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Y Travel Blog
October 28, 2015
2:53 pm

I've never liked this blog- too much of "follow your travel dreams, no matter how broke you are!" and hippy dippy the universe will provide your path for you type stuff. I've always though they were kind of selfish- a while back she was writing how her daughters cried because they didn't want to move hotels every 3 days and they wanted to have friends and school- but she wants to travel so will keep making them put up with it. Plus she was homeschooling and would get angry at her daughter when she didn't get something immediately as it was wasting her time! I saw this blog post shared elsewhere today and it reminded me why I don't read this blog!

Without Travel I Die a Little More Each Day



Ugh- I just think she is so selfish. Yeh sure, your purpose in life is to travel and tell us all how amazing it is- because you feel happy when you travel. So do lots of people! I'm sure at least 50% of the population feels more alive when they travel too. And plenty of people get bored with the humdrum of everyday life but just get on with it. Good for them that they have found a way to work and travel but I think Caz thinks she is special or different and she is "called" to travel. No, you just don't want to live a "regular" life of having to go to a job everyday. 

October 30, 2015
7:19 am
Meows: 50
Snarking Since:
December 25, 2012

Ugh.  These people.  I read this blog in the early days but I stopped immediately after they posted a bunch of ignorant, disgusting drivel titled 'When Your Culture is Not Respected'.


I went back to have a look at the post and it has been heavily edited but the general vibe is the same:


Don’t bring your aggression into a new life, don’t bring your bombs, your hatred, your racist and discriminatory remarks. Don’t enter our courthouses claiming that you deserve new rules because of your religions and beliefs, rules that are separate to what is laid out for the rest of us.

Don’t walk on our beaches and spit on our people, carry your slogans that say “Down with the Aussies” and burn our flag, or rape our women because they bare their shoulders. This is our way of life. This is how our culture lives.

Why did you come here if you hate us so? Why do you think people are going to listen to you, want to help you, or respect you when this is the way you treat the hand that welcomed you in?

Don’t throw your bombs, set buildings ablaze, steal from your neighbours, loot small buildings, and destroy your towns just because life did not work in your favour.

Your message will not be heard. All that will be heard is that you are disrespectful thugs that need to be locked away.


I also remember earlier posts where Caz, who is a trained teacher, talked about how much she hated teaching.  Maybe it's a good thing that she has a 'career' as a blogger then because I don't think people like her should be working as educators!

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