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Freckled Fox Making It Clear She Has Moved On

Emily Meyers continues to share her special brand of grieving with her latest post.

Here’s to a great new week…I’m seeing such positive changes everywhere, for the kids especially. The future feels so bright, but every day holds so much enthusiasm for them.

What-the-Fox? Didn’t their father JUST DIE? Like 3 months ago? Anyway, her goals for the next week include “wearing more than shades of black and gray” and “filming some family videos” – presumably by “family” she means her spanking new husband and her kids.

And in case it’s not clear that getting back to being a happy family lifestyle blogger just can’t happen fast enough for Emmy, she concludes by asking “what type of posts I haven’t shared in awhile that you’d personally like to see come back”. Yep, that reset button has been smacked and we all just need to get back to hair tutorials and instagram dumps and affiliate links. At least she seems to be shutting down the fundraisers finally, so, there’s that.

  1. Near Naked Nether Region

    Disgusting. That is all.

  2. the french fry queen

    Um what? Those kids are going to lash out at some point. They’ve had no time to grieve before being one big new happy family with replacement dad.

  3. SCC (not the rude one)

    I can’t…

    I hadn’t heard of her until she made GOMI front page news and then read her thread and then confirmed with my non-GOMI friends that I wasn’t crazy for thinking this is insane.

    I’m so confused.

  4. TheFreckledFaux

    PP, we’ve decided you’re an honorary Meyers 🙂

  5. A Touch of the Boleyns

    I feel like Miranda Hobbs, in that I have had pairs of pantyhose longer than this women’s grieving process.

  6. Roadkill on Batshit Lane

    For sure, five minutes after your husband dies your top priority should be French braiding your hair.

  7. Victorian Sex Orgy

    Quote from the blog post:

    “Especially with how much our life is evolving lately”

    Huh. By “evolving”, do you mean losing your husband? Or do you mean getting the new husband? Nice way to completely airbrush everything.

    The post came off so…awful. Her week involved lots of dreaming and planning? Really?

    • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

      How does she have time to sit and stare out the window and dream with five kids under 7?

      • DesperateLiving

        Roadkill – I wonder this ALL the time! If you read through her posts there’s always lots of dreaming, planning, wishing, thinking, reflecting, pondering. WTF??? With 5 kids!!!!

        • Roadkill on Batshit Lane

          And I don’t think most of them are in school. She must have nannies.

  8. Severus Snark

    Their lives are “evolving lately”? The phrase fashion bloggers use to make mindless trend-hopping sound #deep?

  9. Sunshine Antiquity

    The more she blogs, the more I think she got most of her grieving over with before her husband actually passed. Especially as she said before (I haven’t followed her much) it became more of a nurse/patient relationship near the end. I have a family member who went through something similar. His wife passed away from a long, terminal illness and he had a renewed sense of life a few weeks later while everyone else was still mourning. Only now, more than five years later, is he starting to regret how he handled things after his wife’s passing. Especially with their son who didn’t understand how the relationship changed and why his father was almost … relieved … that his mother passed away.

    • so materialistic and unnecessary

      but did this man you speak of get -remarried and blog all over the internets about his joy and relief? yes, people respond differently to grief, and I’ve been through cancer with my partner and it drove us apart and took a long time to re-build our relationship- but I didn’t tell the world, or blast it online for his family to watch, and I didn’t have kids. Unless the person you know has done what FF has done then I don’t think drawing a parallel is valid – her behavior is out of the park crass.

      • Sunshine Antiquity

        He had a mistress that he used for sex before his wife passed and that he invited to the funeral as “a family friend”. Two weeks later, she moved into their house and “redecorated” to suit her needs and desires, a.k.a. throw out everything that belonged to his deceased wife. He made a big pomp and circumstance celebration at the family Christmas (a month after the funeral) of inviting the new girlfriend on some round-the-world vacation since he was “free” and “had all the time in the world” and wanted to do all the things he couldn’t do while taking care of his wife. He didn’t blog about it, no, but his actions were very similar. He did not remarry, but that’s because he’s a firm no on second marriages. He is still with his girlfriend who causes all kinds of drama in the family. But that’s neither here nor there.

        Being a caretaker for a terminal illness certainly doesn’t excuse my family member or FF. I feel horrible for her kids because they certainly haven’t seen all the changes that FF has seen. I feel horrible for her family for having to deal with the whiplash of her behavior.

        • Purple21

          “He’s a firm no on second marriages.” Of all the ethical standards to uphold…

    • SCC (not the rude one)

      I can see this: “The more she blogs, the more I think she got most of her grieving over with before her husband actually passed.”

      But she has children. What has she done for THEIR grieving process? Not much in 90 days, I can guarantee that.

      • Billsburg

        This whole situation is also one of the finest examples of why most people shouldn’t blog and if they do, it shouldn’t be for more than about 6 months. At that point, really, what is there to say which is new and interesting?

        Who knows what’s going on with this chick but hopefully the children are getting some type of counseling. I doubt it and suspect she’s hoping for a tv movie out of the whole thing which is why she’s now living a perky perfect life with a lot more money. Perhaps this is harsh, but sometimes you just can’t fix stupid.

      • JIF

        Exactly – I can somewhat understand that if a illness/death is long and drawn out, you the caretaker/spouse is going to have different feelings than if it’s a sudden, shocking death. But for the kids, they completely process this differently. They didn’t have that caretaker relationship with Dad – he was their dad and he’s there one day, gone the next. I don’t care how horny or desirous for love she was – just for the sake of the CHILDREN she should have put the brakes on any relationship for awhile. The kids need to process this before getting a new dad, whether they admit it to her face or not. And they wouldn’t, because they are kids and want to please her and don’t know what’s good for them anyway. This will come back to bite her big time at some point. I hope she thinks the new dude is worth it.

  10. so materialistic and unnecessary

    For all her white knights, who got the hankies out when her late husband’s cancer diagnosis was confirmed and poo-poo’d PP and anyone who questioned it – well NOW do you see why nobody would believe her? Do you see that her empty heart and insincerity were obvious even then.

    WE see her true colors, and no amount of referencing it as Mormonism, immaturity, grieving widowhood will explain this away. She’s all about the attention for herself, and she does not give a shit what she has to do to get it. Does she feed this crap to her grieving kids- “hey kids, look at all these positive changes! just don’t mention the fact your dad’s been dead 12 weeks, nobody likes a debby-downer.” I’m sure people have many anecdotes of widowers -remarrying real fast and different reasons and outcomes but it boils down to being selfish and putting her needs first, and for that she’s a b****.

    I don’t care if she’s a great mother, amazing wife, she is a pretty awful human being. 12 weeks dead………….the poor guy.

    • fishing for approval in a pool full of NOPE

      EXACTLY I can’t imagine why anyone would “nope” that.

  11. tweecronut

    Holy crap. This one seems to be a legit sociopath. Everything that’s been said about the long process of a terminal illness and doing her grieving while Martin was sick makes sense…but now that he’s actually gone, she doesn’t even have the awareness to conduct herself with some dignity and consideration for her kids. It’s all about Emily getting on with life and being happy, and it’s like she can’t understand why everyone else is dwelling on all the gloomy stuff and trying to ruin her fun. smh.

  12. Herr Bangtown

    I wonder if she is already making her kids call the new husband “dad.” This entire situation just boggles my mind.

    • meyerzfam

      Yes, they tell everyone they “have a new daddy.”

      • #artisanaltwitteraccountx2


      • Seaside Honey Fantasia

        meyerzfam, I am so sorry. So sorry for your loss and so sorry this is how FF is handling things. Many hugs to you and to these children. I cannot imagine the pain and these heavy kicks to the heart afterward.

        • meyerzfam

          Thanks so much for your kind words. Big hugs back to you!
          Remarriage was inevitable and absolutely encouraged but it’s been very hard how everything has come out.

  13. Paroxysms of Cunty Irrational Anger

    She makes me sick to my stomach. It’s like her husband never existed. He was just a character in her perfect little world and after he passed, she just found a replacement.