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Working Mom SOMIs
January 7, 2017
8:01 am
great but does it spark joy
Feline Porklord
Meows: 3782
Snarking Since:
March 12, 2012

animalanditem meowed
I'm always looking for more blogs like this. Never finding many. I've also considered starting one, but I have a thing about posting photos of my child online, and that seems to be a mommy blogging requirement.

You could maybe just post photos taken from behind/the side where the child's full face isn't visible? I've seen that done very well – or bloggers whose children are kind of in the background of their blog photos. You'd never recognize the kid on the street in a million years, but it still lets the blogger have the kind of images that pull readers in.

tired of my old avatar // also super lazy
January 8, 2017
7:58 pm
Photoshopped Baby Acne
Expert Hamcat
Meows: 241
Snarking Since:
July 18, 2013


January 9, 2017
8:55 am
Colorblocked Moonshiner
Hamprince of Meowtonia
Meows: 6908
Snarking Since:
September 27, 2011

I can't think of many, it seems like SAHMs have more time for the blogging thing (or "full time bloggers" who then essentially become SAHMS, like WIW). District of Chic has been chugging along (and keeps her kid off SM mostly). white_lightning has shifted to instagram, as has a history of architecture. it seems like what helen wore also sticks to IG now. 

honestly, bloggers that i follow for fashion/ style i have no interest in hearing about their kids. helen's feed is a bit too marni heavy for my liking, but i get that she is cute and popular, and it brings in sponsors. 

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