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Jenna in your life
November 8, 2015
10:22 pm
hot ham water
Meows: 38
Snarking Since:
February 25, 2015

I was pretty much raised on the Jenna-style parenting. My mom (who actually was single when I was a kid) constantly pawned me off to my grandparents for dates and extended trips with her boyfriends. Important school events were skipped in favor of her friends' parties. Verbally abusive  to me and my sister when we did something wrong (we were little kids, mind you), but insisted that she was a great mom and we were totes like the Gilmore Girls. drool She gets very upset when I don't open up to her. She just doesn't understand coz she's such a good mother!!


When she hit her mid-life crisis a few years ago, oh boy… My stepdad just passed away so we were all still grieving. She used that as an excuse to go back to her party girl phase, dating men my age, but having her actual "boyfriend" pay for her rent. She really might just be dealing with the loss in her own way, but it's strained our relationship even more. Because guess who had to deal with her when she's suddenly short on cash because she won't get a job?


As an adult, we have a complicated relationship. I'm still attached to her in some ways because she's my mom, and I only have one of those. I just wish things panned out differently. She only talks to me when she wants money. Cutting her off is easier said than done because my younger sister is still living with her, and I'm supporting her through college. So that means bending over sometimes to keep the peace. I don't want her taking out her anger at me on my sister. I wonder if Jenna's kids are gonna end up the same way.

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