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December 4, 2015
10:14 am
Lexminster Abbey
Feline Porklord
Meows: 1039
Snarking Since:
March 2, 2015

A consistent posting schedule would be nice!

ETA: Also, when running multiple articles from one author, maybe spread them out a bit, and don't run them all in the span of two weeks?

Doctor Kilgrave, renowned child-rearing expert.
December 4, 2015
5:46 pm
Mung Beans
Meows: 82
Snarking Since:
June 3, 2013

wenter dri skin tho meowed
I have to say I am over ~improvement~ of xo and wish it to always remain a trainwreck emberkomodogad5bq4

Somewhat related, I have been looking for new sites to read and someone here mentioned Broadly, so I followed it on Twitter just to see if anything interested me. It seemed sort of boring but it was the last straw today when I saw the headline "What Actually Happens When Your Vagina Falls Out"… No thanks, xo2.0.

you know tbh I have Ideas about how the site could be better in a "good" way, but I don't really feel that bothered as long as it's not boring? right now it is super boring, so if they want to dial up the good content or dial up the full tilt trainwreck stuff I don't really care, I'm just trying to entertain myself on the internet. Preferably they'd do both though, part of the appeal of xo is or used to be that it was this bizarre frankenstein's monster thing 

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