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Carolla Digital
November 28, 2016
12:52 am
Pop of Nude
Feline Porklord
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February 4, 2013

rrca certified running coach meowed

Pop of Nude meowed

tallred meowed

The Patreon became lame and short…clearly they're lazy and it's not worth the more than 60-grand they're making on it a year…And yes, the content hole is shrinking with huge long live read ads at the top and end and then all the shout outs…As for Matty, go over to the Adam Carolla Podcast group on Facebook to see what most people think about that and SWT..

I agree with you about the commercials, but the people on the AC forum are a band of far right wingers who allow no opinions besides their own interpretations of Adams beliefs. They argue that women should be punished for abortion and you're a social justice warrior if you think the word "r*****ed" is offensive. They are also misinformed about Stefanie and have their panties in a bunch because they think she's giving Matty hormones to transition to a boy, when the meds are for her other daughter and having nothing to do with Matty. Also, I learned from there Allison is still really mad at Stef, and I think it stems from our talking here, which I feel bad about. 

Also, I learned from there Allison is still really mad at Stef, and I think it stems from our talking here, which I feel bad about


Can you elaborate on that part?? I'm curious!

Yes, but it's embarrassing. If you go back to pages 2-3 you can see where it started. I was snarking about Allison's appearance, and she showed up on the thread. I apologized, but the damage was done, and people felt weird continuing the conversation after that. Stefanie had come out as a GOMI reader, and brought it up on FCOL. She said she thought podcasters shouldn't participate in threads like this, because they take it personally and it shuts down the conversation (which it did). Allison disagreed and I think she was mad at Stef for not taking her side on it, and telling her she shouldn't speak up to defend herself. I think that was about it, but there could be more I'm forgetting. 

January 1, 2017
8:51 pm
Organic gummy bears
Meows: 73
Snarking Since:
July 11, 2014

This place has been dead recently…anyone still checking in?
My thoughts listening to the podcasts lately

Adam's Show:
1. I think he is a serious alcoholic
2. Starting to skip the show more often than ever.
3. at guest he had on the day after the election was AWKWARD!!! Like cringing in my car awkward. uh

For Crying Out Loud:
1. The chemistry seems off with these two. Cant put my finger on it. I cant tell if its political or something else.
2. Stefanie is KILLING me with all the Mattie stuff. I get it, its a very difficult and complicated situation. A part of me thinks Stephanie likes the attention, or at least enjoys that her kid is unique…even at a subconscious level. All her kids have some special snowflake thing going on. Its really exhausting just listening to it all.
3. The ads! Blah!!! Skippity-skip-skip-skip!
4. I think that crazy ass dog is on his way out. Lynette and Adam seem to be super patient dog people but they both seem tired of his shit already.

January 11, 2017
4:26 pm
Expert Hamcat
Meows: 333
Snarking Since:
May 13, 2013

I stopped listening to Adam a long time ago.  I am not surprised to hear his show is awkward. 


I can't say I noticed a change in chemistry between Lynette and Stephanie but I do think Lynette must be having struggles with Adam. 


I was distressed to hear about Adam's food issues as it relates to the kids and how he wants to control what they eat.  I get that kids need a good diet but Adam should not be forcing them to eat what he thinks they should be eating.  They are kids, not adults and need a well balanced diet.  Forcing them to eat things they don't like, for no good reason expect he wants to control them, is an eating disorder waiting to happen.

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