshit. It's as much of a waste of time to leave a positive, ass kissing comment on her blog as it is to leave a "hate-filled" comment here. No one thinks about you enough to hate you, Christine. If you're going to do interviews that get featured elsewhere, think about how not everyone who comes across your shallow life is going to appreciate it. Just because I don't have a blog doesn't mean I can't share my inane opinions like you.

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